Crowdfunding Websites in Canada

Crowdfunding Websites in Canada

crowdfunding in canada


There is a wonderful quote about the concept of crowdfunding. The unique value of crowdfunding is not money but a community. The idea of engaging as many people as you can by making an issue or cause global is a brilliant one. Appeals are made through crowdfunding platforms are answered locally as well as internationally. An issue or a problem can be solved in double-quick time if it is broadcasted through such platforms. Small businesses are turning towards this super quick way of raising money. Charitable organizations and NGOs have successfully employed this technique to their advantage as well. In this discussion, we are going to talk about some very resourceful crowdfunding websites in Canada. If you are a Canadian resident who has caught the giving bug recently, you will find this discussion quite useful!

1- Kickstarter

This is not just one of the best crowdfunding websites in Canada, but all across the world. The idea behind Kickstarter was a fascinating one. Campaign for creativity. We all know that not everyone can make Hollywood standard films or compose melodies like Linkin Park on their own. Without proper funding, such dreams remain a dream and never turn into reality. However, Kickstarter believes that with an appropriate projection of ideas, angel investors can be motivated to donate to any interesting cause. We have no issues in ascertaining the fact that Kickstarter is one of the best creativity crowdfunding websites in Canada.

2- Indiegogo

The scope of Indiegogo’s services is wider than that of Kickstarter. This crowdfunding platform is interested to hear about an innovative idea applicable in any sphere of life. The main focus, however, is on tech as well as innovative design. Crowdfunding can be converted into a powerful tool by bringing people together in the name of innovation. Indiegogo has proven that it is quite possible. The diversified nature of projects funded is what makes Indiegogo a very special crowdfunding platform in the whole world and not just Canada.

3- RocketHub

There might not be as much traffic on RocketHub as it is found on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but it is the only con associated with this magnificent crowdfunding platform. When compared with the pros, this limitation doesn’t seem to be a very big downside. The platform has a user-friendly interface, has very low transaction fees, and helps you build your project in a better manner. What else are you looking for in a crowdfunding platform? 

4- FundRazr

Accessibility has to be the most distinguishing feature of this crowdfunding platform. How do we mean that? Well, you can send or receive money in 25 different currencies. Plus, it is super easy to receive funds for anyone who is living in Canada as well. You can use PayPal or WePay for this purpose. Those who are contributing to your cause don’t have to pay an extra dime since there are no hidden or announced service charges.

5- Transparent Hands

When it comes to crowdfunding for health, there is no platform bigger than Transparent Hands in Pakistan. The range of healthcare services offered by Transparent Hands is astoundingly vast. From medical and surgical treatments to medical camps and telehealth facilities, the NGO makes sure that the underprivileged Pakistanis have access to quality healthcare services. The NGO believes in creating a patient-donor bond while making sure that the protocols of transparency aren’t breached at any point. The NGO realizes the need for free medical camps in the rural areas, hence it actively sets up such camps as well. To donate, donors can log in to the Transparent Hands crowdfunding web portal from anywhere in the world. Payment modes are one hundred percent secure. Every donor has absolute freedom in selecting and funding patients of their choice. The NGO makes sure that regular updates until complete recovery are sent to the concerned donor.


Crowdfunding has become a popular way of raising funds in the last few years or so. Of course, a lot of credit goes to improvisations that were made possible only because of the internet of things. If you are someone who is seeking a platform to materialize his or her entrepreneurial dreams, crowdfunding is your best option. Conversely, if you are looking to donate, you can visit any of these crowdfunding websites in Canada that we have discussed in this article.

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