How to Help Children in Need of Medical and Surgical Treatments

How to Help Children in Need of Medical and Surgical Treatments

Children in Need in Pakistan

Access to quality health care is a basic right of every child born in this world, regardless of their skin color, religion, or country. Depriving children in need of healthcare services takes away their right to live in this world. This blog is focused on ways to help the children who require surgical and medical treatments but miss out only because they don’t have the money to pay for them. Sadly, many of these children end up losing their lives.

The world we live in today is developing at an ever-growing pace with new technologies being introduced in fields like medical and health care. However, a large portion of Pakistan’s population is still unable to access health care facilities.

It’s an issue that needs to be taken care of urgently. That is why we have decided to pen down this article today to raise awareness and urge donors to step up their efforts to ensure that our children have access to the health and surgical treatments they need. 

UN’s Jaw-Dropping and Deeply Upsetting Health Findings

According to the latest finding of the World Health Organization and the World Bank, approximately half of the global population has no access to basic or primary health-related services. What is even more disturbing is that a large number of families are plunged into poverty every year only because they have to pay the health care bills from their own pockets, which they sadly can’t afford. 

The numbers are even more depressing and worrisome if we specifically talk about access to health and surgical treatments for children. According to the latest research findings by the Children’s Health Fund (CHF), a minimum of 20.3 million children in the United States alone face multiple hurdles in their bid to access essential and basic health care. That’s almost a whopping 28% of children, and that too in developed countries like America. Now take a moment to imagine how worse this situation is likely to be in low-income or underdeveloped countries.

Lack of access to quality child health care

Child health care is defined as the health-related or medical-based services provided to the kids suffering from any ailment or disease, chronic or acute. These services are provided by highly trained and specialist medical health professionals. These medical professionals receive years of training in pediatric diseases and infections.

Quality child care services are often very costly and can be availed by paying hefty amounts of money. Unfortunately, this is the biggest contributor to untreated medical conditions in children. Even if the disease is curable, not having enough money costs these innocent children their lives.

Are there any funds, charities, or donations that sponsor child health care services?

The good thing is that even though many of the medical procedures can be very expensive, there are still a lot of organizations and individuals that fund these treatments with the sole purpose of helping others.

As we mentioned before in this blog, we aim to reveal some of the ways in which you can sponsor children in need of medical or surgical treatment. So, if you’re thinking of donating to a charity or raising funds, sit tight because that’s where we are headed.

But where are those charities and organizations?

Many charitable organizations are working tirelessly to introduce new, effective, and long-term solutions to improve this global health crisis for children. These organizations use new and modern ways to attract more funds, donations, and donors to support the cause of providing child health care. They use crowdfunding, auctions, exhibitions, running for a cause, etc.

The main focus of these charitable organizations is on creating long-term donor relationships. They focus on building the trust between the donors and the causes they are supporting. The donors can even assess where their donations were spent or are being used.

Let us check out the top charitable organizations where you can donate to children who need primary and basic medical and surgical treatments.

1. Transparent Hands

Sits at the top of our list because they provide completely free medical and health care to people in need of health care or surgical treatments in Pakistan. Transparent Hands is a completely non-profit organization that tackles many health issues faced by the people of Pakistan. They use the method of fundraising through their very own crowdfunding platform. They then use these online donations to provide surgeries and medical treatments completely free of cost. Help them to complete the free surgeries of deserving patients

2. International Medical Corps

The second charitable organization we want to mention is International Medical Corps. They are also flag bearers for providing quality medical care facilities to underprivileged and needy people.

International Medical Corps is a nonprofit global organization working towards helping humanity and improving health worldwide. They specialize in creating training and relief development programs for health care professionals. The organization was established in 1984 by no one else but enthusiastic medical professionals like nurses and volunteer doctors who are working tirelessly to this day for the betterment of people.

3. Save the Children Australia

The third charitable organization you can donate to is the globally acclaimed nonprofit organization Save The Children Australia. The organization was founded in 1919, and from that day to now, they work tirelessly to promote health among children by providing them with basic health care facilities.

4. Child Cancer Foundation

Another charitable organization we would like to mention is Child Cancer Foundation. It is a New Zealand-based organization that focuses on helping children who have cancer and supporting research to find its cure through public fundraising events.


One of the biggest contributions you can make to humanity is to support children in need of surgical or medical treatment. You can do so by donating to charitable organizations like Transparent Hands that champion this noble cause.

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