Seven Healthy Ramadan Fasting Tips

Seven Healthy Ramadan Fasting Tips

Ramadan Fasting Tips


Ramadan is a month full of blessings. Muslims all around the globe fast in this sacred month. This holy month is considered as an ideal opportunity for spiritual repentance. However, doing that regularly for 30 days can become tedious at times. It is important to adopt healthy Ramadan fasting practices, which will keep anyone in good spirits. In this discussion, we are going to discuss 7 such healthy Ramadan fasting tips, which can be extremely beneficial to anyone. Make sure you and your family members follow some of these practices, if not all, during Ramadan fasting. These tips are bound to boost up your concentration levels during the 30 days!

1- Have a proper pre-dawn meal

More commonly known as sahoor, pre-dawn meals are a symbol of Ramadan fasting. However, they have more than a symbolic value. These keep you going throughout the day, they serve as the main source of energy. Often, waking up before dawn is too much for some of us. And when one finally musters the courage to get up, it is a little too late. So, the pro tip to avoid that? Well, how about setting out all the utensils and food items on the table before you go to bed? That saves you time, as well as allows you to sleep a few extra minutes after the pre-dawn meal!

2- Keep a check on fat in the diet

Mostly, the food culture followed in Ramadan is one heavily compromised of fried, oily stuff. Hence, it would be ridiculous to suggest to cut fat intake completely. That would simply mean cutting nearly half the fun associated with Ramadan fasting. However, you can put a check on the fat intake, can’t you? Just reduce whatever oily you are having by half. That is a simple calculation, good to go for any age group!

3- Avoid obesity

You simply can’t overdose yourself, just because you stayed hungry all day. Bummer, right? It is a Ramadan fasting rule that most of us tend to forget deliberately. What follows is bouts of overeating and hence, obesity. So, how can you avoid obesity is the real question here. Well, it is pretty simple actually. Just try to eat no more than one-third of anything. That way, you will be able to avert any extra weight that you might gain because of overeating.

4- Walk regularly

Admit it, we all know you are going to eat a lot at first, even while Ramadan fasting this year. So, how can you counter that? Simple, take a walk. Yes, no gym or jogs. Just take a stroll after breaking the fast. Ramadan fasting tips also include trying to inhale as much fresh air as possible. It will restore some of the freshness and energy that you might have lost after fasting all day long!

5- More fruits, less fat

We have told you to limit the fat intake. So, how are you going to compensate for that? Well, by adding more fruits to your diet. Normally, we do see fruits on a dinner table in Ramadan. However, they tend to get ignored in the presence of heavily fried food items. But you have to change folks. Celebrate Ramadan fasting this year with fruits rather than fats!

6- Pray and reflect

Ramadan fasting is incomplete without prayer and repentance, This year, try to make sure that you spend more time on this aspect than you did last year. The nights are long, spend them in remembrance. If you do not incorporate repentance into your Ramadan fasting schedule, it will create a void in your overall efforts. And you don’t need to be on a prayer mat all the time to reflect. Something you can do before you turn in and switch off the lights!

7-Schedule your naps

Ramadan is a month of blessings. Only a fool will spend it snoring. Make sure you schedule your naps in an orderly fashion. This way, sleep won’t get in way of your religious obligations.


Every year, Ramadan fasting is done in a pretty conventional way. Break the tradition this year by adopting these healthy fasting tips. If you felt fatigued after a fast last Ramadan, brace yourself for a pleasant surprise. This year, it is not going to be the same if you follow these simple Ramadan fasting tips. These pointers will help you in commemorating Ramadan in its truest spirit!

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