Offering Free Medical Support in Green Town, Lahore

Offering Free Medical Support in Green Town, Lahore

  • 16 Sep 2023
  • Lahore
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Green town medical camp
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Transparent Hands is going to organize a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session in Green Town, Lahore. The free medical camp will facilitate hundreds of underprivileged patients in this area. Our medical camp team will provide the following healthcare services:

  • Free Consultations
  • Free Blood Pressure Test
  • Free Diabetes Test
  • Ultrasound test
  • Free Cholesterol and Uric Acid
  • Free Hep B and C Screening
  • Free Medicines
  • Free Registration of Deserving Cases for Surgeries and Medical Procedures


Green Town is a residential area located in Lahore and grapples with a range of health challenges. Limited healthcare access, inadequate sanitation infrastructure, and prevalent air pollution contribute to the burden of waterborne diseases, respiratory risks, and vector-borne illnesses like dengue and malaria fever. Other common diseases include gastrointestinal infections, respiratory infections, and skin infections.

Our Solution

Our main purpose of organizing a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session in Green Town, Lahore is to assist patients in need. Qualified doctors will conduct free check-ups, provide medications, and perform diagnostic tests. Patients requiring surgeries or further treatment will be registered with us and referred to our network of panel hospitals. Your generous contribution has the power to make a meaningful impact by supporting this noble initiative and providing assistance to numerous deserving individuals in the area. We invite you to join us in our mission to save lives through your donations.

List of Upcoming Medical Camps 

Transparent Hands, in sponsorship with SK-ZIC Motor Oil, organized a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session to ensure that individuals in need have access to high-quality healthcare. It was held on September 16, 2023, at the Ilamgah School, Green Town, Lahore. 

Free Consultations, Medicines, and Diagnostic Tests

During the medical camp, a noteworthy number of 468 deserving patients had the opportunity to receive free consultations from skilled doctors. In addition to the consultations, the camp also offered free medicines and conducted various diagnostic tests such as diabetes tests, uric acid tests, hepatitis B and C screenings, ultrasounds, cholesterol, and blood pressure checkups. Moreover, the camp facilitated 85 diagnostic tests, ensuring a comprehensive approach to healthcare for the attendees.

Diseases and Treatments

Most of the patients who sought consultation were suffering from fever, flu, sore throat, chest infection, cough, earache, toothache, seasonal allergies, scabies, muscle pain, body weaknesses, kidney problems, high BP, diarrhea, diabetes, constipation, and migraine.

Preventive Healthcare Session 

Our expert doctors held a preventive healthcare session for the attendees at the free medical camp. The session focused on the prevention and management of malnutrition and included valuable information and guidance on maintaining a healthy diet, which plays a vital role in combating malnutrition and promoting overall well-being.


The free medical camp conducted in Green Town, Lahore, left a deep and lasting impact on the lives of 468 deserving patients and their families, extending vital medical care and support during their challenging circumstances. The primary aim of the camp was to ensure that deserving patients had access to essential healthcare services, encompassing free consultations, medicines, and treatments. Furthermore, an informative preventive healthcare session was held, providing practical guidance on preventing malnutrition.

Donate for Upcoming Health Camps 

The remarkable success of the camp was made possible through the remarkable generosity of numerous donors who shared our vision of delivering high-quality healthcare to underprivileged communities residing in remote areas. 

Medical Camp Team

The medical camp team consisted of 14 members, including one supervisor, four doctors (three males and one female), one lab technician, two pharmacists, one patient registrar, two volunteers, one staff nurse, and two photographers.

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