Join us in Amar Sadhu, Lahore, for a Life-Saving Initiative

Join us in Amar Sadhu, Lahore, for a Life-Saving Initiative

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Upcoming Medical camp at Chungi Amar Sadhu
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Transparent Hands will organize a free medical camp at Bahadur School System, Chungi Amar Sadhu, Lahore. The free medical camp will facilitate hundreds of underprivileged patients in this area. It will also provide the following healthcare services:

  • Free Consultations
  • Free Blood Pressure Test
  • Free Diabetes Test
  • Ultrasound test
  • Free Cholesterol and Uric Acid
  • Free Hepatitis B and C Screening
  • Free Medicines
  • Free Registration of Deserving Cases for Surgeries and Medical Procedures


Our attention is urgently needed in Lahore, a city grappling with pressing healthcare challenges. The community faces a scarcity of accessible healthcare facilities, leaving residents with insufficient medical care. Moreover, the concerning issues of water and sanitation heighten the risk of waterborne diseases spreading. Furthermore, the increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, poses significant health hazards to the population.

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Our Solution 

Transparent Hands is organizing a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session in Amar Sadhu, Lahore to help those in desperate need. Our highly qualified team of doctors will provide free check-ups, medications, and diagnostic tests. Patients requiring further treatment or surgeries will be registered with Transparent Hands and referred to trusted hospitals. Your generous donations can make a lasting impact by supporting this noble initiative and assisting deserving individuals in the area. Join us in our mission to save lives and bring hope to those in need.

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