Free Medical Camps for Deserving People Organized By TransparentHands

Free Medical Camps for Deserving People Organized By TransparentHands

Free Medical Camps for Deserving People Organized By TransparentHands

“To make difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be brilliant, rich or perfect. You just have to care.” – Mandy Hale

Areesha Adnan, a 2-year-old little girl was experiencing repeated chest infection and failure to gain weight. She was advised open heart surgery to close the defect. Areesha’s parents came from a lower middle-class background which made the situation even harder as the helpless parents had to see their child suffering from sickness and pain. Free Medical Camps for Deserving People Organized By TransparentHands.

When Areesha’s parents had no hope TransparentHands stepped into  to arrange the funds for this little girl so that the surgery can be conducted because nothing on earth is more sacred than saving a child’s life and letting her breathe freely. Her surgery was done in Ittefeq Hospital through Pakistan Children Heart Foundation on 23.12.17 by Dr. Salman Shah. She had good post-op recovery and remained admitted in the hospital for 5 days. She was discharged in a satisfactory condition.

Since its foundation, TransparentHands is trying to provide best surgical treatment to the maximum number of deserving patients who are suffering from various diseases.So far this organization has managed to change many lives.

-> Free Medical Camps In Villages Organized By TransparentHands

Transparent Hands has taken the initiative to reach more deserving people especially in the rural areas who don’t have access to medical facilities or basic healthcare. Thus, TransparentHands is now organizing free medical camps in the villages to create awareness among the unprivileged people regarding various diseases. They are also giving them basic healthcare services free of cost.

Till now TransparentHands has arranged 18 medical camps, in different rural areas of Pakistan and treated over 3500 patients. These medical camps provide free medical checkups, free medicines, free blood pressure and free blood sugar checkup facilities to the poor people. 

The medical camps are hosted by a team comprising of doctors, pharmacists/dispenser, phlebotomist,  supervisor and patient registration persons. Often members from associate Foundations working with TransparentHands join the team to manage the camps successfully.

According to UNICEF, Pakistan has made significant improvements over the last two decades, still, the country is ranked towards the bottom among the other countries when it comes to infant and neonatal mortality.

The Dawn reported, about 9.6 million children in Pakistan experience chronic nutrition deprivation. Pneumonia kills about 92,000 children approximately. Except for Afghanistan, all the other countries have better healthcare indicators in maternal mortality rather than Pakistan.

Shifa International Hospital reported that Pakistani population has one of the highest risks of coronary heart disease in the world.About  30 to 40 percent of all deaths in Pakistan result from cardiovascular disease. Every 9th Pakistani is suffering from Liver diseases and 300,000 patients have dire need of Liver Transplant.

Statistics aren’t just numbers. Every statistic represents the pain of a helpless adult or elderly or an innocent child who requires immediate attention and medical help.

The healthcare condition in the remote areas is pathetic. People living here lags in quality healthcare due to increased cost, lack of doctors and medicines. Often best doctors prefer to stay in urban areas where financial opportunities are available leading to staffing shortages in rural areas. Also, medical hospitals and clinics are scarce in villages. Whenever advanced medical care is needed or there is an emergency, these people have to travel long distance which can be considered as a barrier or expense for many villagers.

TransparentHands is reaching out to the villagers through medical camps, giving them an opportunity to visit doctors free of cost and get medication. People are treated directly in these medical camps.These camps concentrate on disease prevention and treatment, medication, maternal, newborn and child health and wellness services that are almost a distant dream for the poor.

By organizing medical camps free of cost, TransparentHands is giving medical relief to many children and old people backed by Pakistani companies. At these medical camps, all patients are treated with proper care, love, and respect.There is no discrimination done at any stage of treatment. TransparentHands mission is to save lives through these medical camps and allow people to live a healthy and fit life.

Being human is given but keeping humanity is a choice.To show humanity it’s important we care about the sufferings of others instead of ignoring them. Even the poorest people deserve dignity and have the right to fulfill basic human needs. We cannot undermine the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the strength to turn a life around.

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