Help Us Provide Quality Healthcare to the Residents of Sultanke, Raiwind, Lahore

Help Us Provide Quality Healthcare to the Residents of Sultanke, Raiwind, Lahore

  • 14 Nov 2021
  • Lahore
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Transparent Hands plans to collaborate with Asani Trust in organizing a free medical camp at Sultanke, Raiwind, Lahore. In this medical camp, our team of expert physicians will provide the following health facilities to deserving patients:

  1. Free consultation and provision of medicines
  2. Free treatment of medical and surgical cases
  3. Free BSR and Blood Pressure tests
  4. Ultrasound


In the past three years Lahore has been shuffling between the top two ranks of world’s most polluted cities. Smog epidemic has added a new chapter of ophthalmological and respiratory diseases to the citizens’ lives. Poor air quality results in numerous adverse effects on general health and wellbeing of the residents, especially affecting those living in remote areas or slums.

Exposure to bad air quality initially causes short-term illnesses such as eye, nose, and throat infections. Over time, it has the potential of leading to ophthalmological complications including acute Uveitis, numerous cardiorespiratory issues and a variety of cancers. Presently, due to COVID-19, the events have taken a grimer turn by leaving the public health sector burdened to its maximum capacity. Due to saturation of patients at public hospitals, and limited health care facilities most diseases are going unnoticed and therefore remain untreated. Few diseases mentioned above have the potential of eventually worsening over time and may even prove to be fatal. 

Our Solution:

Transparent Hands will organize a one-day medical camp at Sultanke, Raiwind, Lahore, to provide free consultation and medicines to the affectees. Patients who require undergoing surgeries will be provided free medical treatment at Asani Trust in collaboration with Transparent Hands. Team Transparent Hands is determined to bring quality healthcare facilities to the underprivileged residents of Township, Lahore. 

Donate for our medical camp in Sultanke, Lahore, and numerous individuals in acquiring a healthier life.

Transparent Hands in collaboration with Asani Trust arranged and managed a free medical and surgical camp at Government High School Sultanke, Raiwind, Lahore. The aim of arranging this camp was to provide medical assistance to the underprivileged community of the said locality. Our camp team consisted of nineteen members including two supervisors, five doctors (three male and two female), one pharmacist, two lab technicians, two female nurses, one photographer, and six crew workers.  In total, 160 patients were facilitated in the camp. All COVID SOPs were followed by the camp team. Patients and all other attendees were also asked to wear face masks, maintain social distance, and use hand sanitisers. Numerous families from the said locality were present at the camp for their check-ups. Free medicines along with the testing facilities for Dengue, blood sugar level, and blood pressure was provided to the patients. Facility of Ultrasound was also provided at the camp generally for all the patients but specifically for the female patients. An awareness session on family planning was also conducted by the female doctors for the women who turned up at the camp.  Most of the patients examined by the doctors had no prominent diseases and were given a general check-up. Free, appropriate medication was provided to patients diagnosed with any health problems. Seven surgical cases were diagnosed and therefore registered for further treatment by Transparent Hands. In total 13 patients have been tested positive for Dengue in this camp and have been advised for further treatment.  Transparent Hands in association with Assani Trust have impacted the lives of 160 patients in a positive manner. Team Transparent Hands looks forward to organizing such camps where we can be of service to the impoverished communities in Pakistan. We also look forward to facilitating such communities with quality health-care, as we believe health-care to be a primary, and basic right of all human beings.


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