Support Our Free Medical Camp in Kotri for Providing Free Maternal Care

Support Our Free Medical Camp in Kotri for Providing Free Maternal Care

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Transparent Hands plans to organize a free medical camp in Kotri, Sindh. In this medical camp, our team of expert doctors and physicians will provide the following health facilities to deserving patients:

  • Free Consultations
  • First Aid
  • Free Medicines 
  • Hepatitis B and C Screenings 
  • Blood Sugar Test
  • Blood Pressure Checkup
  • Free Registration of Deserving Cases for Surgeries and Medical Procedures


Kotri, located about 90 kilometers from Karachi, faces serious health challenges due to poor living conditions and limited essential services. One major problem is the salty drinking water, which is unsafe and can make people sick. It can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, and stomach ulcers. The scarcity of clean water also puts the community at risk of dehydration and other health issues. Maternal and child health should also be a priority, necessitating improved access to prenatal care and safe childbirth services. The lack of transportation options exacerbates the problem, resulting in delayed diagnoses, treatment, and ultimately poorer health outcomes for the community.

Our Solution

At Transparent Hands, we firmly believe that everyone has the right to healthcare. Our dedicated focus is on providing vital medical assistance to the marginalized community in Kotri, where accessing quality healthcare is a significant challenge. Our mission extends beyond delivering essential medical relief; we also aim to educate residents about healthy lifestyles and good hygiene practices to prevent diseases.

In addition, we arrange referrals for patients who require surgeries or medical procedures to our network of hospitals. We sincerely request your generous support in our mission to ensure that the people of Kotri receive the comprehensive healthcare services they deserve. Together, let us tirelessly work towards achieving this crucial goal and improving the health and well-being of every individual in Kotri.

 Qirsa Rasheed

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