Help us to Become Healing Hands for the People of Muridke

Help us to Become Healing Hands for the People of Muridke

  • 18 May 2023
  • Muridke
  • 1622
Free upcoming medical camp in muridke
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Transparent Hands plans to arrange a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session for the needy people of Muridke at Reem Rice Mills. Our medical team, which includes doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, will provide a wide range of accessible healthcare services to deserving patients. They will receive the following:

  • Free Consultations
  • First Aid
  • Medicines 
  • Hepatitis B and C screenings 
  • Blood Sugar Test
  • Blood Pressure Checkup
  • Uric Acid and Cholesterol Tests
  • Free Registration of Deserving Cases for Surgeries and Medical Procedures


Muridke is a city located in Sheikhupura and faces several basic health problems that affect the local residents. Due to the limited availability of clean drinking water, waterborne diseases such as typhoid fever and cholera are prevalent in Muridke. Malnutrition is also a significant concern, especially among young children and pregnant women. In addition, air pollution from industrial activities and agricultural practices in and around Mureedke has been linked to respiratory problems and seasonal allergies. Finally, inadequate healthcare facilities and a shortage of trained medical professionals further exacerbate the health issues faced by the people of Muridke.

Our Solution 

Transparent Hands intends to address Muridke’s health issues by organizing a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session for underprivileged patients. Those in need will receive free consultations, medications, and diagnostic tests from our team of qualified and experienced physicians and specialists. Transparent Hands registers patients who need surgery and refers them to one of our panel hospitals. You can help us provide quality healthcare to deserving patients and save hundreds of lives by donating to this noble cause. Furthermore, we will educate the residents on the necessary preventive measures required to combat diseases and live a healthy lifestyle. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of the people of Muridke and improve their overall well-being.

Transparent Hands recently held a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session to make quality healthcare available to impoverished patients. The free medical camp was held on 6th June 2023 at Reem Rice Mills, Dalla Wahga, Muridke. 

Free Consultations, Medicines, and Diagnostic Tests

Our medical team, which included doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, provided a wide range of healthcare services to 247 deserving patients. The services they offered at the camp were: 

  • Free Consultations
  • First Aid
  • Medicines 
  • Hepatitis B & C Screenings 
  • Blood Sugar Tests
  • Blood Pressure Checkups
  • Uric Acid Tests
  • Cholesterol Tests

Diseases and Treatments

Most of the patients who sought consultation suffered from fever, flu, cough, chest infection, seasonal allergies, diarrhea, migraine, diabetes, and body pain.  Free medicines were given to a large number of deserving patients. No surgical case was registered. 114 tests for hepatitis B and C, uric acid, cholesterol, and BSR  were also conducted. 

Preventive Healthcare Session on Hypertension

One of our expert doctors conducted a preventive healthcare session on hypertension prevention and management. Critical tips to control hypertension include regular check-ups, taking regular medicines, and managing stress effectively. By empowering attendees with this knowledge, we strive to promote healthier lifestyles and reduce the risks associated with hypertension.


Transparent Hands organized a free medical camp that left a profound mark on the lives of 247 deserving patients and their families in Muridke. Filling the void of limited healthcare access, this camp became a beacon of hope by providing vital health services, and support to those in need. With a focus on individualized care, the comprehensive medical services encompassed diagnosis, treatment, and proactive screenings for potential health risks.

The dedicated medical team at the camp worked tirelessly, ensuring that each patient received the highest level of care and attention. Beyond addressing immediate concerns, the camp placed significant emphasis on preventive healthcare sessions. By empowering patients with knowledge of preventive measures, disease prevention, and chronic condition management. 

Donate For a Health Camp

The impact of the free medical camp in Muridke cannot be overstated. Transparent Hands not only delivered much-needed medical care and support but also provided invaluable health education to an underserved population. This achievement stands as a testament to the organization's unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility in rural and suburban areas of Pakistan. None of this would have been possible without the generous contributions of thousands of donors. The generous support of donors enables Transparent Hands to move forward with its mission, ensuring that more people can access high-quality healthcare.

Medical Camp Team

The medical camp team consisted of 14 members, including one supervisor, an Operations Manager Farhan Ghauri, four doctors (three males and one female), one lab technician, two pharmacists, three patient registrars/crew members, one staff nurse, and one photographer.

 Reem Rice Mills (Pvt) Ltd

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