How People Donated Charity on this Thanksgiving 2018

How People Donated Charity on this Thanksgiving 2018

How People Donated Charity on this Thanksgiving 2018


Thanksgiving comes with a celebratory mood with sparkling candles, roasted turkey, scrumptious pies and gifts from our loved ones glaring all around us.How People Donated Charity on this Thanksgiving 2018

 Thanksgiving should not be considered  just as an occasion, to be celebrated with our family or friends but reconsider this day to be spent for the well being of others.  We should focus on spreading kindness and affection on this occasion, and share our innumerable blessings with the unfortunate ones suffering everyday in this merciless world.


Download our TransparentHands Andriod Application for Online Donation

Download our TransparentHands Andriod Application for Online Donation


Thanksgiving is a great time to give back to the unprivileged people of our community, that is deprived of feelings of happiness, contentment and joy. Getting involved in charitable work on this occasion can strengthen our morale, enhance our culture and unite us as a developed nation.

In 2018, many people across the world stepped forward, and helped those who are less privileged by contributing towards difference causes such as healthcare, education and refugee programs etc.

Your donations have put a smile on children’s faces who probably couldn’t think of their wish coming true. Your kind donations have saved millions of families from starvation and malnourishment. Your valuable donations have helped many people, get the warmth of clothes and blankets that otherwise would have been shivering in the cold.

Your monetary donations have given them the gift of hope, strength and joy. The value of your donation cannot be measured with numbers, but must be felt with the heart. On the Thanksgiving of 2018, your help has encouraged people to overcome their difficulties, and supported them to seek the roads leading to beautiful destinations filled with opportunities, success and prosperity.

Thanksgiving is a great time to say thanks to the people in our lives and be grateful for our good health and wellness, appreciate the delicious feast on our table, and all the opportunities that have to lead our lives on the path of success and prosperity.

Your meaningful donation to charitable organizations fighting poverty, hunger, and other humanitarian issues have helped the volunteers reach out to more recipients with essential relief. Your donations have helped them to prepare and serve two to three days of emergency meals, to food insecure and malnourished families and distribute warm clothes among children. 

 Donations given to medical trusts or nonprofits working to improve the healthcare system in our country, have helped thousands of patients to continue their treatment and aiding fast recovery from life-threatening diseases.


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Monetary donations given  to the animal welfare organization have helped them, to provide safe shelter to animals that were abused and had to suffer serious domestic violence. These organizations can work proactively to rescue animals from dangerous situations, and foster them with love and care for as long as possible.

Thanksgiving is so much more than just dancing and giggling in the parties, eating feasts or going out for holidays. Thanksgiving is all about loving and caring and learning to live our lives, not only for ourselves but also for the sake of others.

It feels amazing to give back to our communities.Let us feel deep gratitude and love for everyone in our heart, and express it like unwrapping a glaring present and giving it to others in the coming years.