List of Government Hospitals in Pakistan

List of Government Hospitals in Pakistan

List of Government Hospitals in Pakistan

Government Hospitals in Pakistan

Excellent health care facilities are being provided in all the major and minor areas of Pakistan but there is still a long mile to go. Here is the list of Government hospitals in Pakistan

List of Government Hospitals in Pakistan

1- Federal Government Services Hospital
2- National Institute of Health
3- IHS Children’s Medical Center
4- Ayub Medical Complex
5- Lady Reading Hospital
6- Allama Iqbal Memorial Hospital Sialkot
7- Fatima Memorial Hospital, Shadman-Lahore
8- Jinnah Hospital, Lahore
9 -Lady Aitchison Hospital, Lahore
10- Lahore General Hospital, Lahore
11- Military Hospital Rawalpindi
12- Services Hospital, Lahore

It was a recent time when I have to rush to the Punjab institute of cardiology for that increasing muscular pain. However, the quick, professional initial diagnosis ended up explaining that father needs and angioplasty. Later one month was spent moving in and out between the Punjab Institute of Cardiology and our home.

Swinging from the cardiac care unit to the pharmacy and laboratories, all inside the hospital I witnessed a well-furnished, first handed and functional healthcare system in Pakistan.  Being in the hospital what I observed was an adequately equipped and a highly professional Punjab Institute of Cardiology, serving every patient equally with a special focus on the one who is in urgent need of treatment.

At the first hand, I was not in favor of treatment of serious illness issues at government hospitals as I use to believe that they are not we served with sufficient amount of facilities and are not managed by professionals.

However during the tenure, being at one of the best government hospitals of Pakistan for heart surgeries, I have also interacted with many private diagnostic laboratories and doctors who were sitting in private hospitals. What I found was an in time services with massive charges and a long list of treatment matters on the bills, limited facilities under one roof and doctors about whose belief have lesser exposure and experience and compare to the one I can see in the government hospitals.

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The same treatments were charged double than what they were asked for in government hospital, recommending the same set of medication and treatments by the end of the day.

Communicating with the specialties at the government hospital, in the past one month I have realized that they are as much experience as their counterparts in other parts of the world. They own all the knowledge and skills to get a person treated and bring him back to good health at the right time.

My recent experiences at the government hospital brought me two major lessons in my life:

  • Pakistan is providing excellent health care with affordable prices to the residents
  • There is a vast majority of Pakistani how are not able to afford the expensive medical treatment for serious illness or surgeries and for this reason these government hospitals are playing a major role in making a healthier Pakistan. And this is done by providing quality health care at affordable prices.

Being a socialist I have found that the widespread poverty in Pakistan and the absence of sufficient health care facilities to Pakistani people had previously made the poor people of Pakistan ignore their medical treatments but now with such economical and high-quality services at the government hospitals in Pakistan, people are paying more serious attention to maintenance of their health.  After a thorough review of the health sector of Pakistan, and on the basis of public review about the hospitals I have found the following government hospitals in Pakistan as some of the best and the most recommendable for all if in case they need any kind if major or minor health treatment.

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