The Alarming Health Conditions in Nawabshah Need Your Attention

The Alarming Health Conditions in Nawabshah Need Your Attention

  • 18 Jun 2021
  • Nawabshah
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Nawab Shah
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Transparent Hands is organizing a free medical camp in Nawabshah, Sindh. In this medical camp, our team of dedicated doctors and specialists will provide the following facilities to 400+ deserving patients:

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Medicines
  • Free Hepatitis B & C Screening
  • Free BSR & Blood Pressure Test
  • Free Treatment of Medical & Surgical Cases


Nawabshah is a small town of Sindh with a total population of around 300,000 people. With over 50% of Nawabshah’s population living in poverty, many families struggle to survive on less than $2 a day. Seeking medical help for their loved ones or feeding the family are some of the hard decisions they have to make every other day. About half of Nawabshah’s population is forced to drink contaminated water which is the main source of spreading diseases like hepatitis, diarrhea, typhoid, and other waterborne diseases. Despite the presence of Asia’s largest water filtration plant which has a capacity to filter over 14 million gallons of water daily, people of Nawabshah are still deprived of clean water. Diseases of liver, skin, and intestine are spreading rapidly in the town due to the consumption of polluted water that includes highly-toxic ingredients. People of Nawabshah are unable to afford the treatment for their diseases due to a lack of finances. Left untreated, these diseases worsen to more serious conditions, sometimes leading to death.

Our Solution:

Health situations in Sindh are worsening with each passing day. If we don’t take any action on time, our negligence may result in severe consequences for half a million of Nawabshah’s population. Join hands with us in providing free medical care to the people of Nawabshah. Every single contribution, no matter how small, counts!


Transparent Hands organized and managed a free Medical and Surgical camp on 18th June 2021 at Tri Mor Nawabshah. This camp was set up for the underprivileged people residing in the said locality.

The camp team consisted of twenty members including two supervisors, four doctors (two male and two female), three pharmacists, one lab technician, two patient registrars, three female nurses, one photographer, and six crew workers. All COVID SOPs were followed by the camp team. Patients and all other attendees were encouraged to wear face masks and use hand sanitisers. Testing facilities for Hepatitis B and C, blood sugar level, and blood pressure were provided. In total 250 patients were provided free consultation and medicines.

The medical camp organized by Transparent Hands has played an instrumental role in assisting 250 patients that turned up at Tri Mor Nawabshah. The majority of the cases examined by the doctors consisted of patients suffering from stomach issues, joints and muscular pains, and various types of allergies. Free, appropriate medication was provided to such patients. Eighteen medical and surgical cases and twelve Hepatitis positive cases have been registered with us for treatment. Further medical and surgical care shall be provided to the said registered patients.

Team Transparent Hands, extends gratitude to all the honorable donors for assisting us in achieving our goals to hold a medical and surgical camp at Tri Mor Nawabshah. In the future, we look forward to organizing such camps where we can be of service to the underprivileged patients in Pakistan and facilitate them with health care as we believe health care to be a primary, and basic right of all human beings.


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