What Is Charity and How To Pay It?

What Is Charity and How To Pay It?

What Is Charity and How To Pay It

The life that we are spending  each day is no less than a gift. We should be even more grateful because life has blessed us with so much comfort and pleasure. We have got stability in life as well as family, love, support, care, and warmth to cherish but for an instant   think about them who are not as fortunate as we are!. What Is Charity and How To Pay It.

Nothing threatens freedom of the living and the meaning of life like poverty, hunger, sickness, terror, being orphaned or uncared for.

Peter (18)  was an orphan and had spent his childhood in an orphanage when his parents passed away when he was 6 years old. He was grouped with children by age. The facility served up to 180 children. His group had 35 children with only two caregivers. Each child was given a job. Those jobs included working in the kitchen, gardening and helping take care of the babies in the orphanage. Every day had the same routine and it started with a 5 a.m. wake-up call.

The children then cleaned up their rooms, prepared for school and ate breakfast. At school, he and the other children at the orphanage were not treated as individuals; they were branded as the orphans from the children’s home. The day was long for Peter and the other children in the orphanage. After school, there was studying, more chores, dinner, and bed around 9 p.m.

The children at the orphanage were not recognized by their names but by numbers. Peter said“we rarely got called by our names. Here is a place you are supposed to call home and you’re not even called by your name.”

Being outside observers we believe that, an orphanage is a safe shelter for vulnerable and homeless children, like Peter, who have lost their parents. But reality has its own twist!

The vast majority of the 8 million children living in orphanages worldwide still have living family members. In fact, 80-90% of orphans have a living parent.In fact, most of the orphans have relatives or at least one member who can take care and look after the child. Many poor families in want of help to raise their children, to give them guaranteed education, send these children to this facility.

-> Concept, Purpose, and Importance of Charity in Our Society

Concept, Purpose, and Importance of Charity in Our Society

There are many social care projects run by organizations aiming to prevent children from entering residential care or orphanages in the first place. For those already in care, they are willing to reintegrate children with their own or another supportive family to ensure that every child is being brought up with love, care, warmth while fulfilling their basic rights. Research has shown that donations to family solutions can make money go further and help more people in their lives.

What is charity:

Giving is essential and it comes first. Giving like love is an element of charity. We are capable of giving love, care, sympathy, help, and advice to the ones who need it the most; specially the  people who are suffering, whether we know them or not through effective charity. Whatever we give to charity prevents and corrects social or environmental problems and improves life and living conditions of people and creatures.

No matter which way we look at this phenomenon, giving to charity is also associated with spirituality. We start giving when there is an urge from deep within our souls. The fact is giving to charity in all its forms- has been one of the greatest factors in the success of humanity and extends all the phases of ‘human’ assets.The pleasure and contentment of giving to the charity drive, the intellectual side of human attributes such as knowledge, experience, emotion, and insights and even biological improvement is possible from simply gaining strength to the very body in entirety. Giving to charity influences economic wealth in all its forms, cultural norms and social structures.

Reality is, charitable activities make a vital contribution to the economic, social and political sectors of the nation.In fact, the role of charitable organizations and volunteer work is no less important than the roles of the public and private sectors.Charities provide essential services that positively impact the lives of citizens, such as building hospitals, schools, orphanages and religious centers.

Secondly, charitable organizations are a vital partner to the government in many aspects, including personal empowerment and training, fighting poverty, combating social diseases such as drug abuse, and attempting to narrow the deep divide between the rich and poor.

Charitable and volunteer work is also the supporting pillar for a country’s security due to the preventive roles it plays, especially in fighting extremism, radicalism and criminal acts against humanity.

How to Pay It:

Deciding to give to charity is easy but to decide how to pay for a charity is hard. There are numerous charitable causes you can donate to but obviously you can donate to some organisations  who make  a compelling argument, due to  your limited  budget . So to narrow the options, you have to decide a particular sector to donate or you can donate to different sectors at different parts of the year as per your convenience.

You can make personal donations. If you know someone with cancer or HIV you might directly help the person by funding his treatment and other expenses or you might funnel your funds to the Cancer Society or institutions that are working to help patients with HIV. If you feel strongly about animal welfare, you might contribute to organizations that care for the treatment of animals. Basically, choose a cause you are genuinely interested in and you’ll be more inclined to donate willingly.You may fund local projects as it will comfort you knowing that your money will stay within your community because you are more familiar with them.If you can’t afford to donate the money you may consider volunteer work.You can certainly help your chosen cause with the gift of your knowledge or labor.

You may take help from sites like CharityWatch, Charity Navigator etc to help you find the groups that make the best use of their money.  When you’ve found a cause you wish to support, you should verify whether it is  legitimate by checking for a mailing address and phone number and always get a receipt from the charity, complete with its Tax ID number, so later you can claim the deduction on your tax return.


Deciding to give money to charity is easy and it’s in everyone’s power. But deciding the purpose of charity and way to donate is the most important thing that matters.

In reality, there are only a few beings who have not been touched in some way by giving! Regardless of whether that is a small act of generosity, or being lifted out of poverty with a microloan ,every bit to charity counts when it is donated to improve the present and future position of the society. It is a denial of justice not to stretch out a helping hand to the fallen. We must donate to charities on a regular basis because it is a common right of humanity.

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