National Bank of Pakistan

National Bank of Pakistan

Taking into account the needs of Non-Resident Pakistanis, National Bank of Pakistan has taken the initiative of establishing Global Home Remittance Management Group, that is dedicated towards making it easier for Pakistanis living abroad to send money back to their families and loved ones.

NBP is constantly striving towards enhancing the process quality and providing prompt service to the customers. In order to cover the globe and reach out to wherever Pakistanis may be, we are constantly enhancing our correspondent network. National Bank of Pakistan reaches out to cater the needs of citizens all across the country. In that same fashion, we want to reach out to Pakistanis living abroad and make it hassle free for them to care for their loved ones in Pakistan. With an enhanced & efficient network NBP can now help you transfer funds even faster.

We provide our customers several ways of sending funds to Pakistan. You can now send cash to be paid over our bank counters or have your funds credited to your beneficiary’s bank account without any hassle. We also deliver Pay Orders or Demand Drafts to beneficiaries upon request. All of these services are now packaged into our ForeeRemittance system to better answer your needs.

Key Achievements

It has only been a short period of time since the establishment of a dedicated group for facilitating home remittance but through hard work and continuous efforts we have accomplished a lot, little by little.

Some of our major achievements include:

  • Development & launch of NBP e-Remittances system and Foreign Exchange Remittance Module to make available home remittance transactions at the branch in a matter of only few minutes.
  • NBP is the #1 bank for payment of remittances over the Cash Counters and credit to account having made 2.5 million payments in 2015.
  • Mobilization of PKR 1.000 Billion in deposits within a year through NBP Foree Remittance Account
  • We have aggressively diversified our correspondent base. To cater the needs of Pakistanis living abroad, we have many new arrangements underway all around the globe.
  • Improved service quality by deploying the most extensive service quality assurance system in Pakistan exclusively for Home Remittance Business