Support Free Medical Camp in Shergarh: Donate for Healthcare!

Support Free Medical Camp in Shergarh: Donate for Healthcare!

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Sherghar medical Camp
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Transparent Hands is organizing a free Medical Camp in Shergarh, a small town situated in the Okara District of Punjab, Pakistan. During this medical camp, our team of dedicated doctors and specialists will offer the following services to over 400 deserving patients:

  • Complimentary Consultations
  • Free Blood Pressure Tests
  • Free Diabetes Tests
  • Free Hepatitis B & C Screening Tests
  • Free uric acid test
  • Free Ultrasound tests
  • Free Medicines
  • Free Registration of Deserving Cases for Surgeries and Medical Procedures.


Shergarh lacks basic healthcare facilities, and the majority of its population is deprived of such amenities. The town only has one privately-owned hospital, resulting in countless individuals being unable to access the healthcare they require. Additionally, due to widespread illiteracy, people in Shergarh have limited awareness regarding health issues and often discover their ailments at advanced stages. Common health problems faced by the people of Shergarh include water-borne diseases like Gastroenteritis and Diarrhea.

Our Solution:

Through this medical camp, Transparent Hands and its team aim to address the basic healthcare needs of patients, including men, women, and children from Shergarh and its surrounding areas. The camp will provide essential treatment to patients and raise awareness about common health issues by educating them on disease prevention and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the camp will enable our organization to identify and register cases requiring medical procedures or surgeries.

Please consider donating to support the healthcare of the people in Shergarh. Even the smallest contribution will make a difference!

Transparent Hands conducted a free medical camp in Shergarh with a preventive healthcare session to bring hope and healing to underprivileged people, leaving a lasting impact on their lives. The free medical camp was held on June 23, 2023, at Shergarh, Okara. 

Free Consultations, Medicines, and Diagnostic Tests

During the camp, 180 deserving patients were provided with free consultations and medical aid by expert doctors. Various essential medical services were also offered for free, including medicines, diabetes tests, uric acid tests, hepatitis B and C screenings, LFTs (Liver Function Tests), RFTs (Renal Function Tests), Ultrasound, cholesterol tests, and blood pressure check-ups.

Diseases and Treatments

Most of the patients who sought advice suffered from fever, cough, flu, seasonal allergies, skin infections, diabetes, body pain, joint pain, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and body weakness. No surgical case was registered during the Shergarh medical camp. 

Preventive Healthcare Session

During the free medical camp in Shergarh, one of our expert doctors conducted a preventive healthcare session dedicated to scabies prevention and management. The doctor provided comprehensive guidance on how to prevent scabies and effectively address any related issues.


The free medical camp in Shergarh, Okara, had a significant impact on the lives of 180 deserving patients and their families. It was a ray of light, bringing much-needed medical care to the people who desperately needed it. The camp's primary goal was to ensure that underprivileged patients had access to basic healthcare by providing essential consultations and treatments for free. The preventative healthcare session educated participants on how to control and prevent scabies through practical tips. By increasing public understanding and encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their health, this all-encompassing strategy improved healthcare outcomes in the community. 

The success of the camp was made possible by the unwavering generosity of a large number of donors who shared Transparent Hands' goal of providing quality healthcare to underprivileged communities, residing in remote areas.

Medical Camp Team 

The team of Shergarh medical camp consisted of 17 members, including one supervisor, four doctors (three males and one female), five lab technicians, two pharmacists, three patient registrars, crew members, one staff nurse, and one photographer. Some volunteers from Superior University also participated in the camp.

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