Private Donations Increase By 10% During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Private Donations Increase By 10% During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Private Donations Increase By 10% During the COVID-19

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc around the world. It has caused millions of deaths worldwide and led nations to economic crises. However, amidst all this, people have not forgotten philanthropy and have donated to charities even more than usual. There has been unparalleled support for the underprivileged and needy during these challenging times.

Reasons for Increase in Donations

COVID-19 has uncovered several problems with the economic and health care systems of the world. Donors have been compelled to contribute even more to help those who are suffering due to these problems. Some of the problems include:

Struggling Health Care Systems

Hospitals all around the world were flooded with patients and the number was much higher than the capacity of the facilities. Conditions were even appalling in the developing world as patients struggled to find life-saving treatments. The fact that there were a limited number of ventilators was a major problem. The number of beds and ICU facilities were also insufficient at many hospitals. 

This led to increased support from donors all around the world to help patients. Not only were donations made to increase the capacities of hospitals and to procure necessary medical supplies, but donors also helped patients with getting treatments at private hospitals.

A number of donations, including medical supplies, facemasks, and vaccines, were made by developed countries to help developing countries. 

Funding for Research

COVID-19 was a novel virus and not much was known about it. It was clear that more research was needed to curb the problem. Privileged individuals and several organizations supported research projects related to COVID-19.

Although vaccine development was largely being carried out at the governmental and corporate level, some local labs also worked to develop treatments. Most of these local projects were funded by private individuals. 


COVID-19 affected economics all around the world and various businesses were shut down. Downsizings were happening at an unprecedented scale, which led to a rise in unemployment. Amidst the pandemic, new opportunities were also scarce which made some people struggle to make ends meet.

Even the most developed countries like the USA experienced rising rates of unemployment and homelessness. Fortunately, people came forward and set up funds to help these people. Donations to NGOs working for the same causes also increased. 

WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

The World Health Organization set up a fund to help the countries that were in need of support. The fund received donations from all around the world and proved crucial in managing the pandemic in developing countries. It provided the struggling countries with kits to identify patients as well as medical equipment.

Some countries lacked even basics like personal protective equipment but thanks to this fund a large number of PPEs were also provided. Given the transparency and credibility of WHO a lot of people and organizations supported the cause.

Local Funds Created By Governments

Many governments around the world set up funds where individuals could donate to improve the conditions in their countries. Pakistan also set up PM’s COVID-19 Fund which received donations from all over the world.

These donations were used to improve health care infrastructure and to help people that were gravely affected by the Pandemic. 

Bottom Line

COVID-19 with all its detrimental effects around the world also brought out the good in people and led to an increase in philanthropic donations. Donors came forward to help those in need and made things a little easier for them. 

We at Transparent Hands also work with the same passion and have been providing quality health care, including free surgeries and procedures, to deserving patients across Pakistan. Our goal is to make health care accessible to all. We have provided over 40,000 medical treatments and organized more than 100 medical camps in the underprivileged and remote areas of Pakistan. 

As a nonprofit organization, we need the financial support of donors like you to help those in need of quality health care. Discover a deserving patient you would like to support and donate now.

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