Help Us Provide Free Healthcare to the Laborers of Sundar Industrial Area

Help Us Provide Free Healthcare to the Laborers of Sundar Industrial Area

  • 29 Oct 2021
  • Lahore
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Transparent Hands sets out to arrange a free medical and surgical camp in Sundar Industrial Area of Punjab. In this camp, the laborers of this industrial area will not only be provided with free healthcare, but they will also be provided with disease prevention awareness. In this camp, we will arrange the following facilities:

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Medicines
  • Free Hepatitis B & C Screening
  • Free BSR & Blood Pressure Test
  • Free Medical & Surgical Cases Treatment


Hepatitis has now become the global public health issue with the number increasing alarmingly in Pakistan especially in Punjab. According to a report, around 11 million people are suffering from HCV across Pakistan and the majority is unaware of this disease. Due to poor socioeconomic state and lack of awareness in rural areas of Pakistan, hepatitis is increasing day by day and Sundar Industrial Area is no exception. Manual Laborers are among the most underprivileged individuals of the society. In their minimum wage, affording quality healthcare is out of question. Moreover, due to their exposure to chemical waste and contaminated substances, many of these residents suffer from gastric ailments, skin allergies and respiratory issues.  Presently, the public health sector remains burdened to its maximum capacity due to increasing cases of COVID-19. The pre-existing challenges are making access to basic health care a great difficulty for the residents. 

Our Solution:

While prevention is the key to fight these diseases, access to better healthcare facilities is essential to save the lives of those already affected. Transparent Hands is determined to alleviate the sufferings of the factory laborers residing in the Sundar Industrial Area, Punjab by providing them free and quality healthcare services and Hepatitis screening. To ensure that the required healthcare is provided to the deserving patients, we need your support.

Donate for our medical and surgical camp and be a part of our life-saving mission!


Transparent Hands arranged and managed a free Medical camp at Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore, for the underprivileged community of the said locality. This camp was organized and managed by Transparent Hands and sponsored by ATLAS COPCO. The aim of arranging this camp was to provide medical assistance to the factory laborers and the people who cannot afford their medical check-ups. General Manager of ATLAS COPCO Mr. Sohail Shehzad and Mr. Ahsan Fayaz graced the camp with their presence. Our camp team consisted of fourteen members including one supervisor, four doctors (two male and two female), one pharmacist, one lab technician, one female nurse, one photographer, and four crew workers. 

In total, 145 patients were facilitated in the camp. All COVID SOPs were followed by the camp team. Patients and all other attendees were also asked to wear face masks, maintain social distance, and use hand sanitizers. There were a number of factory laborers and their families present at the camp for their checkups. Free medicines and COVID vaccines along with the testing facilities for Hepatitis B and C, blood sugar level, and blood pressure were also provided to the patients. 

Most of the patients examined by the doctors had no prominent diseases and were given a general check-up. Free, appropriate medication was provided to patients diagnosed with any health problems. One Hepatitis case and one patient with a skin allergy were found in this camp and have been advised for further treatment. 

Transparent Hands appreciates the involvement of our sponsor, ATLAS COPCO who made this camp possible. Team Transparent Hands looks forward to organizing such camps where we can be of service to the underprivileged patients in Pakistan. We also look forward to facilitating them with health care, as we believe health care to be a primary, and basic right of all human beings.


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