The Best Non-Profit Organizations in New York 

The Best Non-Profit Organizations in New York 

non-profit organizations in New York

New York City, a bustling metropolis, is not without its share of people facing challenges. Amidst the vibrant cityscape, several charities tirelessly work to provide aid, relying on the generosity of individuals like you to fuel their missions.

If you’ve ever considered donating to one of the many charitable institutes in the city and felt overwhelmed by the options, we don’t blame you. To make giving back easier, here’s a list of the best non-profit organizations in New York that are making a huge difference in the lives of the underprivileged. 

List of Non-Profit Organizations in NYC

1.Transparent Hands Foundation US Inc

2.City Harvest

3.Coalition for the Homeless

4.New York Cares

5.Food Bank for New York City

Lets Dive into details of non-profit organizations in New York.

1.Transparent Hands Foundation 

About Transparent Hands: An initiative taken by the Mueen siblings, Transparent Hands aims to tackle the healthcare crisis by facilitating free medical procedures for those who cannot afford them. The organization has helped more than 189,000 get access to lifesaving medical care. It is also one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the country.

Why support Transparent Hands?

  1. Transparency: The journey of all donations is transparent and can be viewed on the donor dashboard; where the funds are being utilized.
  2. Impact: Serves the most vulnerable individuals and communities.
  3. Inclusivity: Facilitates treatments for the needy regardless of their faith, race, age, etc.

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2.City Harvest

About City Harvest: Born from concern, City Harvest emerged in 1982, its roots embedded in addressing the escalating hunger crisis in NYC. Today, it stands as the largest food rescue organization in not only New York City but the entire United States of America, channeling excess food from various sources to those in need.

Why support  City Harvest?

  1. Efficiency: City Harvest operates with commendable efficiency around the clock.
  2. Impact: Crucial in the battle against hunger, it reaches over 1.3 million people monthly.
  3. Cost-Effective: Delivers food to the underserved at a remarkably low cost.

Since being founded, City Harvest has rescued around 1 billion pounds of surplus food that otherwise would have gone to waste. The rescued food is then delivered to over 500 community organizations that feed the hungry.

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3.Coalition for the Homeless

About the Coalition: Formed in 1981, the Coalition for the Homeless is a vocal advocate for the rights of homeless individuals. It not only provides essential services but also strives to prevent and ultimately eradicate homelessness in NYC.

Why support The Coalition?

  1. Leading Voice: A prominent advocate in the fight against homelessness.
  2. Comprehensive Services: Offers legal aid, housing counseling, employment placement, and mental health services.
  3. Advocacy: Champions policies like affordable housing for a lasting impact.

4.New York Cares

About New York Cares: Since its inception in 1987, New York Cares has been the epicenter of volunteerism in the entire country, connecting over 20,000 New Yorkers with numerous volunteer opportunities annually.

Why support New York Cares?

  1. Scale: The largest volunteer center in the nation.
  2. Inclusivity: Offers volunteer roles for all ages and abilities.
  3. Community Impact: Fosters volunteerism for positive community change.

The non-profit organization offers thousands of volunteer programs each year. In 2022 over 20,000 New Yorkers filled in 67,000 volunteer positions through New York Cares.

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5.Food Bank for New York City

About the Food Bank: Founded in 1983, the Food Bank for New York City aims to combat hunger and poverty by distributing food to pantries, soup kitchens, and community organizations.

Why support Food Bank for New York City?

  1. Magnitude: The largest food bank in the city, providing over 121 million meals to people each year.
  2. Holistic Approach: Addresses hunger on a broader scale.
  3. Education Programs: The organization goes above and beyond meals, providing nutrition education for healthier lives.


These charities represent just a fraction of the incredible efforts non-profit organizations in New York City have. Your donation can create ripples of change and spreading the word can turn those ripples into waves of support. Consider contributing to these causes and be a part of transforming lives in the city.

Donating is a multi-faceted process. You can contribute online, through mail, or in person. Volunteering your time is also a valuable donation. However, exercise due diligence when selecting a charity, ensuring its credibility and that your contribution truly aids its mission. Your generosity is a powerful force for good.

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