Different Types of Eye Surgeries?

Different Types of Eye Surgeries?

What are the different types of Eye Surgeries?


Confucius said once that everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. While the intellectual interpretation of this quote is certainly interesting, try to understand it from the perspective of those who cannot, or struggle to see the world, physically. But thanks to the marvelous progress in the field of ophthalmology, now there are solutions for many eye-related issues. Have you ever wondered about the nature of these solutions? What are the different types of Eye Surgeries and How many types of eye operations are possible in the 21st century? In this discussion, we are going to talk about surgical solutions for various eye problems. Due to the comprehensive nature of this discussion, we don’t want you to blink an eye until the very end!

The first item on the agenda? Astigmatism. 


This is a term that is used to describe the refractive errors of an eye. What happens in this condition? Well, your eyes fail to focus light on the retinas, evenly. This then results in a blurry, fuzzy, or distorted final image. If you are experiencing ocular pain or terrible headaches, it can be a sign of astigmatism. But we would advise you to ditch the guesswork and instead, consult an ophthalmologist. As far as the reasons for astigmatism are concerned, these are primarily genetic by nature. The main treatment options for astigmatism are glasses and surgery. It is these refractive surgeries that we talk about in detail, in the next section.

Types of Eye Surgery for Astigmatism

The idea behind refractive surgery is to ameliorate the deteriorating sense of sight by taking glasses out of the equation. There are five different types of astigmatism refractive surgeries in this regard. Let us have a look at these, one by one.


Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis. A small flap is carved in the cornea for reshaping purposes.


Laser-assisted subepithelial keratectomy. The epithelial layer of the cornea is loosened by treatment with an alcoholic solution. Then, the surgeon fixes the cornea and seals the epithelium back to the normal position.


Photorefractive keratectomy. In this type of refractive surgery, the epithelium is removed completely. Don’t be so scared, it will regenerate naturally! Ophthalmologists recommend wearing a bandage over the eyes after this eye surgery.

4- Epi-LASIK

In Epi-LASIK, a blade and not the alcoholic solution that we mentioned earlier, is used to loosen/ slash the epithelial layer.


Small-incision lenticule extraction. This is a laser-based surgery that is suitable for eye problems such as nearsightedness.

Apart from these surgeries, there are other types of laser eye surgeries as well. These include the pan-retinal photocoagulation (PRP), selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT), and Yttrium-Aluminum Garnet (YAG). There are many ways of searching for stuff about eye surgeries on the internet. For example, if you were to type corrective eye surgery types, you will find the same list of surgeries that we have just discussed.

What is an ENT Surgery?

Cataract Surgery

Firstly, let us tell you what happens in cataract surgery. The natural lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial lens. Yup, that is pretty much it! Think of cataracts as polluting agents that can cloud the natural lens of your eye. Hence, their removal becomes important for the sake of better vision. If you don’t opt for cataract surgery is a good time, you are at the risk of losing your sight permanently. We don’t mean to say that you have to undergo the surgery immediately, but delaying it is not a wise option either. There are certain risks associated with cataract surgery. These include infectious swelling, inflammation, and in severe cases, retinal detachment. These risks become more pronounced if you have an underlying secondary health condition. Hence, presenting your medical history to your ophthalmologist is important before making any final calls on the surgery itself.

Laser Eye Surgery Cost

It is one thing reading about all these types of eye surgery for astigmatism, and another to afford one of them. If we talk about LASIK eye surgery, it can cost anywhere between 50,000 PKR-150,000 PRK. But then again, one cannot be sure about the exact costs. A lot of factors influence laser eye surgery costs. Which institute was consulted, the private or government sector? The doctor’s fee, the quality of equipment used in the surgical procedure, and the miscellaneous hospital expenditures. All of these factors contribute to the final bill. Also, the country in which you are undergoing optical surgery matters as well.

Vitamins for Blurry Vision

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Conclusion – What are the different types of Eye Surgeries?

Well, that would be all for now. We wish we could go on a bit more, such as the extensiveness of this topic. But we are optimistic that we have familiarized you with the most common optical surgical procedures anyways. This knowledge is bound to come in handy if you or a relative of yours is planning to undergo eye surgery soon. The key thing to remember? There is no best type of laser surgery or operation, the treatment depends upon the subjective condition of the patient!

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