Upcoming Medical Camp, El Shaddai School , Lahore

Upcoming Medical Camp, El Shaddai School , Lahore

  • 22 Aug 2021
  • Lahore
  • 3064
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Transparent Hands plans to organize a free medical camp at At El Shaddai School, Lahore. In this medical camp, our team of expert physicians will provide the following health facilities to deserving patients:

  1. Free consultation and provision of medicines
  2. Free Blood Group Screening
  3. Free BSR and Blood Pressure tests
  4. Free Medical & Surgical Cases Treatment


El Shaddai School, has a vision to provide superior quality education to the impoverished students free of cost. The school’s mission is to encourage the underprivileged and illiterate families to get their children admitted in El Shaddai school. The school convinces parents that instead of leaving their children to beg and getting employed on minimum wage, they can change their destiny by making them acquire education. It is commonly observed and reported that children belonging to underprivileged families are prone to be coerced into negative activities and are also vulnerable to abuse. El Shaddai school believes in sheltering and empowering such children via education in order to secure their future. The school currently has 86 students enrolled with admissions still open. Transparent Hands is planning to provide a free medical camp facility to such students and their families. As the target audience of this camp is going to be those at the grass root level, it is important to understand that unhygienic living conditions cause short-term illnesses such as skin, eye, nose, and throat infections. Over time, such illnesses have the potential of leading to acute complications including numerous cardiorespiratory issues and a variety of cancers. Presently, due to COVID-19, the events have taken a grimer turn by leaving the public health sector burdened to its maximum capacity. Due to saturation of patients at public hospitals, and limited health care facilities most diseases are going unnoticed and therefore remain untreated. Moreover, those at the grass root levels remain devoid of acquiring fundamental knowledge on health and personal hygiene. In such cases affording medical treatment remains a far fetched dream. 

Our Solution:

Transparent Hands will organize a one-day medical camp at El Shaddai School, Lahore, to provide free consultation and medicines to the students and their families. Our health practitioners will also educate the students and their families about hygiene and the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. The camp will further educate them about necessary steps required in acquiring preventive measures against certain diseases. Students and their family members with serious illnesses and those who require undergoing surgeries will be registered with Transparent Hands for free medical treatment. Team Transparent Hands is determined to bring quality healthcare facilities to the students of El Shaddai School, Lahore and their families. Now, all we need is your earnest help.

Donate for our medical camp in El Shaddai School, Lahore, and help hundreds of individuals in acquiring a healthier life.

Transparent Hands organized a free medical and surgical camp on 22nd August 2021, for assisting the underprivileged Christian community of the MCA Church, and the local community of El Shaddai School, Lahore. The aim of this camp was to assist the minorities of Pakistan. The camp team consisted of twelve members including one supervisor, four doctors (two male and two female), two pharmacists, one lab technologist, one female nurse, one photographer, and two crew workers. A total of 274 patients were checked free of cost. As the camp was specially organized for children, a maximum number of children and women turned up at the camp. Facilities for blood group screening, blood sugar level testing, and blood pressure monitoring were also provided to the patients. All COVID SOPs were followed by the camp team. The patients and all other attendees were encouraged to wear face masks and use hand sanitizers.

The majority of the cases examined by the doctors consisted of patients suffering from general weakness, fever, cough, various types of allergies, stomach issues, joints, and muscular pain. Free medication was provided to the patients suffering from the above-mentioned ailments. In total, four surgical cases have been registered with us for treatment.

The medical and surgical camp organized by Transparent Hands for assisting the underprivileged Christian community of the MCA Church has played an instrumental role in assisting 274 patients including Christian women and children who turned up at the camp. Team Transparent Hands is grateful to all the donors for contributing to making this medical and surgical camp possible. We look forward to organizing more camps in order to be of service to the underprivileged patients in Pakistan by facilitating them with basic health care facilities.

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