Top Crowdfunding Websites For Surgical Treatment

Top Crowdfunding Websites For Surgical Treatment

“Crowdfunding is a unique way of funding any project, cause or business by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people through internet. Money can be raised within country where that crowdfunding platform is operating or from all over the world through various payment methods”.

There are hundreds of crowdfunding platforms operating in all over the world. Majority of them are providing support for charity organizations whereas there are others which are working for every cause and project. Few of these platforms are completely working on raising funds for healthcare causes such as Transparent Hands and Watsi.

Here are few of the top crowdfunding platforms that are providing support to everyone in need:

Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is a non-profit organization which is tackling the major healthcare issue of Pakistan with the help of fundraising through its unique Crowdfunding platform. It is registered under Trust Act 1882 as a Trust Organization with a Tax Exemption status under the article 2(36) in Pakistan. Transparent Hands conducts the surgeries of deserving patients free of cost at private hospitals with the help of donations and charity. Donors from all over the world can use their online Crowdfunding web portal if they wish to donate. They could select any patient, fund the surgery and receive regular feedback and updates until the patient is recovered completely.

Their user friendly online fundraising work as follows:

  • Choose the patient whose surgery you want to fund.
  • Choose from a number of payment methods as per your convenience.
  • Donate to that particular patient and get tax exemption.
  • Get regular updates of that patient until he/she gets fully recovered.

What makes us unique is; our transparency level that means donors will be ensured that each penny they are giving will be spent on the needy patients. We do this by uploading all the hospital bills and other documents of our patient after his/her surgery is successfully conducted. Donor can see that the exact amount hospital has charged against the surgery of that particular patient.

As a non-profit organization, Transparent Hands is currently dealing in a number of surgeries including orthopedic, cardiac, neurology, gynecology and other general surgeries. It’s currently striving to bring full range of these surgical specialties. Transparent Hands also aims to expand to other areas of Pakistan where the poverty stricken community has no means of getting better healthcare facilities. There are small hospitals and clinics which are far away from slum areas. These people are unable to afford the medical treatment for relief let alone surgical procedure.

Here, the need is to create awareness among these underprivileged people regarding various diseases. They need to know the circumstances of not treating a particular disease and what’d happen if they delay it for some reasons. Not only this, people must have knowledge about symptoms of most common diseases including kidney stones, bladder stones, fibroid in women, hernia and heart defects. There are not many health insurance plans for underprivileged community. They have to pay out of pocket if they need any medical treatment but due to the limited or no resources, majority is unable to undergo surgical treatment. Transparent Hands intends to solve these major issues in every possible way.

Transparent Hands is committed to relieving the sufferings of these deserving patients through best surgical treatment. It endeavors to be an ideal Social Enterprise to treat needy people through its Crowdfunding platform while giving an opportunity to the donors to support in a connected and transparent manner.

Their goal is to reach the millions of needy patients all over Pakistan who are suffering because of lack of surgical treatment. They continue to serve the humanity at large by providing the best healthcare in Punjab and beyond. After successful in the healthcare sector, they intend to dedicate their service for other humanitarian projects including education and human rights.


Watsi is a global Crowdfunding platform that enables anyone to donate as little as $5 to directly fund life-changing healthcare for people around the world.

100% of every donation made on Watsi directly funds healthcare for the patient you choose. They even pay the credit card processing fees. Their operating expenses are covered separately by foundations, philanthropists, and donors who leave an optional tip during checkout.


Watsi was started due to an incident that moved Chase Adam – Founder and CEO of Watsi, to start a crowdfunding platform for healthcare. While serving in the Peace Corps in Central America, a woman boarded a bus Chase was on and asked for donations to pay for her son’s healthcare. She inspired him to start Watsi, and name it after the town he was traveling through at the time.

They are currently working with nine medical partners from around the world – based in communities where poverty is an obstacle to accessing life-changing healthcare. Watsi enables anyone to directly fund life-changing healthcare for people around the world. So far, 22,592 donors have funded life-changing healthcare for 12,251 patients like Nairorie. Here’s how it works.

  • Nairorie’s mother brings her to a Watsi hospital partner. Nairorie’s mother cannot afford to pay for the care her daughter needs. A member of the hospital staff explains Watsi to Nairorie and her mother. She asks if they would like to share their story with the world.
  • A member of the hospital staff submits Nairorie’s profile. Once the profile is received and approved by Watsi, the hospital may begin providing care before Nairorie’s profile is posted or funded.
  • They post the profile for donors to begin funding Nairorie’s care. 100% of donations funds care.
  • The hospital submits a post-treatment update on Nairorie and they send it to her donors. They transfer the funds raised to the hospital to cover the cost of her care.


Are you looking for good fundraising idea for charity in Australia or are you trying to raise money for a friend or family member there? Then mycause can help. From charity, skydiving, head shaves or fun runs, they’ve seen some great, easy & unique fundraising ideas succeed. Check out their fundraising campaigns to get some inspiration for your next fundraising initiative. No matter what the cause is, raising money for charity is easy with mycause. Whether it’s raising money for sick children, funding research or helping the elderly or rescuing animals – there is a huge number of organizations across Australia doing amazing things every day. You can choose any cause mentions on the web portal and create an impact with your donation. You can also create your own fundraising project for yourself or for a friend or family in need.



A “razoo” is slang for an imaginary coin of very little value.

It can be difficult to reach your goals when you don’t even have a brass razoo to spare. Luckily, crowdfunding puts great power behind one little razoo at a time, so you and your community can make things happen.

In 2006, Razoo was formed out of a desire to offer a service for underfunded nonprofits and people in need to lift themselves up, and lift each other. Since then, they have grown into a platform that empowers organizations, showcases the generosity of communities, bolsters teamwork, gives individuals a voice and provides a place to share what you support. Over $500 million has been raised through Razoo for causes that matter; from multi-million dollar, community-led Giving Days, to everyday people collecting donations for themselves or on behalf of their favorite organizations.


Their motto is to “Dream it. Then make it. Then share it. A lot.”

They combine social power, community drive, a swift checkout process, and beautiful design to give you the most comprehensive soapbox to stand on. You can raise funds for pretty much anything on Razoo. A race, a cause, an expense, a surgery, a flood, a victim, a nonprofit, a family member, yourself; to name a few. They provide the tools to get you started and to make a page that’s all your own. Then all you need to do is tell people about it! Ready? Get fundraising.

The process is easy. Set up your fundraising page in minutes and share it. You need to have a compelling story and they have tools to help you tell it. Make your page stand out by playing with their optional customization features: Add pictures, video, and formatting to your description, define a handy breakdown of how you’ll use the money you raise, attach social accounts, and fill out your profile for a gorgeous and impactful fundraiser.

Razoo strive to offer you the best tools to help you tell your story. Now, you can showcase your fundraiser wherever you can embed. If you have your own site or blog, you can place eye catching and simple widgets that enhance your site, giving your fundraiser the attention it deserves while blending seamlessly with your own content and design.


Justgiving mission is to ensure “no great cause goes unfunded”. They are enormously proud to have helped people in 164 countries raise over $4.2 billion for good causes since they were founded in 2001.

JustGiving is a one-stop-shop that enables all types of fundraising and giving. It helps you and your fundraisers to champion your story, maximizes the donations you can receive from a series of activities and helps you build bonds between you and your supporters and advocates. The comprehensive reporting JustGiving provides helps charities of all sizes make informed decisions, with data and insight that helps you make plans. And JustGiving’s security, speed and reliability means you can trust and to help when you need.


They think of them as the R&D team for every cause in the world. They are building on their 15 years of social giving history to create more intelligent and powerful ways of connecting causes with people who care, which are open to everyone and every cause, however small. They believe it’s not just what you do but how you do it. Their users trust them because they do not share their data with anyone without their permission. Uniquely, they never sell or trade personal information with third parties, or try to ‘upsell’ other services on the back of people’s generosity.

They are obsessed about this – they’re constantly optimizing donation flows, creating new tools and sharing expert tips. Unlike other platforms, they can promote your cause to those in their 18m community most likely to care. Their continued investment and innovation means you get a fast and reliable platform with market leading conversion rates.

From peer-to-peer fundraising and individual giving to reporting and CRM, when you join JustGiving you get all the tools and insights you need to raise more money. Tailored to your brand colors and customized with your story, their Fundraising Pages help people fundraise and spread the word about your cause. And with their award-winning email and iPhone app, they make sure every fundraiser has the right coaching and tools to smash their fundraising target.

Some Other Crowdfunding Platforms

Other than some prominent names in crowdfunding, there are a few platforms that are raising money for all kind of projects from healthcare to medical equipment to education. Here are few important mentions:


Millions of Patients around the world are standing up and taking an active role in their health, including supporting the care innovations that matter most to them. MedStartr enables patients, doctors, institutions, partners, and investors to find and fund the best ideas in healthcare and bring them to life.

MedStartr is a great new way to find and fund healthcare projects, startups, and innovations that improve healthcare and help people live longer, better lives. Whether it is a medical mission to save women from dying in Equatorial Africa or a new device to treat spinal injury, you can find it and fund it here. From the innovator’s or investor’s perspective, MedStartr is like an Accelerator Platform powered by crowds and designed for healthcare. They started out as just a crowdfunding platform and this was excellent, but they also soon found that in addition to driving pre-sales or donations, they were helping companies get found and funded faster than ever, rivaling the best accelerators out there but without all the co-habitation, time, effort, and lost equity chunks. Why? Because instead of being funded by the accelerator, their companies and projects are funded by a crowd that wants the innovative product or service for loved ones, themselves or their patients – and that makes all the difference. From their experience they know that:


Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or cause by raising money from a large number of people, typically through the Internet. It is a form of peer-to-peer fundraising that harnesses the power of social networks to raise awareness and draw donations from around the world for online campaigns.

YouCaring is a free online fundraising platform that pioneered Compassionate Crowdfunding—empowering people worldwide to rally support for personal and charitable causes without the fundraising fees associated with other sites. To date, the YouCaring community is 5.5 million strong and has raised more than $500 million for humanitarian causes.

YouCaring’s easy-to-use fundraiser template allows you to create an effective home page for your crowdfunding campaign. Show potential donors how they can help by telling a compelling story, uploading several pictures and videos, and posting updates. YouCaring is dedicated to helping as many people as possible. This is why they will never charge anyone to raise money on their site. Start your own fundraiser today. It’s absolutely free!


Generosity is a community for showing and sharing compassion through socially conscious fundraising. Generosity helps cancer patients with bills and students with tuition. Generosity boosts humanitarian efforts into new countries and helps nonprofits move quickly with their causes. Generosity fills the gap at the end of a tough month and supports the village after the storm. Generosity is human goodness on a grand scale.

“Their mission is simple: make it as easy as possible for anyone to champion a personal or social cause, whether it’s around the corner or across the globe.”

Unlike most personal fundraising platforms, it’s completely free to run campaigns on Generosity. That means more of every donation can go toward helping the people that need it the most. Everyone should have the best possible opportunity to raise funds for themselves, their loved ones, or their favorite causes. That’s why Generosity never charges a fee for running a fundraiser. Their goal is a community of compassion and support, and platform fees are simply not a part of that equation.

Fundraising in three easy steps with Generosity:

Whether you’re raising money for a friend in need or a community across the world, they know your cause is important, so they made fundraising on Generosity a snap. And their no-fee platform means more money for all of your causes.

  1. Tell your story

It all starts with a simple question: who do you want to help and why? Tell your story in your own words. Need some tips? No problem!

  1. Share it far & wide

Build momentum for your cause by using our handy sharing tools. Tap into your entire extended community for maximum effect!

  1. Finish strong

Update your supporters about your progress and thank them for their generosity. Donors want to know they’ve had an impact.

Launch a fundraiser in minutes.

They know you rarely have the luxury of time, so they made setup easy and quick. In less than five minutes, you can craft a fundraiser and use their social media toolkit to get the word out.


GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that allows people in some but not all countries to raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses. The company is based in San Diego, California.

GoFundMe allows users to create their own website to describe what they are raising money for. During this process, members can describe their fundraising cause, the amount they hope to raise, and upload photos or video. Once the website is created, GoFundMe allows users to share their project with people through integrated social network links (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and email. People can then donate to a user’s cause through the website using only a debit card or credit card (no PayPal) and track the progress of their funding. Those who donate can also leave comments on the website in support of the project. GoFundMe generates revenue by automatically deducting a 5% fee from each donation users receive. If the user receives no donations, then no charge is made. In addition to the 5% that GoFundMe deducts from each transaction, WePay collects 2.9% and $0.30 from each GoFundMe transaction.

GoFundMe is unique to crowdfunding in that they are not an incentive-based crowdfunding website. Although they do allow projects that are meant to fund other projects for musicians, inventors, etc., the business model is set up to allow for donations to personal causes and life events such as medical bills. GoFundMe also has a special section dedicated solely to users who are trying to raise money to cover their tuition costs. One of the most notable tuition projects involved helping a user raise $25,000 to pay out of state tuition to a PhD program after that user was selected among 125 applicants into that program.

GoFundMe information source wikipedia

The concept of crowdfunding has made it easier for everyone to raise money for a particular need. Various NGOs and organization can also raise funds for their cause through these platforms. A large number of people visit the web portals of the crowdfunding platforms and fund any campaign or organization they want.

Join these platforms today and create an impact in peoples’ lives with fundraising!


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