Hope Uplift Foundation

Hope Uplift Foundation


Hope Uplift Foundation is an independent, voluntary, and non­political charitable organisation which has been dedicated to the uplifting of poor localities around Lahore since 2000.

Let me share the story of an NGO which was started with Rs. 300 in year 2000, sixteen years ago by a house wife Mrs. Lubna Shakoh who felt the diversity of mankind to bridge the relations between the rich and the poor. Twisted her way for 16 years with talking and struggling with the help of Allah, HUF has grown into a well reputed NGO with the certification of PCP (Pakistan Certificate of Philanthropy), income tax exempted, account for the last 15 years in Al Falah Bank Y Block and registered as a trust with registrar of companies.

The moto is,

  • Where ever there is Human Being, there is an opportunity for kindness.

The backbone slogan is,

  • Let me do goodness now for I shall not pass this path again.

Since 16 years,

  • The NGO by the reflection of its name give Hope to the underprivileged and then uplift them by offering many windows to help.

HUF is dealing in Public Assistance, Education, Microfinance, Vocational Training, Women Empowerment, Water, Health and Food.


  • To act as a bridge between the rich and the poor.


The mission of HUF is to be of assistance to as many underprivileged individuals and families with their programs, resources and expertise while engaging the elite communities, their members and supporters as well as their youth, in taking lead roles within the organization.

Where ever there is human being, there is an opportunity for kindness

Founding Story

HUF’s founder, Lubna Shakoh lived in Phase 3 of DHA, Lahore which is close to an under privileged area. This area has all kinds of skilled and unskilled labor, e.g plumbers, mechanics, house maids, drivers, etc. In year 2000, she used to often go to the area with her children to give food, clothes, and other donations. With her frequent visits to the area she became familiar to the people there. Once in the middle of winter she found out about a laborer who had a good number of dependents, but he only earned Rs. 100-150 per day. He was not able to make ends meet, and his roof fell down as well. Her husband is a nephrologist and they knew a lot of people, so she called some of her friends to collect money for fixing the roof. She felt good about this, and took on more cases afterwards.

With time, besides doing the cases, she opened up a small school, clinic, a vocational training center, a welfare shop, and also started microfinancing by the year 2010. All of this was being done on a small scale. Her vision was basically to create a ‘One Stop Shop’ for humanity where one could have access to loans, send their children to school, and have their daughters learn a trade/ skill. If there was a widow or an elderly couple she put them on a  ration program.