Doctor Asghar Mirza Memorial Trust

Doctor Asghar Mirza Memorial Trust

Dr. Asghar Mirza Memorial Trust, striving to help the poor, needy and deserving patients, was founded in 2006 in the loving memory of Late Dr. Asghar Mirza; a legendary doctor and warm hearted human being. Not only did he spend his life serving the humanity but made this a family legacy as well.

To eliminate vicious circle of disease and poverty Dr. Asghar Mirza Memorial Trust is working with major Government and Private Hospitals, Laboratories and Pharmacies. Initially, the Trust was catering wider segments like Health, Marriages, Small Business Support Loan, Education Plan, Monthly Groceries, etc. but with the passage of time the Management decided to focus on Health Services only.

With the grace of Almighty Allah, Dr. Asghar Mirza Memorial Trust has disbursed more than 16 million PKR in serving the humanity and feels proud for the precious prayers that are earned against this noble cause.

Our vision is not only to bring out hope but also to change lives of the poor, sick and the suffering. We do so by harnessing compassion and commitment of our dedicated staff. The Trust volunteers to deliver supportable, high Impact community based services to the sick, poor and needy persons.

Aims and Objectives:

• To provide relief and financial assistance to the people who are suffering from severe diseases, famine, calamities and those who are in distress.
• Provision of free services of dispensaries, medicine and hospitalization.
• To provide wheel chairs and/or other artificial body parts like limbs, arms, feet etc. for disabled persons.
• To provide Financial Assistance to the people who may be victims of natural disastours like earth quacks.


They are proud of their history of collaboration and relationship with various organizations in fighting against diseases and poverty. Their valued partners are:
• ITTEFAQ Hospital
• Jinnah Medical Complex
• Hope Rehabilitation
• Akhowat Trust.
• Taryak Foundation.
• Care Foundation
• SOS Children Villages
• Lab One
• Clinix Plus
• Different Government Hospitals

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone who needs help can apply. Eligibility criteria of applicant will be analyzed through the following steps:


After receiving the application forms they categorize them according to their urgency and area. For example, if they receive different applications of Health, Education and Business Loan, than they give priority to the health/ Disease recovery cases.

After bifurcation, the applications are assigned to the verification officers according to their areas for their personal visits and validation. The verification officers verify and forward the cases to the management. Final decision always rests with the management.

If Management finds the applicant eligible for the requested help, then, the Board decides the financial support according to the financial condition of the applicant which can vary from 25% to 100%. If case of any ambiguity or miss information passed on by the applicant, the Management reserves the right to take the followings steps:

1) Re Verification: Application can be re-verified via a different verification officer for cross verification of the application.

2) Rejection: Application can get rejected in case of miss information.


After verification, the case file gets forwarded to OPS/APP department for its final approval. This department decides the fund allocation on the basis of financial condition of the patient as commented by the verification officer during his visit.
Soon after the approval an instruction passes to the relevant department for the treatment of the patient on priority basis.


Following facilities can be availed by an applicant once the application has been approved:

1) Hospitalization: As they have all the major Government and Private Hospitals on their panel, the patient can get the best possible treatment. If a patient is advised any major surgery by his/her doctor, then, the Trust will be liable for arranging a suitable hospital for the treatment of the patient’s disease on priority basis.

2) Medicines: If a patient was recommended any medication by the Doctor, then, the Trust will be arrange those medicine for him as and when required.

3) Lab Test: An eligible person can also use the Lab test facility provided by the Trust with collaboration of major laboratories.


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