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Description About Sab Saath:

Sab Saath is a project of Zaman Foundation. It was launched in response to the pandemic by co-founders Babar Rashid, Abdullah Khan and Omar Badi-uz-Zaman with notable contributions by Sarfraz Niazi. Sab Saath is a platform for verified NGOs across Pakistan.

We help you help others

Sab Saath started when Covid-19 hit Pakistan in March of 2020. We felt that most relief organizations were large, multi-layered, and primarily built to provide help in conventional circumstances.

In contrast, Covid-19 relief work demanded a wartime response. A continuous stream of rapid, immediate, and nimble responses to a situation that was changing daily.

Additionally, the multi-pronged nature of the response (food, cash, medical, and protective kits) meant that this could potentially become an uncoordinated effort since no single organization could handle all 4 of these efforts. This led to the formation of Sab Saath-one single platform that coordinated relief across organizations and routed help to where it was most needed. More importantly, our platform itself dispensed immediate and rapid assistance to people much quicker than most, larger organizations.

In our fight against COVID-19, we realized that such a transparent and dynamic platform – where individuals and organizations could come together to become so much more than the sum of their parts – is the need of the hour.

Today, Sab Saath is a platform for verified NGOs across Pakistan. We bring registered and accredited NGOs together to coordinate relief efforts across Pakistan. We are a platform that connects those who want to help with those who need it. We ensure that all cases are thoroughly investigated and verified. In places where we have no access, our certified partner organizations do verification for us.