The Influence of Social Media: Bringing People Together

The Influence of Social Media: Bringing People Together

Social media has been creating a significant impact on our lives since many years. We can look how different our life was five or ten years back when there was less hype of social media. We had to wait for many days to hear from one another and even emailing was not that common. Worldwide conversation has been much easier in recent years with the help of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Even though there are few negative points of using social media as a mode of communication, but that cannot make us ignore the hundreds of positive aspects which are benefiting us and society in general.              

Social media is an influential tool for any not-for-profit organization looking to encourage people to come together for a social cause. There are many roles it can play for social enterprises; creating awareness, engaging the public, getting donors, building relationships etc. Many NGO’s and charities have their own customized strategy to use social media as a fundraising tool. In other words, social media can be a huge help to the fundraising campaign but only when used in a right way. 

Transparent Hands is one of those charity organizations striving to raise funds for the surgical treatment of poor people of Pakistan. In Pakistan, a large number of people cannot afford to avail better healthcare because of lack of funds. Therefore, Transparent Hands took this great initiative to reach these people and provide help for their medical needs.

Social media channels played an important role in creating awareness of the cause for which Transparent Hands is working. Transparent Hands not only made a user-friendly web portal for the donors but also actively put campaigns on its social media sites. With the help of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Transparent hands have been able to bring thousands of people together to raise the funds for this noble cause. People cannot only visit their social media pages but also inspire others to like and share as much as they can. Due to this more people are being aware and donating for the right purpose.

Social media is playing a crucial role in promoting and raising funds for the surgeries of poor people through Transparent Hands. Recently, a new technological feature is introduced by Transparent Hands through which people can now donate by just putting a “#donate amount”. You can put hashtag under any post on Facebook and Twitter of Transparent Hands and the amount will be contributed. Giving donation has never been this easier. We urge you to put your social media accounts to best use and donate and inspire others to make a difference in the lives of poor people of our country.   

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