How to Find the Best Ramadan Decorations

How to Find the Best Ramadan Decorations

Best Ramadan Decorations


The sacred month of Ramadan is one with a routine that can be tiring for some of us. Muslims all around the world fast from predawn until dusk. Not only that, but Muslims also spend more time on prayer mats, as well as in recital of the Quran. The whole routine can be exhausting for some of us, even more so, for those who are fasting from the first time. Keeping that in mind, one must find ways of keeping their mood in good spirits. What is the point in all that Ibadat if you are sulking and unkind to fellow Muslims? One way of keeping the air full of positive energy is to decorate your house brightly, with Ramadan theme decorations. In this discussion, we look at some of the best Ramadan decorations idea that you can try this year!

Finding the best Ramadan decorations

First things first, how are you going to find the ideal Ramadan decorations? To do that, you visit the nearest departmental store or gift shop and see if they have something, which interests you. Usually, stores are riddled with Ramadan decorations at this time of year. Apart from that, you can check out blogs online and see if they have got something special to offer.

Another thing to keep in mind in this regard is the color combination. You do not want your house to be wrapped in all gold. Your Ramadan decorations must be in shades that cheer up the mood after a long day of fasting. For example, wall hangings in a lighter color.

Some Ramadan decoration Ideas

Having said that, it is time for some glam. Let us have a look at some of the Ramadan decoration ideas, which can lighten up your home, and your mood.


You are grateful for another month of Ramadan which is about to grace your lives, are not you? Well, what better way to welcome Ramadan than a big Happy Ramadan? It is a perfect welcome Ramadan decoration! The best part about this decoration idea is that you do not have to spend a lot of money on the banners. You can make the banner at home by using chart paper and some colorful markers. Another fun part about this Ramadan decoration is that you can get your family members involved in it as well. Kids and adults can work together to make an epic Happy Ramadan decoration!


Another great way to decorate your home this Ramadan is with the help of flickering lights. This will create an aura of holiness! We can tell you that! How would you like to sit under these lights after a long, exhausting day that involved working for 10 hours while fasting? Is that not just peaceful? The joyous atmosphere that can be created with the help of a few fairy lights is simply endearing. In terms of cost, you might have to spend a few more bucks than a happy Ramadan banner. You must be thinking, where can I hang these lights? Well, you can hang these ornamental lights or lanterns on doors and windows.


Another Ramadan decoration that you can make at home, with minimal effort. You can look for floral wreaths at a nearby flower shop also. However, we guess that the wreaths made at home are full of love and sincerity. Use fresh flowers and satin ribbons if you are thinking of making a floral wreath at home. Make bold letters and stick them in the middle of the wreath, which says, Ramadan Mubarak!


It might sound amusing to some, but Balloons are a perfect way to welcome and celebrate Ramadan. In addition, we are not talking about just ordinary balloons. You can use the ones with glitter and all the shine. In any local Ramadan market, you can find the balloons on which words like Happy Ramadan and Ramadan Mubarak are already inscribed and printed.


Ramadan crescents are another popular Ramadan decoration. These crescents add a lovely vibe to the house environment. You can decorate these crescents with fairy lights and all that glittery stuff we mentioned earlier.


Well, that is all from this discussion. You can try any other Ramadan decoration if you like it. Some people go for Islamic art and calligraphy. To sum it all, Ramadan decorations can be a great source of cheering up anyone’s day after a long, exhausting day of fasting!

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