Transforming Lives at a Successful Free Medical Camp at Press Club, Lahore

Transforming Lives at a Successful Free Medical Camp at Press Club, Lahore

  • 18 Feb 2024
  • Lahore
  • 9036

Transparent Hands recently organized a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session for deserving patients unable to afford expensive medical facilities or regular doctor visits. The camp took place on February 18th, 2024, at the Press Club Lahore. 

The camp’s main purpose is to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable individuals in distress, without discrimination based on nationality, race, religious belief, class, or political opinion. The camp also offers free medical services, including consultations, treatments, medications, and diagnostic tests. 

Free Consultations, Medicines, and Diagnostic Tests

During the medical camp, a total of 480 deserving patients received free consultations from expert doctors along with free medicines. In addition to consultations, they were provided with essential medical services at no cost. These services included PCR, and testing for diabetes, uric acid, cholesterol, hepatitis B and C along with blood pressure checks. The camp also offered free ultrasound examinations and eye check-ups with the provision of glasses. A total of 1,114 diagnostic tests were conducted ensuring comprehensive healthcare access for all attendees.

Diseases and Treatments  

Most of the patients who sought consultation were suffering from fever, cough, flu, earache, weak eyesight, uric acid, body pain, joint pain, High BP, diabetes, backache, migraine, throat infection, chest congestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and hepatitis. Free glasses were provided to more than 200 patients. Disabled patients were also registered for rehabilitation services. There was no surgical case registered during the camp. 

Preventive Healthcare Session

At the free medical camp, one of our skilled doctors conducted a preventive healthcare session focusing on the prevention and management of Scabies. Attendees were educated on proactive measures to avoid contracting the condition and effective strategies for its treatment if already present


The free medical camp made a difference in the lives of 480 deserving patients and their families. The camp delivered essential medical consultations, a wide array of diagnostic services, and valuable information in a preventive healthcare session. By providing these services without cost, the camp significantly eased the financial strain on these families, granting them access to crucial healthcare services that would have been out of reach otherwise.

The overwhelming success of the camp and the generous backing of its donors reflect a shared dedication to enhancing healthcare access for the most underprivileged groups. Transparent Hands’ efforts to expand services to include remote and rural regions ensure that high-quality healthcare is accessible to everyone, no matter where they live or their economic status.

Medical Camp Team

The Press Club Lahore medical camp team consisted of one supervisor, five doctors (three males and two females), four optometrists, three lab technicians, three staff nurses, two pharmacists, four crew workers, ten volunteers, and two photographers.


  1. Life Hospital: They provided free eye checkups and free glasses to deserving patients. 
  2. The Health Foundation: They provided PCR and Hepatitis B & C Screenings 
  3. LABARD: They registered disabled patients for free rehabilitation services. 

 Life Care Foundation, Lahore

Donated: $ 686.09

 Andy booth

Donated: $ 544.34

 Zeyad Metwally

Donated: $ 150

 Fatehuddin Junejo

Donated: $ 3.61

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