Upcoming Medical Camp, Township, Lahore

Upcoming Medical Camp, Township, Lahore

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Transparent Hands plans to collaborate with Life hospital in organizing a free medical camp at Township, Lahore. In this medical camp, our team of expert physicians will provide the following health facilities to deserving patients:

  1. Free consultation and provision of medicines
  2. Free treatment of medical and surgical cases
  3. Free BSR and Blood Pressure tests
  4. Free ophthalmological consultation


In the past three years Lahore has been shuffling between the top two ranks of world’s most polluted cities. Smog epidemic has added a new chapter of ophthalmological and respiratory diseases to the citizens’ lives. Poor air quality results in numerous adverse effects on general health and wellbeing of the residents, especially affecting those living in remote areas or slums.

Exposure to bad air quality initially causes short-term illnesses such as eye, nose, and throat infections. Over time, it has the potential of leading to ophthalmological complications including acute Uveitis, numerous cardiorespiratory issues and a variety of cancers. Presently, due to COVID-19, the events have taken a grimer turn by leaving the public health sector burdened to its maximum capacity. Due to saturation of patients at public hospitals, and limited health care facilities most diseases are going unnoticed and therefore remain untreated. Few diseases mentioned above have the potential of eventually worsening over time and may even prove to be fatal. 

Our Solution:

Transparent Hands will organize a one-day medical camp at Township, Lahore, to provide free consultation and medicines to the affectees. Patients who require undergoing surgeries will be provided free medical treatment at Life hospital in collaboration with Transparent Hands. Team Transparent Hands is determined to bring quality healthcare facilities to the underprivileged residents of Township, Lahore. 

Donate for our medical camp in Township, Lahore, and help hundreds of individuals in acquiring a healthier life.

Transparent Hands organized and managed a free Medical camp at Govt. Boys High School Block 13, 14, 15 Sector B-1 Township, Lahore. This camp was organized and managed by Transparent Hands in association with Life Hospital. Senator Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhary also graced the camp with his presence. The purpose of setting up this camp was to cater to the underprivileged people residing in the said locality. Our camp team consisted of twenty-two members including two supervisors, eight doctors (three male and five female), two pharmacists, two lab technicians, one female nurse, two photographers, and five crew workers. 

In total, 583 patients turned up in the camp. All COVID SOPs were followed by the camp team. Patients and all other attendees were encouraged to wear face masks and use hand sanitizers. Free Eye check-up along with testing facilities for Hepatitis B and C, blood sugar level, and blood pressure was also provided to the patients. The facility of getting free eye-glasses made was also available so numerous patients got their eye glasses made.

Majority of the cases examined by the doctors consisted of patients suffering from eye diseases, stomach issues, joints and muscular pains, and various types of allergies. Free, appropriate medication was provided to such patients. Three surgical cases and eight Hepatitis cases and five cataract cases were found in this camp. All of the said patients have been registered with us for treatment. Further medical care shall be provided to them at our relevant panel hospitals in Lahore. 

Team Transparent Hands, extends gratitude to Senator Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhary for gracing us with his presence, to all the honorable donors, and Life Hospital. In the future, we look forward to organizing such camps where we can be of service to the underprivileged patients in Pakistan and facilitate them with health-care as we believe health-care to be a primary, and basic right of all human beings.

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