Benefits of Giving Zakat in 2024

Benefits of Giving Zakat in 2024

Benefits of Giving Zakat


For an outsider, zakat is just another obligatory duty of the religion Islam. But for the members of Islamic society, zakat holds a critical position in their lives. Some of you might wonder about the benefits of zakat for the donors since on the face of it, they are just giving away their money. And this is the reason why we are scribbling down these lines as well! Zakat is a financial system that has something of benefit for everyone. And in this article, we are going to highlight only those benefits of zakat which are up for grabs for everyone, but our eyes have become filled with the dust of worldly lusts! 

Zakat in the light of the Quran & Hadith 

Let us start this discussion by recalling the importance of zakat as an obligation in Islam. In the Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) says:

And establish prayer and give Zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah.”


This Quranic establishes the importance of zakat in no uncertain terms. Zakat has been placed next to prayer in terms of importance in this verse, which indicates its importance in society. Similarly, Jarir bin ‘Abdullah narrates:

“I gave the pledge of allegiance to the Prophet (PBUH) for offering prayer perfectly, giving Zakat, and giving good advice to every Muslim”

(Sahih Bukhari, Chapter 24, 484)

This hadith also states in no uncertain terms that one cannot hope to become an ideal Muslim without paying their fair share in the name of zakat.

Donate in Ramadan

Spiritual Benefits of Zakat

One must not pay zakat only because it is obligatory. You see, there are so many benefits for the donors of zakat, some of which are promised in the life hereafter! However, paying zakat can lead to several benefits in this world as well. When you pay a certain amount i.e. 2.5 percent of your money in name of zakat, you are getting one step closer to Allah (SWT)’s mercy and forgiveness. Compare the meager 2.5 percent you are praying to Allah (SWT)’s never-ending benevolence! Plus, the fact that this revolutionary financial system automatically cleanses your worldly gains after a certain time must also be taken into account. Paying this Islamic charity serves as a reminder for everyone that we are taking nothing from this world to that world. It is these spiritual benefits of zakat because which why millions of Muslims pay zakat regularly every year.

Financial Benefits of Zakat

Those who belong to the underprivileged section of society deserve all the support they can get from us because they are our brothers and sisters. Folks, when it is said Islam is a complete code of life, this is what that statement means. All Muslims are a family bound by religion. And if some members of the society are not well off financially, the zakat system is here to help them. It ensures that help reaches those who need it, without hurting the self-esteem and the pride of the needy ones. The system honors the pride of the poor and ensures that they are helped in a commendable manner. It provides the recipients of zakat with another chance at life, and helps them afford basic amenities and facilities of life, doing which otherwise might not have been possible at all!

Eradication of Social Classes

At this point in the discussion, it is pertinent to ponder why rich and poor sections exist in a society. Well, one of the biggest reasons behind the economic plight that is becoming so visible all across the world these days is financial stagnancy. In simplest words, it means that when the wealth remains locked up in the safe houses of a few rich people, it doesn’t do a lot of good to the cause of the poor. The money doesn’t change hands, an event that is critical for the sake of economic activities. The financial activity can happen in a balanced way only if everyone has a fair, if not equal, opportunity in the market. Zakat is a revolutionary microfinancing system in this regard, which ensures that wealth must circulate in society.

Apart from achieving the obvious objective of helping the poor, the concept of zakat holds an important role in the structure of the Islamic economy. It is the antidote to financial stagnancy, and if all Muslims were to pay zakat regularly, our world would be in a different and much-improved position, fanatically.

A penny or a pound, the quantity has never mattered and it never will. It is all about making a difference in society with your contribution. And one of the places you can make a contribution to this year with your Zakat money is Transparent Hands!

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That would be all from this discussion. We hope that this article served as a reminder for you to clear your due dues in the name of Zakat. Not only that, but we are also hopeful that when you pay your zakat this year, it would be with a complete understanding of the benefits that are associated with this crucial Islamic obligation. On that optimistic note, we bid you farewell from this discussion.

Calculation of Zakat (زكاة) in 2024

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