PARCO-Sponsored Medical Camp at Basic Health Unit, Bubak Sindh

PARCO-Sponsored Medical Camp at Basic Health Unit, Bubak Sindh

  • 08 Jun 2024
  • Dadu
  • 2777
upcoming camp in Bubak Sindh
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Transparent Hands, in collaboration with Pak Arab Refinery Limited (PARCO), is organizing a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session to assist the deserving and poor community at the Basic Health Unit in Bubak, Tehsil Sehwan Sharif, District Dadu, Sindh, on [insert date]. Our dedicated medical team, consisting of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, will provide a wide range of free healthcare services to those in need. The services offered will include:

  • Free Consultations
  • First Aid
  • Medicines
  • Hepatitis B (HBV) Screening
  • Hepatitis C (HCV) Screening
  • Cholesterol Tests
  • Uric Acid Tests
  • Blood Sugar (BSR) Tests
  • Blood Pressure Checkups
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Ultrasound
  • Malaria Testing
  • Diarrhea Testing
  • Free Registration for Surgeries and Medical Procedures

Challenges in Bubak

Bubak, located in Tehsil Sehwan Sharif, District Dadu, Sindh, is a densely populated area with a significant population facing economic hardships. The community is grappling with several health challenges:

  • Communicable Diseases: Overcrowding and poor sanitation facilities contribute to the spread of communicable diseases such as hepatitis B and C, which can be detected through HBV and HCV screenings.
  • Chronic Diseases: Limited access to healthcare services has resulted in undiagnosed and untreated chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes, which can be identified through blood pressure checkups and blood sugar tests.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies: Poor diet and lack of nutritional education have led to issues like high cholesterol and uric acid levels, detected through cholesterol and uric acid tests.
  • Infectious Diseases: The area is prone to vector-borne diseases like malaria, which remains a significant health concern and can be diagnosed through malaria testing.
  • Blood Disorders: Many residents suffer from anemia and other blood disorders, which can be screened through complete blood count (CBC) tests.
  • Gastrointestinal Diseases: Poor sanitation and lack of clean water lead to frequent cases of diarrhea, which can be detected through diarrhea testing.
  • Lack of Diagnostic Facilities: The absence of advanced diagnostic tools like ultrasound machines hampers the early detection of various health conditions, including abdominal and gynecological issues.

The lack of proper hygiene practices and limited access to clean water and sanitation infrastructure exacerbate these problems, increasing the risk of diseases such as diarrhea, respiratory infections, and vector-borne illnesses like dengue fever and malaria.

Our Solution

This upcoming free medical camp in Bubak with preventive healthcare session aim to support the deserving and poor community residing in Bubak who urgently need access to quality healthcare. We believe it is crucial for these individuals to learn about the signs, symptoms, and diagnosis of a wide range of health issues through informative sessions like these. By raising awareness, we hope to empower them to adopt healthy habits and maintain their well-being throughout their lives.

Our dedicated team of doctors and specialists will provide free consultations, medication, and diagnostic tests during the medical camp. For those requiring surgeries or other medical treatments, Transparent Hands will register them and facilitate their referral to our panel hospitals. We are fully equipped with advanced medical resources and are committed to providing comprehensive care to those who are unable to afford medical services.

Transparent Hands, in sponsorship with PARCO Pak-Arab Refinery Limited, organized a free medical camp and preventive healthcare session on June 8, 2024 to provide quality healthcare to underprivileged patients. The camp was held at the Basic Health Unit in Bubak, Sehwan Shareef, Dadu, making essential medical services accessible to those in need.

Free Consultations, Medicines, and Diagnostic Tests

A total of 874 deserving patients received free consultations with expert doctors. Free medicines, diabetes tests, uric acid tests, hepatitis B & C screenings, cholesterol, blood pressure check-ups, CBC, ultrasound ,malaria, typhoid, and electrolytes tests were also provided. 

Here is a summary of different diagnostic tests provided in this free medical camp.

Diagnostic Tests Total Number of Tests
HBV screening 12
HCV screening 12
Cholesterol  08
Uric acid  06
BSR  25
Blood Pressure Check-Up 09
CBC 09
Ultrasound  40
Malaria 03
Typhoid  04
Electrolytes  03
Total 131

Most Common Diseases 

Most of the patients who sought consultation were suffering from fever, cough, flu, chest congestion, weak eyesight, migraine, earache, toothache, abdominal pain, joint pain, uric acid, hepatitis, abdominal pain, stomach acidity, diarrhea, backache, seasonal allergies, high cholesterol, iron deficiency, and Vitamin D deficiency. 

Preventive Healthcare Session 

Our expert doctor held a preventive healthcare session to educate attendees for the prevention and management of scabies.   


The free medical camp made a difference in the lives of 874 deserving patients and their families. It served as a critical lifeline for underprivileged communities who otherwise lacked access to essential healthcare services due to financial constraints. By providing free consultations, diagnostic tests, and necessary medications, the camp directly addressed the immediate medical needs of this underserved community.

Do You Want to Donate for the Medical Camp?

The medical camp in Dadu was made possible through the unwavering support of compassionate donors, bringing quality healthcare to impoverished, remote and rural areas. Beyond just treating immediate concerns, the camp also empowered patients with knowledge to support their long-term wellbeing.


Donated: $ 3,282.90

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