7 Fun Fitness Ideas For Kids

7 Fun Fitness Ideas For Kids


In order to develop a positive attitude about health and fitness, it is crucial that as early as possible they are introduced to its importance. Young kids should be encouraged to stay active in order to stay healthy but it can be very hard to get kids moving nowadays with all the screen time and video games that are pulling their focus left in right. In fact, it would even be harder to get kids to exercise now than most adults who know the importance of keeping fit and active. With that in mind, here are a few fun fitness ideas for kids that encourage fitness in young kids.

1. Turn Exercise into a Game :

This is the easiest way to get young kids moving. Children love to play games and you can use this to your advantage. Make sure that you spend 30 minutes of play exercises 3 times a week. You can do this after school or even after dinner. Some fun games might include hide-and-seek or hopscotch for young kids and kicking a soccer ball or playing tag with older kids.

2. Get them a Bike :

Everyone knows that cycling is a great way to stay active. This also applies to little children. Getting them a bike will not only help teach them to balance, it will also encourage them to move and exercise, just make sure, but they also have all the proper equipment such as knee and elbow pads and a helmet for when they eventually fall off. 

3. Plan Family Activities :

Children take from their parents, whether through DNA or through direct observations. If you hold wellness and fitness as a high priority, then soon enough your children will view it as something important as well. Family activities such as playing tag or relay races are fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. You can make a day of it at a park, bringing snacks and refreshing drinks for everyone to enjoy. 7 FUN FITNESS IDEAS FOR KIDS

4. Home Cleaning :

A fun way to get your kids to move, at the same time encourage them to help with chores is to incorporate singing and dancing. You can play as you clean, taking turns choosing the next song to play. This is especially effective in younger children who love to help out. They can pick up after their toys or sweep the floor while dancing.

5. Yard Work :

It could be very hard, to get kids nowadays to go outside with their video games and smartphones to keep them occupied all day. But if you can make a fun activity out of simple yard work, then you are hitting two birds with one stone, keeping them active and getting them outside. Yard work could involve getting them to help you plant and tend the garden. This is also a great opportunity to teach them about the environment and the importance of a balanced ecosystem.

6. Friends Over

Nothing says fun to children than having their friends over for some playtime. You can involve their friends in fun activities, by hosting a playdate during the weekend where they can play together outside. You can also plan a game of catch in the park when the weather permits. It not only encourages your children to be active but it involves their friends as well.

7. Yoga for Children :

If you really want to inculcate the idea of fitness into young kids, take them with you to your yoga classes. There are many studios, that offer yoga for children classes and for older kids in their early or teen years; they can even join a beginner’s class. Yoga is great for developing their strength and flexibility, as well as teaching them the benefits of meditation.

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