Life Hospital

Life Hospital

Brief History of Life Hospital:

History of Life Hospital dates back to 2012 when the heart touching thought hit of a man mind. He thought that Allah almighty has blessed him with all worldly blessings but what did he do for Allah in returning as a thanking gesture. He always become very disturbed to see poor people dying due to not affording costly treatment so he thought a plan to serve the poor patients, but not compromising on quality and self respect and securing of the patients.

It was a historical moments when he decided to work in health sector for a healthy and strong Pakistan.

This man was Mr. Kamran Masood Magoon who alone rose as a ray of hope for the poor ailing community.

He alone purchased a piece of 80 Marla costly land out of his saving at famous canal road Lahore in Mauza Maraka village, just near main gate of Bahria town Lahore. He selected this location because almost 80 villages located along canal, Multan road and river ravi were deprived of any health facility and people were praying for it.