Join Our Free Medical Camp in Lahore to Fight Against Infectious Diseases

Join Our Free Medical Camp in Lahore to Fight Against Infectious Diseases

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Free Medical Camp in Lalyani, Lahore
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Transparent Hands is taking the initiative to organize a free medical camp in Lalyani, Lahore, with a focus on providing essential healthcare services to underprivileged patients. The primary objective of this initiative is to meet the healthcare needs of the community and ensure that accessible medical care is available to those who are most in need.

The following healthcare services will be provided:

  • Free Consultations
  • Free Blood Pressure Test
  • Free Diabetes Test
  • Ultra Sound 
  • Free Cholesterol and Uric Acid Tests
  • Free Hepatitis B and C Screening
  • Free Medicines
  • Free Registration of Deserving Cases for Surgeries and Medical Procedures


In Lalyani, Lahore, people often face health problems like heart diseases, high blood pressure), diabetes, stomach inflammation, ulcers, arthritis, and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis. To help people stay healthy, it’s important to improve healthcare access, educate about prevention, and provide proper treatment for these conditions.

Our Solution 

Join our mission to organize a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session in Lahore, catering to the most vulnerable individuals in desperate need. This transformative camp will be a beacon of hope, providing free check-ups, essential medicines, and crucial diagnostic tests delivered by a team of exceptionally qualified doctors.

Your compassionate donations will play a vital role in making this noble cause a reality. By contributing, you will have a direct impact on the lives of those who are facing challenging circumstances. 

During the medical camp, we will also ensure that patients requiring further treatment or surgeries are registered and referred to trusted hospitals, ensuring they receive the specialized care they deserve. Your support is crucial in fulfilling our mission to provide urgent assistance to those in need. By joining hands with us, you have the power to bring about positive change and restore hope to individuals who are desperately seeking medical care.

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