Help Us Provide Quality Healthcare to Christian Residents of Youhanabad

Help Us Provide Quality Healthcare to Christian Residents of Youhanabad

  • 22 Jun 2022
  • Lahore
  • 3248
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Transparent Hands is to set up a free medical camp for the Christian residents of Youhanabad. In this camp, our team of excellent doctors and medical practitioners will provide the residents with the following facilities. 

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Medicines
  • Free Hepatitis B & C Screening
  • Free BSR & Blood Pressure Test
  • Free Medical & Surgical Cases Treatment


Youhanabad is the largest majority Christian area in the city of Lahore. It is home to nearly 100,000 Christians. Being a religious and social minority in the country, the Christian community does not enjoy many of the privileges that the majority enjoys. This includes resources to access quality healthcare as well.

Due to climate change and ever-increasing pollution in Lahore, the residents of Youhanabad are suffering from various forms of respiratory issues and skin allergies, including rashes, itching, dryness, and breathing problems. Moreover, most of the people residing in Youhanabad are factory workers and laborers who are constantly exposed to chemical substances and contaminated water. Due to this, cases of Hepatitis A are on the rise.  Presently, the public health sector remains burdened to its maximum capacity due to increasing cases of COVID-19. The pre-existing challenges are making access to basic health care a great difficulty for the residents. We wish to put an end to this health epidemic in Youhanabad, and we need your help with that. 

Our Solution:

Transparent Hands aspires to reach out to the underprivileged residents of Youhanabad, who do not have access to basic healthcare and disease awareness. This medical camp is a small yet necessary step in making Pakistan a safe and healthy country. 

Donate for this medical camp and help transform the lives of deserving people of Youhanabad!


Transparent Hands recently organized a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session at Assemblies of God Church, Youhanabad, Lahore on June 22, 2022. It was held to make it possible for the underprivileged people in the area to access quality health care. Assemblies of God Church supported this free medical camp.

Free consultations and diagnostic tests

A total of 200 patients belonging to impoverished communities received free consultations, hepatitis B & C screenings, diabetes tests, blood pressure tests, and medicines. Our team also distributed free face masks and hand sanitizers.

Preventive healthcare session

Our experts held a preventive healthcare session on water pollution for the attendees at the medical camp. The session focused on water pollution and contamination, the diseases it can cause, and ways to prevent water contamination. All the main precautionary measures we can take to avoid water-borne diseases were discussed as well.

Diseases and treatments

Most of the people who visited the medical camp for consultation were suffering from allergies, cough, chest infections, weakness, diabetes, pains, high blood pressure, gastric problems, flu, and hepatitis. Free medicines were given to a large number of underprivileged patients. Only two patients were advised to undergo surgeries.


Our free medical camp and preventive healthcare session in Youhanabad, Lahore, made a significant difference in the lives of 200 deserving patients and their families. This year, we aim to hold 100 free medical camps across the country. Thousands of donors and sponsors are supporting Transparent Hands’ mission to provide quality surgical and medical care to even more impoverished, rural, and vulnerable communities of Pakistan.

Medical camp team

The medical camp team consisted of 14 members, including a supervisor, three doctors (one female and two males), a female nurse, a lab technician, two pharmacists, a patient registrar, a photographer, and four crew workers.

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