Christmas Charities for Low-Income Families in USA

Christmas Charities for Low-Income Families in USA

Christmas Charities for Low-Income Families in USA

Monica Stewart is a full-time worker at a daycare center in Birmingham, Ala. She is a single mother and earns a minimum wage. She lives in a small one bedroom apartment with her 9-year-old daughter Katherine and 7-year-old son Samuel. She struggles hard each day to manage her daily expenses within her limited salary.

Being a single mother, she has to worry a lot about fulfilling her kids’ basic needs such as food, clothing, healthcare, and educational expenses. She often chooses cheap foods instead of healthy ones to make sure there are three times meals available to her kids. She often compromises with her own needs or healthcare to spare some money to fulfill her kids’ educational or clothing expenses. Monica has no clue where this struggle would end.

Monica isn’t the single individual in the country who is  struggling financially to make her ends meet. Probably in every state or town you will find millions of people like Monica who are living in a hopeless situation.

According to the report published by Feeding America, about 40 million people struggle with hunger in the country among whom more than 12 million are children. The US Census Bureau has estimated that the official poverty rate is 12.3% in the country which means about 39.7 million Americans live in poverty at present according to the official measure. 

When a significant portion of our population will be in distress, depression, hunger,and isolation how can we celebrate a blessed festival in its fullest?

Online Donation Websites list where you can Pay for Medical bills

Online Donation Websites List Where You Can Pay For Medical Bills

Holidays and festivals like Christmas bring joyous moments in our life with breaks from the hectic routines and work, lights, parties, grandiose gifts,and special feasts but for many families in the USA, such celebratory occasions are filled with sorrows, hardships, struggles and often hunger.

We cannot alleviate poverty or hunger overnight on our own but we can at least try to relieve the pain of the poor or the low-income families living in our neighborhood. We can at least try to feed the orphans or the poor children at the time of Christmas so that they are not deprived of the blessings and goodness of this joyous occasion. 

There are lots of ways we can help them. We can donate to active charitable organizations accepting contributions to implement their special Christmas projects for low-income families.

Download our TransparentHands Andriod Application for Online Donation

Download our TransparentHands Andriod Application for Online Donation

Your cash or noncash donations on the Christmas Eve will be used by the Charities for various purposes depending on the kind of organization you are donating to. Some Charities may use your donations to provide food or organize medical and spiritual healing for the low-income families while other may give small toys, school supplies and gifts to the children to make their Christmas a little brighter.

It is very normal for the people from well off  families to get wrapped up in their own little world of abundance and think about nothing outside their secured domestic life.

When we are being blessed with the fortune and goodness of life, we should warm up our conscious and think about the other people that aren’t as fortunate as us. It is time we need to realize we are lucky to have what we have but there are lots of people in the world that aren’t so lucky.

Christmas is a difficult time for many low-income families as they are forced to choose between eating and keeping warm. These families earn a little money to be able to fulfill both needs at the same time.

On this Christmas, there is a lot we can do for low-income families. We can arrange three to four days meal for them or add an extra feast to help them enjoy the occasion. The best way to feed low-income families is to donate cash or cooked food to any food bank in our locality.

According to the reports published by Feeding America, 1 out of every 6 children is unsure about getting their next meals. About 84% of low-incomehouseholds report buying the cheapest food instead of healthy food so that they can provide more food to eat. 

Providing four to five days food supplies and some additional feast will not end the crisis for low-income families but it will relieve their pain to some extent and give them a reason to be happy on this Christmas.

Let’s warm up our conscious and share our wealth and fortune with the unfortunate people. Let’s enlighten our mind with the real spirit of Christmas and help to restore peace and goodwill in our society or neighborhoodthrough generous giving.

Download our TransparentHands iPhone Application for Online Donation

Download our TransparentHands iPhone Application for Online Donation

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