Empower Women by Providing Quality Healthcare In Chakwal

Empower Women by Providing Quality Healthcare In Chakwal

  • 07 Mar 2024
  • Chakwal
  • 9310
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Transparent Hands will organize a free medical camp in Chakwal. The free medical camp will facilitate hundreds of underprivileged patients in this area. It will also provide the following healthcare services:

  • Free Consultations
  • Free Blood Pressure Test
  • Free Diabetes Test
  • Free Cholesterol and Uric Acid
  • Free Hepatitis B and C Screening
  • Free Medicines
  • Free Ultrasound Test 
  • Free Registration of Deserving Cases for Surgeries and Medical Procedures


In Chakwal, the common health issues and diseases include respiratory infections like the common cold, flu, and bronchitis. Gastrointestinal disorders are also prevalent. Non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and hypertension are significant health challenges in the area. Improving environmental conditions, promoting hygiene practices, raising awareness about healthy practices, and ensuring access to quality healthcare services are important steps in addressing these issues in Chakwal.

Our Solution 

Transparent Hands is setting out to conduct a no-cost medical camp and preventive healthcare session in Chakwal, aimed at aiding the community’s most vulnerable. A dedicated team of experienced doctors will be available to offer free consultations, necessary medicines, and various diagnostic tests. 

Transparent Hands will oversee the registration of attendees and facilitate the referral of patients in need of specialized treatment or surgical interventions to reputable hospitals. We appeal for your generous contribution to make a significant impact, bringing hope and alleviation to the people of Chakwal. Let’s unite in this commendable effort to improve lives and extend essential healthcare services to those in dire need within the Chakwal area.

Support Transparent Hands’ Upcoming Medical Camps

Transparent Hands recently organized a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session aimed at providing quality health care to underserved patients. This took place on March 7th, 2024, at the Waldain Memorial Eye Hospital, Sohawa, Jhelum

Free Consultations, Medicines, and Diagnostic Tests

A total of 310 deserving patients were provided with free consultations by experienced doctors. Additionally, they received medications, diabetes screenings, uric acid tests, hepatitis B & C screenings, ultrasounds, cholesterol assessments, and blood pressure check-ups at no cost. In total, 144 diagnostic tests were conducted.

Diseases and Treatments

Most of the patients who sought consultation were suffering from fever, sore throat, chest infection, cough, seasonal allergies, abdominal pain, diarrhea, toothache, earache, insomnia, constipation, scabies, skin rashes, body weakness, jaundice, body pain/joint pain, and high BP. 

Preventive Healthcare Session

At the free medical camp, one of our expert doctors conducted a preventive healthcare session for attendees, emphasizing the prevention and management of diabetes


The free medical camp in Jhelum profoundly impacted 310 deserving individuals and their families, offering them crucial healthcare services otherwise hindered by financial barriers. The provision of free medical consultations and diagnostic tests directly catered to the urgent health needs of these individuals, creating a significant and enduring positive effect.

Additionally, the camp's preventive healthcare sessions were particularly beneficial. These sessions significantly contributed to enhancing health awareness among participants, encouraging them to take preventive steps against various health issues actively.

The steadfast generosity of numerous donors has significantly bolstered Transparent Hands' mission, enabling the expansion of high-quality healthcare services to underserved populations across remote and rural areas of the country.

Medical Camp Team

The medical camp team consisted of 10 members, including one supervisor, two doctors (one male and one female), one lab technician, one pharmacist, three patient registrars /crew members, one staff nurse, and one photographer.

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