Prevent and Eradicate Communicable Diseases through a Free Medical Camp in Karachi

Prevent and Eradicate Communicable Diseases through a Free Medical Camp in Karachi

  • 07 Mar 2024
  • Karachi
  • 2853
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Transparent Hands is taking the initiative to organize a free health camp and preventive healthcare session, aimed at providing essential medical support to the underprivileged community of Karachi. A dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists will work together to deliver a comprehensive range of free healthcare services to deserving patients. By extending these vital services, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of those who need them. 

They will receive the following:

  • Free Consultations
  • First Aid
  • Medicines 
  • Hepatitis B & C Screenings 
  • Blood Sugar Test
  • Blood Pressure Checkup
  • Uric Acid Test
  • Cholesterol Test
  • Free Registration for Patients Acquiring Surgeries and Medical Procedures


Karachi is growing fast, and its health services are under pressure. Hospitals are too full, and it’s hard to find good medical care. Karachi faces high rates of infectious diseases, including waterborne illnesses and communicable diseases. Additionally, there is a growing prevalence of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular ailments, emphasizing the need for stronger preventive healthcare measures. To address these urgent health concerns in Karachi, it is crucial to work together to improve healthcare infrastructure. 

Our Solution 

This medical camp is dedicated to serving an underserved community and addressing their unique healthcare challenges. The main objective is to provide immediate medical assistance, diagnosis, and treatment to individuals who have limited access to healthcare facilities.

The camp will offer comprehensive general medical check-ups, diagnostic tests, and free medicines, while also promoting preventive measures and hygiene practices. By directly engaging with the community, the camp aims to overcome barriers like distance and limited accessibility. 

Patients in need of surgeries or further treatments will be registered and referred to our network of hospitals through Transparent Hands. Your generous contribution to this cause can make a significant positive impact on the lives of deserving patients in Karachi.

Support Upcoming Medical Camps 

Transparent Hands recently organized a free medical camp and a session on preventive healthcare aiming to provide quality healthcare to those in need. This took place at Gulshan Court, Near Masjid-e-Quba, Block 13C, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi, on March 7, 2024. 

Free Consultations, Medicines, and Diagnostic Tests

A total of 339 patients were provided with free medical consultations by expert doctors at the camp. Additionally, they received free medicines, diabetes tests, hepatitis B & C tests, cholesterol and uric acid evaluations, and blood pressure monitoring at no cost. The camp also facilitated 150 diagnostic tests.

Preventive Healthcare Session on Personal Hygiene

One of the expert doctors led a preventive healthcare session focused on the importance of maintaining healthy habits and personal hygiene as effective ways to prevent diseases. This session provided invaluable insights and guidance to attendees on how to safeguard their health proactively.

Diseases and Treatments

Most of the patients who sought consultation were suffering from fever, cough, flu, chest congestion, sore throat, earache, toothache, weak eyesight, seasonal allergies, skin rashes, skin itching, hair loss, migraine, backache, abdominal pain, high BP, uric acid, osteoarthritis, muscle stiffness, diabetes, diarrhea, heartburn, acidity, and body pain. 


The free medical camp in Karachi not only provided essential health services to 339 patients, including medical consultations, medications, and various health screenings, but also featured a preventive healthcare session. This session offered valuable insights on maintaining health and preventing diseases, further emphasizing the camp's comprehensive approach to improving public health.

Thanks to the support of thousands of donors backing Transparent Hands' mission. This initiative aims to extend quality healthcare to impoverished and remote regions across the country, demonstrating the camp's success and wide-reaching impact.

Medical Camp Team

The medical camp team consisted of 17 members, including 1 supervisor, 4 doctors(2 males & 2 females),1 staff nurse, 2 lab technicians, 4 pharmacists, 4 patient registrars, and 1 photographer.

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