Help Us Bring Quality Healthcare Services to the Deserving Inhabitants of Peshawar

Help Us Bring Quality Healthcare Services to the Deserving Inhabitants of Peshawar

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Medical Camp in Peshawar
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Transparent Hands is organizing a free medical camp in Peshawar, KPK. In this medical camp, our team of dedicated doctors and specialists will provide the following facilities to 400+ deserving patients:

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Medicines
  • Free Hepatitis B & C Screening
  • Free BSR & Blood Pressure Test
  • Free Treatment of Medical & Surgical Cases


The state of the healthcare sector in KPK is poor because of the underfunding of services, especially in rural regions. Maternal and infant mortality rate, doctor to patient ratio, and nurse to patient ratio are worse than that of the developed areas of the country. Very few hospitals are operative, spread across various districts.

Since Peshawar is one of the few major cities in the province of KPK, its healthcare institutions are under a lot of strain because of its own ever-growing population, as well as an influx of patients from surrounding cities and rural areas. A great portion of KPK’s population is competing for healthcare services in Peshawar, which has led to a shortage of resources as well a drop in the quality of the provided services. Major government hospitals do not have medicine stocks and readily available specialists. They also lack functioning medical imaging machines like MRIs. Private hospitals, on the other hand, are profit-driven and do not care for the welfare of the common citizen.

Our Solution:

Transparent Hands has taken the initiative to provide healthcare facilities in Peshawar by arranging a medical camp there. The aim of this camp is to try and meet some of the unmet healthcare needs of the city’s citizens. All patients attending this camp will be given careful attention. Along with the provision of free medicines and diagnostic facilities, any cases requiring extensive treatment will be assessed and registered with the organization.

Help us bring quality healthcare services to the deserving inhabitants of Peshawar.

Transparent Hands organized and managed a free Medical and Surgical camp at Police Colony Community Hall Nasir Bagh Road, Malkandair Peshawar. The camp was set up for the underprivileged people residing in the said locality. Team Transparent Hands brilliantly organized and managed the camp maintaining all standards of COVID SOPs. All COVID SOPs were followed by the camp team. Patients and all other attendees were encouraged to wear face masks and use hand sanitizers.

The camp team consisted of seventeen members, including two supervisors, six doctors (three male and three female), two pharmacists, two lab technicians, one female nurse, one photographer, and three crew workers.

Testing facilities for Hepatitis B and C, blood sugar level, and blood pressure were provided. A huge number of women and children were facilitated during these camps. In total, 833 patients turned up. The majority of the cases examined by the doctors consisted of patients suffering from stomach issues, joints and muscular pains, and various types of allergies. Free, appropriate medication was provided to such patients. Four surgical cases and two medical cases were found in the camp. All of the patients have been registered with us for treatment. Further medical care shall be provided to the said registered patients in our Panel Hospitals.

Team Transparent Hands, extends gratitude to all the honorable donors, for assisting us in achieving our goals to hold a medical and surgical camp at Police Colony Community Hall Nasir Bagh Road, Malkandair Peshawar. In the future, we look forward to organizing such camps where we can be of service to the underprivileged patients in Pakistan and facilitate them with health care as we believe health care to be a basic right of all human beings.

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