Shalimar Group Of Companies Sargodha Pakistan

Shalimar Group Of Companies Sargodha Pakistan

Their Vision

They believe that their competitive advantage results from the mutual trust and respect that they share with their employees and their subcontractors. Effective teamwork significantly and positively affects the ability of Shalimar Group Of Companies to deliver a quality project on time and within budget.

Their Mission

Shalimar group of companies aims to be Pakistan’s greatest builders & Real Estate tycoons of all times, with projects offered to a varied mix of segments, at choice locations with world class amenities, with ensuring the highest international standards, timely delivery, and lifelong customer satisfaction.

Their Values

One of their strengths is to formulate a strong working relationship with their large client’s base. They have an impeccable record of accomplishment when it comes to dealing with their clients and responding to queries, which helps Shalimar group to carry out a long-term and sustainable relationship.

Shalimar Construction Company, Sargodha

One of the leading services provided by the Shalimar group is Construction Management. They have successfully completed projects from scratch, providing full commitment and ease at all levels of the project. Their prime concern is delivering highest quality work, which is possible with using top quality material & processes according to international standards. This is how they ensure satisfaction to their clients during the construction process.

Construction management includes collecting the needs and planning, which leads to the architecture design. The design transformed in the building or construction phase, which is finally being completed in finishing phase. They can work for you including per SQ. Feet rate or simply supervision with multiple options. They conduct overall planning that includes the coordination of all the activities and the making sure that there are controls developed so that all the projects are taken care from the beginning to their eventual completion. They guarantee cost-effective solutions according to your requirements.