Support our Free Medical Camp for the Provision of Health and Hope in Jhelum

Support our Free Medical Camp for the Provision of Health and Hope in Jhelum

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Transparent Hands plans to set up a free medical camp and a preventative healthcare session in Jhelum to help the underprivileged people there. Our medical team, which includes doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, will provide a wide range of free healthcare services to deserving patients.

They will be providing the following:

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Blood Pressure Test
  • Free Diabetes Test
  • Free Hepatitis B and C Screening
  • Free Medicines
  • Free Ultrasound
  • Free Registration of Deserving Cases for Surgeries and Medical Procedures


Insufficient access to healthcare facilities, including hospitals and clinics, poses a significant obstacle to timely and adequate treatment for the residents of Jhelum. Inadequate access to clean water and sanitation facilities also contributes to a higher prevalence of communicable diseases.

Along with these issues, financial constraints prevent many residents from seeking proper medical care. However, the solution to address these challenges lies in organizing a medical camp in this locality. By offering free healthcare services, the medical camp would not only provide much-needed treatment but also raise awareness about preventive measures. 

Our Solution 

By organizing this free medical camp, we aim to educate the people of Jhelum about the signs, symptoms, and diagnoses of various health issues. This free medical camp is designed to empower individuals to develop healthy habits and take charge of their health.

During the medical camp, we will have experienced doctors and specialists available to offer free consultations, medicines, and diagnostic tests to all attendees. This comprehensive approach ensures that individuals receive the necessary medical attention and support to address their healthcare concerns. For patients requiring surgeries or medical procedures, we will facilitate their registration and referral to one of our panel hospitals.

To make this camp, a success and cater to the needs of hundreds of deserving patients, we kindly request your support through donations. Your contribution will play a crucial role in enabling us to deliver free, high-quality medical care to those who are most in need. Your generosity will directly impact the lives of individuals in Jhelum and help them access the healthcare they deserve.

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