How to Pay Zakat From Norway?

How to Pay Zakat From Norway?

How to Pay Zakat From Norway


What are the takeaway lessons that humanity has learned from the global pandemic of COVID-19? Well, many, but none as significant as this one: we have to look after each other, governments cannot manage it all alone. Thanks to Islamic practices such as zakat, Muslims are already aware of such humanitarian obligations. Donations in any form are welcome but financial donations are need of the hour. However, Muslims living in European countries struggle to find suitable recipients of their zakat money. In this discussion, we are going to address one particular query in this regard. How to pay zakat from Norway? But before that, let us revisit the concept of zakat itself.

Role of Zakat in Society

To some, zakat is just a religious obligation. For others, zakat means much more than a pious duty. Speaking from an economic point of view, zakat is one of the best ways of keeping wealth in circulation. Financial stagnancy can often increase the gap that exists between different classes of society. However, if money keeps exchanging hands courtesy zakat, this gap can be bridged by a considerable factor. Apart from being a source of relief for many underprivileged families, zakat is also the best way of purifying your wealth. Paying what is due on you will only double your possessions, by the grace of Allah (SWT).

Don’t confuse terms!

Before we move to the central topic of this discussion, it would be prudent to highlight the difference between two confusing terms. These are zakat-al-mal and zakat-al-fitr. By the latter, we mean the charity money that must be paid at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, right before the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr. The idea behind this concept of donation is that it will help the underprivileged members of society to celebrate Eid in a better manner. The former term refers to the 2.5 percent that one has to pay on personal assets, annually. We hope that any confusion if they existed, are removed now!

How to pay zakat from Norway?

Do you remember the central theme of this discussion that we mentioned right at the beginning of this discussion? Yes, how to pay zakat from Norway? Paying your zakat in Islamic countries is hardly an issue. There are forces at work for you, for example, the zakat collection systems. In countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Sudan, the government deducts zakat since it is mandatory. The issue is much more complicated in countries like Norway, where finding eligible zakat recipients is a real challenge. So, what is the easiest way to pay zakat from Norway? Online donations!

Online donation platforms

Living in the 21st century is a blessing and a curse. For the sake of this discussion, we are only focusing on the positives. And the biggest positive, of course, is the introduction of online donation platforms. Charities no longer feel the need of marching out and knocking people’s doors for coins. Now, anyone who wishes to donate can use web portals that are super easy and user-friendly. One such crowdfunding portal that you can use to pay your zakat is managed by an NGO called Transparent Hands.

Pay zakat from Norway through Transparent Hands

When it comes to crowdfunding for health, there is no platform bigger than Transparent Hands in Pakistan. The range of healthcare services offered by Transparent Hands is astoundingly vast. From medical and surgical treatments to medical camps and telehealth facilities, the NGO makes sure that underprivileged Pakistanis have access to quality healthcare services. The NGO believes in creating a patient-donor bond while making sure that the protocols of transparency aren’t breached at any point. The NGO realizes the need for free medical camps in the rural areas, hence it actively sets up such camps as well. To donate, donors can log in to the Transparent Hands crowdfunding web portal from anywhere in the world. Payment modes are one hundred percent secure. Every donor has absolute freedom in selecting and funding patients of their choice. The NGO makes sure that regular updates until complete recovery are sent to the


The word zakat literally translates to the purifier. There is no better way of purifying your wealth than zakat, the rewards are countless. May Allah bless us all with enough means to comfort others through the wonderful concept of zakat!

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