Charitable Organizations Providing Free Orthopedic Surgery in Pakistan

Charitable Organizations Providing Free Orthopedic Surgery in Pakistan

Free Orthopedic Surgery in Pakistan

For the past several decades, modern society has benefited from countless surgical and medical advancements. Numerous effective surgical and medical innovations have been developed to treat orthopedic and other diseases. Through these advancements, it has become possible for doctors and scientists to cure those diseases which earlier were impossible to treat. However, the underprivileged often do not have access to these facilities. Over a fifth of Pakistan’s growing population live below the poverty line. In such challenging times, many patients and their families can’t pay for orthopedic surgeries such as hip replacement surgery. Charitable organizations that provide free orthopedic surgery in Pakistan and other treatments have stepped up to fill the gaps in Pakistan’s healthcare sector. 

Orthopedic Disorders

Any condition, injury, or problem that affects the musculoskeletal system of humans is referred to as an orthopedic disorder. In this article, we will focus on a few of the most common ones, such as lower back pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and neck pain.

Treatments for Orthopedic Diseases

The range of orthopedic procedures has increased due to recent breakthroughs. Due to recent improvements, simple procedures have become more effective. Additionally, many people find alleviation in pain through physiotherapy. But in certain complicated cases, when most of the bone region has dissolved, or the fluid between the bones diminishes, doctors have to perform surgical procedures. 

Organizations offering free orthopedic surgery in Pakistan

Here are some of the charitable organizations that are championing the cause of providing free orthopedic surgeries in Pakistan to impoverished patients.

Transparent Hands

It is Pakistan’s largest tech-based charity platform in the healthcare sector. The platform provides the impoverished people of Pakistan with a wide range of free healthcare services, including pediatric surgeries and procedures, free medical camps, and preventive healthcare sessions. The organization enables underprivileged people to tell their stories to the world via the Transparent Hands crowdfunding platform. It helps them develop a close relationship with donors while guaranteeing complete transparency. Furthermore, it also arranges free medical camps in Pakistan’s rural areas, where needy patients can receive free consultations, medicines, supplements, and diagnostic tests. The organization registers cases of deserving patients for free orthopedic surgery.

Free General Surgery Treatments

The Indus Hospital

The Indus Hospital is a 300-bed tertiary care interdisciplinary center that offers world-class healthcare free of charge. It is the nation’s first paperless hospital and a beacon of hope for society’s most disadvantaged people. 

Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, the founder of The Indus Hospital, and the other founding members spent considerable time working at public hospitals. During this time, they observed the misery of patients suffering from poverty. They decided to build a multidisciplinary tertiary care hospital to provide free, high-quality healthcare to Karachi’s underprivileged residents.

The organization emphasizes developing an accessible, universal, free, compassionate, and highly effective healthcare system. Therefore, Indus Hospital also carries out free orthopedic surgeries with the support of your donations.

Free Hip Replacement Surgery in Pakistan

Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital

Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital offers state-of-the-art surgical and medical facilities for free or at heavily discounted prices, depending on the patient’s background. Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital has been providing orthopedic and spine surgeries free of cost for many years. Patients who are unable to afford surgeries or procedures are either provided with treatment free of charge or at a discounted rate. 

You can help a suffering patient in need of free orthopedic surgery by donating to one of these charitable organizations. Support his noble cause today

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