How to Make Online Donations in the UK

How to Make Online Donations in the UK

Online Donations in the UK

Humans share the noble spirit of generosity all across the globe. It is a value that transcends borders. If you’ve selected a cause that’s close to your heart and want to explore some of the options to make online donations in the UK, this guide will help you make an informed decision. We’ll walk you through some of the popular online donation platforms, tools, and payment modes. Read on!

Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms that’s working to improve Pakistan’s healthcare sector. Millions of patients in the country are suffering just because they don’t have enough money to fund their treatments. That’s where Transparent Hands plays an extremely important role. The organization registers cases of disadvantaged patients and helps them by providing free medical treatments and surgeries like free cochlear implant surgeries. We also hold free medical camps and raise awareness about existing health problems. Transparent Hands accepts online donations in the UK.

Fundraising on Facebook

With Facebook Fundraising, nonprofits may set up a fundraiser and collect contributions directly via Facebook, Network for Good, or PayPal Giving Fund. Stripe, Facebook’s payment processor for fundraising, sends all payments to the creator of the fundraiser. It is a great way to make and accept donations.


Donors in the United Kingdom can make contributions digitally via the safe and secure payment processing system known as PayPal. Donating with PayPal is convenient and eliminates the need for users to provide their credit card information. Many charitable organizations like Transparent Hands which are registered in the UK allow donors to support the underprivileged via PayPal payments. 


GoFundMe is an online platform developed to collect contributions over the internet. But what separates it from the other options is that it provides community members with the ability to share stories. Charities are not only able to seek contributions via GoFundMe, but they can also share their requirements, campaign details, and aspirations with the network through the use of images, and videos. Donations can be made via smartphones and computers.

Cash App

You may now make or request UK contributions via Cash App. Cash App automatically converts US Dollars to British Pounds when you pay a recipient outside the US, using the mid-market exchange rate. Your beneficiary will receive GBP. No wonder Cash App is being used all over the world to make donations. 


BOPP aims to make it as simple as possible for charitable organizations to accept donations promptly. The method is as simple as scanning a QR code with a mobile device and authorizing the payment. There is no limit to the number of QR codes a charity may produce using BOPP, and these codes can be of any form or size. It is becoming easier than ever before to make online donations in the UK.


Contactless contributions are now possible via Evershare. It offers a QR-enabled contribution platform by combining safe open banking technologies with the QR scanning platform. To give, donors only need to scan and input their information.

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Donate

CAF Donate, an online fundraising tool created by the registered nonprofit Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), is assisting thousands of small-to-medium-sized UK charities. It enables charities to create online contribution forms and buttons that can be embedded into the website. Payment modes include direct debits and contributions over the phone.

Transparent Hands provides multiple easy online payment modes, including PayPal and online transfers. You can donate to any campaign or cause that’s close to your heart. Donate today!

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