Top 5 NGOs in Pakistan in 2022

Top 5 NGOs in Pakistan in 2022

Top 5 NGOs in Pakistan in 2022


Making earnest efforts for the welfare of its citizens is the fundamental commitment of any government. Unfortunately, in countries like Pakistan, governments tend to ignore this responsibility. This unfortunate negligence translates into further plight and suffering for the already necessitous individuals. And that is where NGOs in Pakistan have played their role magnificently. Given here are the Top 5 NGOs in Pakistan in 2022.

The burden of social welfare has been managed better by NGOs in Pakistan than the state. Sounds like a broad-sweeping statement, right? But, this indeed is the truth. The initiatives taken by NGOs have been beneficial to a large section of the masses in the country. To highlight these initiatives, it would be prudent to look at the role of leading NGOs in Pakistan.

1- Transparent Hands

A leader of crowdfunding platforms that are operational in Pakistan, Transparent Hands is a well-respected institution. The major focus at Transparent Hands revolves around providing healthcare services to those who need it but can’t afford it. The healthcare facilities provided by this NGO include medical and surgical facilities. Free medical and telehealth facilities are also organized by this NGO in Pakistan. It is one of the Top 5 NGOs in Pakistan in 2022.

Crowdfunding is something still new for a lot of NGO’s operational in Pakistan. But it is effectiveness is undoubted. The small contributions coming from thousands of internet users eventually snowball into a handsome amount of money. This money is then used in the cause for which it was collected. Donors from all over the world can use the Transparent Hands crowdfunding web portal and donate through 100% secure payment modes. They could select any patient, fund the treatment and receive regular feedback and updates until the patient has recovered completely.

2- Edhi Foundation

It is impossible, not to say, social welfare and Edhi foundation in a single sentence. It is the pioneer NGO in Pakistan when it comes to social work and charity. There are no political, commercial and communal ties associated with the Edhi foundation. The foundation focuses on only one purpose. And that is to reach out to those, for whom even the necessities of life seem like luxuries.

There are no off days at the Edhi foundation. Around the clock, without caring about cast, creed or religion, the foundation continues to serve the needy. And perhaps that is what makes Edhi foundation one of the most efficient NGOs working in Pakistan. The projects running under the patronage of the Edhi foundation are numerous. Fostering the abandoned children, senior citizen care programs, free dispensaries, hospitals and so much more. Edhi foundation is operational all across Pakistan!

3- Chippa Welfare Association

The attention and affection which disseminates from the works of Chippa Welfare Association are one of its kind. When NGOs in Pakistan are compared, the Chippa foundation will stand out for the diversity of services it provides. And again, these services are provided without any discrimination. The guiding principle of this welfare organization is to heal the wounded, whether physically or mentally.

The compassion which drives this NGO reflects in the services it provides. A Chippa ambulance is just a call away from you if you have had an accident. And not just that. Orphanages, Dastarkhawan, Morgues, Ritual bathing rooms, Jhoola, Women shelters, and old homes. These are only some of the services provided by Chippa welfare services. If you have caught the giving bug this season, this foundation is an ideal place to donate!

4- Shahid Afridi Foundation

In the last 20 years or so, the fame that Shahid Afridi gained as a cricketer is unbelievable. It was hard to believe that he could add more to that cup, it was full to the brim. But ever since Afridi founded the Shahid Afridi Foundation, the respect has almost doubled for this amazing athlete.

The Shahid Afridi foundation was founded with a very noble mission. The foundation aimed to improve the living style of destitute communities in Pakistan. From a country-based NGO in Pakistan to a worldwide presence, this foundation has surpassed all levels of excellence. The foundation has already completed several projects successfully. Shahid Afridi Foundation had to be in the Top 5 NGOs in Pakistan in 2022

These include building schools, hospitals, and water projects for the underprivileged section of the country. The foundation firmly believes in providing hope as it is reflected in their slogan Hope Not Out!

5- Care foundation

Pakistan’s education sector needs input from both the government and the non-governmental organization. And Care foundation’s role has to be applauded in this regard. Operational since 1988, the Care foundation has firmly worked on its promise of Empowerment through Education! Founded by Mrs. Seema Aziz, the foundation is now one of the leading NGO’s in Pakistan when it comes down to education!


Admittedly, an NGO has to manage the financial aspects of its activities without the government’s support. But in certain other affairs, such as procedural matters, they need assistance from the government. While no compromises must be made on the scrutiny procedures, the government of Pakistan must try to balance things in this regard. The sufferings of the needy will not go away unless the civil society and the government join hands together in this fight!


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