Incorporating Acts of Charity into your Ramadan Routine

Incorporating Acts of Charity into your Ramadan Routine

Incorporating acts of charity

The acts of Charity in Islam are highly valued during the holy month of Ramadan. One of the most rewarding ways to commemorate this holy month is to devote one’s efforts to acts of charity. A meaningful Ramadan experience involves self-improvement, self-discipline, and sacrificing some of your wealth and time for the less fortunate. Doing good deeds throughout Ramadan is a great way to strengthen your religion and build harmony among all community members. 

The Prophet (SAW) said, “Shield yourselves with Hellfire even by giving half a date in charity. If you cannot find it, then with a kind word” [Bukhari].

Setting Ramadan Resolutions

Ramadan routine is busy and hectic for many as it is difficult to manage daily tasks, work, worshiping and praying, and charity altogether. It is advised that you must set personal goals that you want to accomplish throughout this month. By setting your personal goals, you can easily concentrate on Ibadah (worship) along with indulging yourself in different forms of charity. At the end of Ramadan, you can evaluate what you’ve done and decide what you want to do for the rest of the year.

Different forms of Charity 

Charity is not only giving away or donating money but has many different forms.  Abu Dhar reported that the Prophet (SAW) even said:

“Your smile at your brother is a Sadaqah for you. Your commanding the right and forbidding the wrong is a Sadaqah.  Your guiding a man in the land of misguidance is a Sadaqah for you. Your seeing (showing the way) for a man with bad eyesight is a Sadaqah for you. Your removing a stone or thorn or bone from the road is a Sadaqah for you. Your emptying your bucket of water into your brother’s (empty) bucket is a Sadaqah for you.”  [Tirmidhi]

Acts of generosity are said to begin at home, and this is certainly true! Sadaqah does not have to include large amounts of money, but rather the desire and passion to do good for others. 

10 Ways of Incorporating Acts of Charity into your Ramadan Routine

We understand that only some people can do charity on a daily basis due to busy schedules. So, charity can be done in different ways like just giving to any charitable organization on a weekly or monthly basis, volunteering your time for a noble cause on weekends, or helping the needy in your free time. Here are ten ways to charity throughout the holy month. 

  • Make a Sadaqaah Box 

Charity is a religious duty for every Muslim. So, having a Sadaqah box at home can encourage all family members to donate regularly, as they can easily drop in their donations throughout the month. It also helps in reminding everyone at home about the importance of charity, particularly during the month of Ramadan. It is also a great way for family participation and children to learn the importance of charity at an early age, and they can contribute just by dropping some of the savings from their pocket money. 

This act also reflects the spirit of Ramadan, which is a month of increased devotion and spiritual growth, and giving to charity is considered a form of worship. At the end of the month, you can donate all the money to any charity organization directly or give it to any deserving family yourself. 

  • Donate to or participate in building a mosque

There are several ways to donate to or participate in building a mosque. 

1. You can make a financial donation for the construction of a mosque. 

2. Many mosque-building projects require volunteer labor to help with construction, fundraising, and other tasks. You can contact the mosque to find out about volunteer opportunities.

3. Some mosque building projects need help in purchasing brick or tile that will be used in the construction of the mosque, you can help with that. 

4. Contact the mosque to inquire about other ways to donate or participate, such as sponsorship opportunities or naming rights.

  • Donate towards an orphanage

In Islam, providing for and caring for orphans is very important. It is exceedingly noteworthy that Allah mentions orphans at least 25 times in the Qur’an. As Muslims, it is our responsibility to provide orphans with financial, emotional, psychological, and healthcare assistance and to guarantee that they are well-nourished, well-educated, and well-raised. You can raise funds throughout Ramadan from friends and family to visit a nearby orphanage with Eid gifts to bring smiles to their faces.

  • Sponsor an orphan’s education

You can also donate to a charity organization working on orphans’ education and development, or find a deserving orphan among your relatives or neighbors to sponsor their education. 

  • Donate a copy of the Qur’an or teach someone to read it 

Ramadan is the best time to distribute copies of the Qur’an to colleagues, school kids, and relatives. You can also donate to Qur’an publishing and educational projects to multiply your rewards. 

  • Donate towards a Patient’s Surgery

You can help Transparent Hands by donating towards the cost of a patient’s surgery by visiting the Transparent Hands website. 

1. Click on the “Donate” button.

2. Select the “Patient Fund” option.

3. Browse through the list of patients in need of surgery and select the one you would like to donate to.

4. Choose the donation amount and select your preferred payment method (credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or mobile banking)

5. Fill in your personal and payment information, and click “Donate Now”

Your donation will help provide life-saving medical treatment to those in need. 

  • Donate for the Rehabilitation of a person

Transparent Hands also provides an opportunity to donate towards the rehabilitation of patients. Here’s how you can donate for the rehabilitation of a person via Transparent Hands:

1. Go to the Transparent Hands website

2. Click on the “Donate” button on the top menu

3. Select the “Rehabilitation Fund” option

4. Browse through the list of patients in need of rehabilitation and select the one you would like to donate to.

  • Install drinking water dispensers at public places

Water is a basic necessity and many people are deprived of clean drinking water. So, installing drinking water dispensers at public places is a great act of charity.  It provides easy access to clean drinking water, which can reduce the spread of water-borne illnesses.  It is a way of reducing the burden of emergency medical services at public hospitals. It also creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for all community members, including those who may not have access to clean drinking water at home. 

  • Plant trees 

“There is none amongst the Muslims who plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird, or a person or an animal eats from it, but is regarded as a charitable gift for him.” (Bukhari)

Planting trees is not just a way to beautify the world, but it’s also a great act of charity. Planting trees is considered Sadaqah Jariyah in Islam. Muslims are encouraged to plant and care for trees wherever they are living. 

  • Visit the old age home 

Visiting an old age home during the month of Ramadan can be a meaningful and rewarding experience for you and the residents. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning a visit. 

1. Contact the management in advance to coordinate on the visiting time and ensure that it is convenient for everyone. 

2. Show empathy and kindness to the residents, spare time to listen to their stories, and make them feel valued and appreciated.

3. Consider arranging or bringing iftar (eatables for breaking of fast) for the residents, it can be a great way to bond and show them that they are not alone during Ramadan. 

We Need Your Help – Make a Donation in Ramadan

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