The Suffering Population of Swat Is Calling Out for Help

The Suffering Population of Swat Is Calling Out for Help

  • 30 Aug 2021
  • Swat
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Transparent Hands is organizing a free medical camp in Swat, KPK. In this medical camp, our team of dedicated doctors and specialists will provide the following facilities to 400+ deserving patients:

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Medicines
  • Free Hepatitis B & C Screening
  • Free BSR & Blood Pressure Test
  • Free Treatment of Medical & Surgical Cases


In northern areas in Pakistan, such as Swat, deforestation is currently one of the biggest issues. Swat is well known for its beautiful forests, which are home to a large number of trees but unfortunately, these trees are being wiped off rapidly, giving rise to insect-borne and other infectious diseases such as dengue fever and malaria. In addition to insect-borne diseases, people are suffering from many other infections related to the stomach, chest, and skin. Unfortunately, due to a lack of financial resources, a large percentage of Swat’s population is living below the poverty line. They cannot access better healthcare facilities and healthcare in the area is below par.

Our Solution:

Transparent Hands is going to set up a free medical camp in Swat, KPK for the underprivileged people in the city’s rural areas who don’t even have the facility of going to clinics for their minor diseases. Access to healthcare facilities continues to remain a luxury for people living in these areas and we attempt to change that. Donate to our medical camp and transform the lives of hundreds of patients in Swat. Our journey isn’t possible without the support of people like you!


Transparent Hands organized and managed a free Medical and Surgical camp at Chinnar Hujra Mallakanan, Ningolai Swat Muhalla Kaly. The camp was set up for the underprivileged people residing in the said locality. Team Transparent Hands brilliantly organized and managed the camp maintaining all standards of COVID SOPs. All COVID SOPs were followed by the camp team. Patients and all other attendees were encouraged to wear face masks and use hand sanitizers. The camp team consisted of seventeen members, including two supervisors, six doctors (three male and three female), two pharmacists, two lab technicians, one female nurse, one photographer, and three crew workers. A huge number of women and children were facilitated during these camps. In total, 261 patients turned up. The majority of the cases examined by the doctors consisted of patients suffering from stomach issues, joints and muscular pains, and various types of allergies. Free, appropriate medication was provided to such patients. Testing facilities for Hepatitis B and C, blood sugar level, and blood pressure were provided.  Team Transparent Hands, extends gratitude to all the honorable donors, for assisting us in achieving our goals to hold a medical and surgical camp at Chinnar Hujra Mallakanan, Ningolai Swat Muhalla Kaly. We believe health care to be the basic right of all human beings. Therefore, in the future, we look forward to organizing such camps where we can be of service to underprivileged patients in Pakistan and facilitate them with healthcare.

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