Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre


“To act as a model institution to alleviate the suffering of patients with cancer through the application of modern methods of curative and palliative therapy irrespective of their ability to pay, the education of health care professionals and the public and perform research into the causes and treatment of cancer.” Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

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Many young innocent lives are being saved at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. Last year, your Zakat made it possible to treat almost 75% of their patients for free. This year they need 5.5 billion rupees to help those who cannot afford to pay for their own treatment. While the revenue from the Hospital’s diagnostic services has always, and continues to be, utilised for their expansion projects, it is your Zakat that is the hope of life for their poor cancer patients. Donate generously to SKMCH&RC this Ramadan and help us keep this hope alive. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre


Their leadership brings together years of experience and expertise with the mission of fighting cancer and unprecedented commitment to patient care, education, and research.

Honourary Board of Governors

The Board of Governors of SKMT comprises of eminent individuals from diverse backgrounds, including bankers, researchers, businessmen, and physicians, who bring valuable experience to the table. The role of the Board includes governance and oversight of the clinical programmes, finances, and resource generation.

  • Imran Khan (Chairman)
  • Nausherwan Khan Burki
  • Aleema Khanum
  • Uzma Ahad
  • Ashiq Hussain Qureshi
  • Tauseef Ahmed
  • Saifuddin Zoomkawala
  • Mian Muhammad Abdullah
  • S. M. Muneer
  • Munir Kamal
  • Irfan Mustafa
  • Tariq Shafi
  • Ehsan Mani
  • Shahid Hafeez Kardar

Projects of SKMT

The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust realises its responsibilities in the fight against cancer and therefore, it has established a number of centres all over Pakistan that help in the awareness, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in Pakistan. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre


  • Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (Lahore, Pakistan), the first specialised cancer facility in the entire region with all the cancer diagnostic and therapeutic facilities under one roof, inaugurated on December 29, 1994.
  • Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (Peshawar, Pakistan), built according to the latest international healthcare standards, inaugurated on December 29, 2015.
  • Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (Karachi, Pakistan) Land Awarded, Planning in progress

Outreach Cancer Screening Clinics

  • Shaukat Khanum Walk-In Clinic (Karachi, Pakistan)
  • Shaukat Khanum Walk-In Clinic (Peshawar, Pakistan)
  • Shaukat Khanum Walk-In Clinic (Lahore, Pakistan)
  • Shaukat Khanum Walk-In Clinic (Multan, Pakistan)

Diagnostic Centres

  • Shaukat Khanum Diagnostic Centre (Lahore, Pakistan)
  • Karachi Diagnostic Centre and Clinic (Karachi, Pakistan)

Laboratory Collection Centres

  • 173 Shaukat Khanum Laboratory Collection Centres (all over Pakistan)

Their Services

As one of the largest cancer care centres in Pakistan, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre offers a complete range of health care services including clinical, diagnostic, out-patient, and others.

Clinical Services

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre offers a complete range of health care services. Find a clinical service below by searching their Departments.

1-  Anaesthesiology

Anesthesia Department at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre provides anesthesia to a wide variety of surgical patients inside the four operating rooms.

Facilities & Services

Anesthesia is also provided in MRI suit, where a state of the art MRI compatible anesthesia machine and monitoring is used for safe conduct of the diagnostic test. Sedation and anesthesia is provided in Endoscopy unit for either Gastro-esophageal or pulmonary interventions. Sedation and anesthesia is also provided for vascular coiling and for neuro-interventional radiology. Other areas for activity are sedation for Radiation simulations in children in the dept. of Radiation Oncology. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

Their practice is as wide based as are the demands for anesthesia requirements in different specialties and varied locations through out the hospital. The dept. is well equipped with the latest tools to safely conduct anesthesia and sedation. Operating rooms are equipped with most modern anesthesia machines with availabity of  invasive monitoring, they are in the process to updating  all the older equipment in the operating rooms and the PACU ( post anesthesia care unit) to  the most modern equipment available.

Wide variety of interventional pain procedures including Radiofrequency Nerve and Joint Ablations as well as permanent neurolysis for cancer pain are routinely performed. Interventional Pain Service with dedicated pain nurse provides a wide variety of solutions to patients in sever pain.


The dept. has 10 Resident Doctors positions, Training is provided as per collage of physicians and Surgeons Pakistan curriculum. Departmental academic activity includes daily patient rounds, weekly presentations, weekly interactive problem based anesthesiology meeting, weekly Journal Club meeting and fortnightly M& M meetings

Trainees get training for Invasive monitoring, Fibro-optic intubations in a wide case mix of clinical scenarios, both inside as well as out of operating rooms. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.


  • Comparison of Quality of Pain control in patients having Total Knee Replacement with epidural infusion consisting of morphine with preservative compared to epidural infusion consisting of preservative free morphine.
  • Comparison of degree of pain relief with continuous epidural infusions containing 0.125% Bupivacaine with epidural infusions containing 0.125% Bupivacaine and Morphine.
  • Quality and duration of analgesia after Pulsed Radiofrequency ablation of the Glossopharyngeal nerve in patients with Oral cancer and Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia.
  • Comparison of recovery and quality of analgesia between inhalational anesthesias compared to total intravenous anesthesia in patients having Brachytherapy.

Awards, Certifications & Affiliations

The Department of anesthesiology is recognized for full four year training programme for FCPS (Anesthesiology) and MCPS (Anesthesiology) degrees by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan

2- Clinical Radiology

Their Radiology Department conducts more than 400 diagnostic and therapeutic procedures per day, while maintaining the highest standards of clinical excellence. Led by the most competent group of professionals, the department is committed to providing their patients with a compassionate and caring environment using the most modern technology and research in clinical imaging.

Facilities & Services

SKMCH&RC has the largest concentrations of equipment focused on cancer and non-cancer imaging in Pakistan. The installation of Pakistan’s first PET/CT scanner, a hybrid technology that gives more accurate picture of what is happening inside the body, has revolutionised their diagnosis, treatment and management of cancer.

The Radiology Department also has a fully equipped DSA suite, digital DR and CR fluoroscopic units, Pakistan’s only full-field digital mammography unit with CAD (computer assisted diagnosis), and Pakistan’s first ultrasound Toshiba Aplio XG capable of elastography for breast tumours. They are also equipped with 64-Slice CT scanners that capture and construct three dimensional images of anatomy as thin as a credit card, with unprecedented speed and accuracy, allowing referring physicians and patients to easily review and understand the findings on the scan.

There are dedicated workstations for image processing and analysis. A filmless digital environment for processing and viewing images exists across the Hospital through their modern Picture Archiving Communications System (PACS) and an electronic medical record system is in use. This, together with their dedicated staff, enables both high-quality image acquisition and display besides interpretation. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

The Radiology Department at SKMCH&RC provides a full spectrum of radiology services that includes not only diagnostic imaging but also complex and delicate interventional radiological procedures.

Diagnostic Radiology Services

  • MRI perfusion studies where the scans determine the blood flow to each organs
  • MRI spectroscopy to determine the chemical nature of the tumour
  • MRI of each body organ can be exclusively performed at the Hospital
  • Cardiac CT
  • CT colonoscopy
  • All types of image guided biopsies
  • Digital subtraction angiography to obtain real-time images of blood vessels in body organs
  • PET/CT scanning for assessing metabolism level of disease process

Interventional Radiological Procedures

  • A variety of specialized studies and interventional therapeutic procedures are performed by their radiology professionals:
  • Neuro Intervention using state-of the art equipment to place coils and glue through micro catheters and devices directly to target sites deep within the head through a small skin incision.
  • Embolization to deliver medication and block the blood flow to different organs. Trans arterial Chemo Embolization (TACE) is an example in which chemotherapy is injected through the hepatic artery targeting the tumor in liver.

NGOs Providing Free Chemotherapy in Pakistan

  • Treatment of liver cancer with ablative techniques such as radio frequency ablation (RFA) and alcohol ablation
  • Peripheral or vascular stenting, gastrointestinal stenting and stenting across biliary and urologic tumours.


As an affiliate of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, the department trains and prepares residents for FCPS. Additionally, they offer fellowship programs in interventional radiology and PET/CT.

Awards, Certifications & Affiliations

The Department of Radiology is ISO certified and working towards JCIA

3- Medical Oncology

Offering state-of-the-art medical treatment in a prompt, efficient and compassionate manner is what makes SKMCH&RC stand out amongst the medical institutions within the region. The Medical Oncology department at SKMCH&RC aims to make international standard cancer care available to the people of Pakistan. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

Almost all consultants in Medical Oncology department at SKMCH&RC hold foreign qualifications. Due to a shortage of highly experienced staff, consultants are also training their own doctors to become accomplished oncologists in near future. An intense, fiercely intellectual academic atmosphere exists at SKMCH&RC, where the latest advances in different fields of medicine are discussed in various teaching sessions held weekly.

Facilities & Services

Cancer is a complex and multidimensional disease. Patients at SKMCH&RC are assessed in multidisciplinary clinics where a team of medical, radiation and surgical oncologists work together to prepare personalised treatment plans. Patients are then treated in accordance with disease-specific internationally-accepted management guidelines. The most latest and novel treatment is given to their patients irrespective of their background.

The broad range of diseases treated by the department includes leukaemia and lymphomas to brain tumours as well as solid tumours. From morning till midnight, between 80 and 100 patients receive chemotherapy in their specially designated chemotherapy ward. Since 2006, they also offer autologous bone marrow transplant for adults and children.

There is a weekly long-term follow up clinic in which patients that have completed five years of treatment are evaluated for long-term side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

At SKMCH&RC, patients are given up-to-date and understandable information about their disease and treatment process. They also understand the emotional needs of their patients. Those patients who are diagnosed with cancer are guided and supported by their team of psychologists, play therapists for paediatric patients, trained oncology nurses, social workers, nutritionists, and a cancer support group made up of successfully treated cancer patients at the Hospital.

One Stop Breast Clinic

Breast cancer is one of the most common malignancies amongst women worldwide and Pakistani women carry one of the highest incidences of this cancer in all of Asia. Due to this heavy burden of this disease, SKMCH&RC shoulders the responsibility of accurately and efficiently diagnosing breast cancer while making sure that they differentiate cancer from the wide spectrum of other benign disorders that exist in women.

Therefore, the creation and management of the One Stop Breast Clinic is considered as one of the Medical Oncology department’s leading achievements. The mission of the One Stop Breast Clinic is to assist each woman through an imaging work-up efficiently and seamlessly with minimal discomfort and anxiety. Over 500 patients visit the One Stop Breast Clinic each year.

Housed in the Radiology Department, the multi-modality One Stop Breast Clinic is supervised and run by staff from SKMCH&RC’s Surgery, Pathology, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine departments with the option of calling oncology consultants for opinions and advice when necessary.

In the span of one appointment, which lasts between 2-3 hours, each patient undergoes an initial assessment with investigations aimed at an accurate diagnosis and a proper outlined course of treatment. A new patient is registered on the morning of an appointment and proceeds onwards with an initial history and physical examination by a Breast Surgeon.

Appropriate investigations are decided upon and completed by expert radiologists right then and there, which generally includes a mammogram and an ultrasound complemented by a needle biopsy where indicated. SKMCH&RC’s efficient pathology services deliver a prompt preliminary diagnosis which aids in planning treatment. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

Nearly 80% of patients are assessed for benign disease with prompt reassurance and further management plans chalked out and handed to them at the end of the appointment. This efficiency helps to alleviate the excruciating stress of waiting for results. Those patients diagnosed with cancer complete a staging work-up, greatly expediting their transit to initiation of targeted therapy and minimising unnecessary delays.


Training in Medical Oncology has been established within the department. The fellowship programme in Medical Oncology provides training in all aspects of medical oncology through a structured training programme recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, leading to FCPS in medical Oncology. The department also supports a training programme in Clinical Oncology leading to FRCR(clinical oncology).


The department has been involved in a number of in-house clinical research projects as well as participating in several multinational clinical trials. The department has contributed posters and abstracts to several national and international meetings

4- Internal Medicine

Facilities & Services

The Department of Internal Medicine provides clinical cover for the following medical specialties:

Intensive Care: They are staffed with board-certified critical care consultants, formally-trained respiratory therapists and offer one-to-one nursing services. All of their intensive care unit (ICU) rooms are fully ventilator equipped. The ICU also has the facility to perform continuous veno-venous haemodiafiltration (CVVHDF) and intermittent Haemodialysis for critically ill patients.

Pulmonology; Their board-certified pulmonary consultants with formal training in interventional pulmonology have the ability to perform pleuroscopy, bronchoscopic tumour debulking, stent placement, trans-bronchial needle aspiration, trans-bronchial lung biopsies and percutaneous tracheostomies.

Gastroenterology: Experienced senior consultants perform both diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies with capability to perform stenting and endoscopic ultrasound. They have state-of-the-art endoscopy suites with cutting-edge technology, fully-trained, specialised technicians and nurses managing patients side by side with skilled specialist physicians, both consultants and fellows, before, during and after the procedures.

Infectious Diseases: Board-certified, US-trained specialist consultants manage patients with complex diseases. They also offer dedicated HIV clinics, backed by state-of-the-art microbiology and PCR laboratory facilities.

General Internal Medicine and Hospitalist: This is available in the wards as well as the Emergency Assessment Room. In addition, there is a provision for CHCC Comprehensive Health Care Check-ups (CHCC) or annual wellness check visits, with specialists trained in this field. They also thoroughly assess those patients under-going surgeries for medical fitness prior to the procedure.

Palliative Care: This service is geared towards symptom control, especially pain, of patients who are terminally ill and towards the end of life. Prominent services include specialist palliative care physician led multidisciplinary outpatient clinics per week, inpatient and emergency room consult service for patients needing urgent symptom management, and a 24-hour palliative nursing telephone helpline with physician cover as needed.

End of life care, according to the internationally-recognised Liverpool Care Pathway, is provided to terminally ill patients. SKMCH&RC is the only site in Pakistan registered with the Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute in Liverpool, UK to use this pathway.

The Department of Internal Medicine also offers basic cardiology, nephrology and endocrinology consultations and care. Additionally, the department has the capability to provide services for ECG, ETT, Echocardiography (Trans Thoracic Echocardiographs and Trans Oesophageal Echocardiographs) as well as spirometry (PFTs) and cardio-pulmonary exercise testing.


  • The department is recognized for both FCPS and MRCP training in Medicine. The Department is also recognized for FCPS training in Gastroenterology and infectious Diseases.
  • The department offers a one year diploma in Respiratory Therapy.
  • ACLS Courses every 06 weeks for all health care staff.
  • MRCP PACES preparatory courses twice a year.
  • TOACS preparatory course held quarterly.


List of publications IM Department.

Awards, Certifications & Affiliations

The Department of Medicine is working towards JCIA recognition.

5- Nuclear Medicine

Their department delivers comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic applications of this unique specialty, which employs minute amounts of radioactive material called radio pharmaceuticals to study the function of body systems and organs. Handling and use of radio- pharmaceuticals is governed by stringent international and national regulations and their team of highly-qualified consultants ensure the compliance with the standards set for the safe and appropriate use radio pharmaceuticals in medicine. Their physicians are backed by a team of physicists, radio-chemists, cyclotron engineers and technologists to deliver this technology and labour intensive service.

Facilities & Services

Unlike conventional x-rays and CT where an individual is exposed to radiation from an external source, the radio pharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine are introduced in to the body through an injection, food or aerosols. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

A patient undergoing a nuclear scan is a source of radiation for a brief period during which images are acquired and judgment is made about the functional status of the organ or system utilizing a gamma camera or a PET/CT scanner. The amount of radio pharmaceuticals is carefully calculated and varies according to a patient’s age, size and type of investigation. Portable Molybdenum- Technetium generators are the primary source of radio-active material, which is sourced from internationally licensed vendors.

Their department acquires these generators from three different sources to ensure constant availability. PET radio pharmaceuticals have to be produced on site and since 2009, SKMCH&RC houses Pakistan’s first IBA Cyclotron for this purpose.

The Nuclear Medicine Department is also equipped with two dual-head GE gamma cameras and one hybrid imaging Philips PET/CT scanner. The hot labs for preparation of radio pharmaceuticals are equipped with Lemer isolators and Synthera® synthesisers. Images are processed and analysed on dedicated work stations and archived on the Picture Archiving Communications System [PACS], accessible throughout the Hospital, making SKMCH&RC a filmless digital setup.

Their department has an unwavering commitment to education and research. They are affiliated with College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan for training in FCPS Nuclear Medicine. Additionally, they also host visiting MSc. in Nuclear Medicine fellows from Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences in Islamabad.

Former trainees from their department have been awarded fellowships in UK and USA. Their faculty is also involved in teaching of medical imaging technologists enrolled in the BSc (Hons) in Medical Imaging programme in collaboration with University of Bradford and the medical technologist programme of the University of Health Sciences in Lahore. Their physicists are involved with MSc in Physics students from University of the Punjab with special focus on medical physics. Research work from their department has been presented and published at both the international and national level.

Even after 16 years of persistent progress and investment in technology, equipment and human resource, the Nuclear Medicine Department at SKMCH&RC remains the foremost department for the specialty in Pakistan.

6- Pathology

Shaukat Khanum Pathology Laboratory, one of the nation’s largest and most sophisticated facilities, uses state-of-the-art equipment for all tests, setting a standard for result accuracy and reliability.

The Pathology Laboratory consists of the Anatomic and Clinical Pathology sections including the Blood Bank. With its comprehensive test menu, more than 4 million tests and procedures are performed every year. Both the Laboratory and the Blood Bank are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with Consultant Pathologists available on call round the clock.

Facilities & Services

For your convenience, laboratory test results can be accessed online on their website. Test results remain with us indefinitely as a result of their advanced patient data management systems.

Their modern laboratory facility has a robust quality assurance and quality control program and is registered with the College of American Pathologists for proficiency in testing and sustaining 100 per cent accuracy results over the years, which is evidence of their high standards and constant pursuit of excellence.

A combined commitment to quality and service is magnified by the talent and expertise of their staff.

Anatomical Pathology

The Anatomical Pathology division, the heart of the Pathology Department, provides surgical pathology and cytopathology services. A close liaison exists between pathologists and treating physicians in order to optimise patient care.

Clinical Pathology

Routine Chemistry: The Routine Chemistry section is equipped with state-of-the-art chemistry analysers. Clinical chemistry is primarily concerned with biochemical analysis of a wide range of biological samples for diagnosis and monitoring of patients. The section is involved in investigative and clinical research activities.

Special Chemistry: The Special Chemistry section offers a vast menu of specialised tests using the latest analysers and equipment.

Blood Bank: A full service Blood Bank is available. Each donor or donated blood sample is screened for major infectious diseases. The Blood Bank is also equipped with top-of-the-line apheresis machines, allowing us to separate the blood component and perform therapeutic apheresis.

Haematology and Coagulation: This section is one of the vital components of the Pathology Laboratory. It is equipped with a 5-part differential analyser which includes the measurement of nucleated RBC’s and auto-correcting the WBC count. The auto-stainer, manages to create peripheral smears in minutes for manual assessment.

For coagulation studies, a coagulation analyser performs a complete profile from PT/INR, APTT and clotting factor assays.

Other tests offered in haematology include CBC with manual differential, RBC morphology, reticulocyte manual estimation, G-6PD quantitation, RBC fragility studies, and haemoglobin electrophoresis, among others. The Haematology and Coagulation section also has a dedicated bone marrow evaluation service.

Flow Cytometry: The section is equipped a multi-colour flow cytometry machine, offering complete immune-phenotyping for leukaemia and lymphoma patients on blood, bone marrow aspirate, body fluids and solid tissue.

Diagnostic tests for paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria and, CD4 and CD8 subset quantitation are also offered. DNA ploidy and S-phase studies as well as foetal haemoglobin detection will be offered in the near future.

Microbiology and Molecular Biology: The Microbiology section provides bacteriology, mycology and urinalysis services used in diagnosis, therapy and management of infectious diseases including cultures and drug susceptibility testing. The section is equipped with an automated blood culture system. There is a dedicated TB lab for the detection of MTB and sensitivity testing. Food, water and environmental testing are also offered. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

The Molecular Biology section offers PCR-based assays for early detection of hepatitis C, hepatitis B and MTB. HCV genotyping is also available using a protocol developed by the SKMCH&RC’s research division. The section also offers FISH testing for Her2Neu and plans to launch tissue typing in the near future.


The Department of Pathology conducts a one year Post Graduate Diploma Program in Medical Laboratory Technology in Clinical Pathology.

The Faculty comprises Pathologists, MolecurBiologists, Microbiologist and Senior Medical Technologists.


All areas in anatomic and clinical pathology engage in developmental and research activities. Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital laboratory has been acting as the “Central lab” of the region for multinational clinical trials.

The Department of Pathology works in close collaboration with the Basic Sciences Department of the Research Wing of SKMCH&RC.

Awards, Certifications & Affiliations

The Department of Pathology at SKMCH&RC is recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan for FCPS-II training in Anatomic Pathology.

The Department of Pathology is ISO 9001-2008 (QMS) certified and is registered with the College of American Pathologists in their External Survey Program for proficiency testing.

7- Diagnostic Services

Choosing a diagnostic facility is the most crucial step in the treatment planning process because only accurate and timely results lead to the right treatment decisions.

At Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC), they recognise the importance and impact their diagnostic services can have on people’s lives. In line with their vision, they seek to increase the access of Pakistani people to the latest internationally-acclaimed, diagnostic techniques available today.

Equipped with modern technology, Shaukat Khanum Diagnostics offer a vast range of testing, imaging and screening facilities all under one roof, where procedures are carried out by highly trained, competent experts in their field, many of them foreign qualified. These individuals bring their knowledge of the most up-to-date in research and cutting-edge technology from across the world to the people of Pakistan to serve the nation.

Today, their network of laboratory collection centres is spread across major cities in Pakistan, providing testing facilities to you at your convenience, with two pathology laboratories, one in Lahore and other in Karachi, analysing your results. The main Hospital in Johar Town, Lahore offers radiology services. These services are also available at their diagnostic centres, one located on Jail Road in Lahore and the other in DHA, Karachi.

The Shaukat Khanum Diagnostic Centre and Clinic in Karachi only has x-ray, ultrasound, and mammography services available at the moment. A complete range of nuclear medicine services is also offered at the main Hospital.

Comprehensive Health Checkup

Health is an area of growing concern. Minor complaints are frequently ignored but a timely diagnosis of a disease may assure you of your good health because prevention is better than cure.

At Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, they offer a comprehensive medical examination facility that provides you an opportunity to evaluate your health status with qualified health care professionals. The program is offered in the form of a package that allows two visits giving you an opportunity to get a detailed picture of your health. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

Appointment Scheduling

Please call Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre on 111-155-555, 042 35905000 Ext: 3433, 3435, to book an appointment and to get further details if desired.

Visit 1

Kindly report to the Outpatient Department at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, 30 minutes before your appointment time.

After your examination you will be taken for your chest X-ray, ultrasound and ETT. You will also be provided with sample collection containers (for stool & urine samples), and your 2nd appointment will also be booked at this time. Next morning, simply drop the samples (urine & stool) either at the hospital or at the Shaukat Khanum Diagnostic Centre on Jail Road, where your blood sample (with fasting) will also be drawn.

Visit 2 (Follow up Visit)

On the follow up visit, the consultant physician will discuss your reports and current health status with you. If any potential problem is identified, the consultant physician will advise you the further plan of action. You will also meet their clinical nutritionist for a dietary consultation. This will conclude your evaluation, following which you will be provided a complete set of your reports and clinical summary.


Kindly report to the Outpatient Department at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, 30 minutes before your appointment time for registration of demographic information.

  • Please confirm your appointment 24 hours in advance. If not confirmed you might lose the appointment.
  • Please bring along the authorization form, in case your company is sponsoring your CHCC visit.
  • Do not smoke or eat anything three hours prior to your appointment time, your bladder must be full for which you will be required to take 4-6 glasses of water
  • In case, you are on medication kindly bring your medicines/previous reports along with you.
  • You must remove chest hair, wear casual clothes & running shoes (Jogger) before coming for your appointment. (Without Chest Shave & running shoes, ETT test cannot be performed).
  • Bring sample of urine and stool, on your following day (Sterilized containers for samples will be provided to you on your first visit)
  • they accept payments by cash & credit cards only.
  • Additional investigations that may be required (not mentioned in the package) will be charged separately.

Important Instructions for Female Clients

  • Pregnant ladies or if suspecting pregnancy, please inform the doctor and the Radiology staff before the X-ray.
  • You are advised not to undergo CHCC during your menstrual period.

Menu of Test

  • Complete History & Physical Examination
  • Complete Blood Count
  • RBC Morphology
  • Blood Grouping
  • CO2 Urea And Electrolytes (Na, K, Cl, Urea, Creatinine)
  • Uric Acid
  • Blood Sugar
  • Urine Analysis
  • Liver Function Test (LFT’s)
  • Lipid Profile (TRIG, CHOL, LDL, HDL, VLDL)
  • Complete stool Examination
  • Faecal Occult Blood
  • Hepatitis B (HBV) Screening
  • Hepatitis C (HCV) Screening
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  • Ultrasound Abdomen & Pelvis
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT)
  • Dietary Consultation (by qualified Nutritionist)

Package Price: Rs. 31,000 (Non-Refundable)

Cardiac CT Scan: Rs. 27,500/- Optional

8- Pharmacy

The Department of Pharmacy provides integrated, cost-effective pharmaceutical care to both inpatients and outpatients.  These patient-focused services include medication delivery, therapeutic drug monitoring, and promotion of optimal drug therapy. Their clinical Pharmacists works as an integral member of health care team to achieve desired therapeutic outcomes, prevent or minimize drug-related problems, and improve medication use.

The department consists of a Dispensing Pharmacy, Aseptic Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Inpatient Pharmacy, Drug Information Services and Satellite Pharmacy. With the objective “To Ensure the Optimization of Pharmaceutical Care to all Patients”, the department ensures excellence in quality through high quality medicinal products, qualified and well-trained staff of Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacy Assistants. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

Their Inpatient Pharmacy supplies round the clock medication to the hospital’s inpatients as well as the wards. Pharmacy personnel check the patients’ prescriptions for accuracy and appropriateness of treatment at the point of dispensing as well as before the administration of medications. Upon discharge, patients are counseled on their discharged medications before leaving the hospital.

In Outpatient Pharmacy, Prescriptions from both internal and external doctors are accepted here. A wide range of medications including their specialty chemo drugs are available at the Outpatient Pharmacy including controlled medications as well as customized preparations including Total Parental Nutrition to those patients who are not on natural diet. Their Aseptic Pharmacy staffed by personnel trained in chemotherapy drug reconstitution techniques. This ensures patients’ chemotherapy drugs are prepared correctly under sterile area and are safe to use by both the patients and the nurses administering the oncology treatment.

To advance their mission, the department provides a supportive environment for professional training and development.  One residency training programs is being offered including internship program and clerkship rotations to the students in hospital pharmacy.


Department of Pharmacy takes keen interest in providing training and educational services that can be gauged from the periodical Pharmacy News Letter and the compiled Hospital Formulary. They have a comprehensive Internship program for fresh pharmacy graduate from various Universities of the country as well as foreign Pharmacists. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

Awards and Recognitions

For more than two decades, SKMCH&RC has been committed to the highest standards of patient care, education, and research. The Hospital’s commitment has been recognized at both, national and international levels.

Global Good Governance (3G) Award

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre received the Global Good Governance (3G) Awards in the category “3G Leadership Award for Social Sector & Philanthropy 2017” for Service Excellence and Cancer Treatment & Research.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) Certification

SKMCH&RC was awarded the Corporate Excellence Certificate by MAP in 2016

Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy Certification (PCP)

SKMCH&RC was awarded the NPO Certification for meeting standards in the areas of internal governance, financial management, and programme delivery by the PCP in 2015. The PCP has renewed it every three years since then.

Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) Award

SKMCH&RC won the PAS Awards 2015 in the ‘Hospital and Healthcare Category’ for its 5 Rupee Daily campaign ‘


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) Certification

SKMCH&RC was awarded the Corporate Excellence Certificate by MAP in 2015.

Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) Award

SKMCH&RC was the winner of the PAS Awards 2014 not only in the ‘Hospital and Healthcare Category’ but also in the ‘Campaign of the Year Award’ for its Zakat campaign “Main To Sirf Bara Hona Chahta Hoon”.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) Certification

SKMCH&RC was awarded the Corporate Excellence Certificate by MAP in 2014.

Employer Federation of Pakistan (EFP) Award

SKMCH&RC was awarded the second place in the category of Human Resource Development by EFP in 2014.

Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) Award

SKMCH&RC was the winner of the PAS Awards 2012 in the category of Public Service, Government & CSR for its campaign “Kho Na Jaye Koi”.

Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) Award

SKMCH&RC was awarded the Corporate Excellence Award by MAP in 2012.

Pakistan Centre For Philanthropy Certification (PCP)

SKMCH&RC was awarded the NPO Certification for meeting standards in the areas of Internal Governance, Financial Management, and Programme Delivery by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy in 2012.

Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) Award

  • SKMCH&RC was awarded the Corporate Excellence Award by MAP in 2010.
  • Health Level 7 Pakistan Benefactor Membership
  • SKMCH&RC was designated as a Benefactor Member of HL7 Pakistan in 2010. This membership enables SKMCH&RC to make healthcare systems inter-operable by adopting health standards such as HL7.
  • American Association of Continuing Medical Education (AACME) Accreditation
  • SKMCH&RC became the first hospital in Pakistan to have accreditation by AACME as a Continuing Medical Education provider for healthcare professionals in 2009.
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • The Food and Dietary Services department of SKMCH&RC was awarded the HACCP in 2008.
  • Capability Maturity Model (CMMI) ML2 Certification
  • SKMCH&RC was the first hospital in Pakistan and the first cancer hospital in the world to achieve the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Maturity Level 2 in 2008.
  • Human Rights Society of Pakistan Award
  • SKMCH&RC was awarded for its humanitarian efforts on the 27th Award Ceremony of the Human Rights Society of Pakistan in 2008.
  • College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) Recognition
  • The Department of Anaesthesia was recognized by the CPSP in 2008.
  • Quality Management Systems Certification
  • SKMCH&RC was awarded the ISO 9001: 2008 certification for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Cancer Services in 2007. The Hospital was awarded the original certification in 2001.

World Health Organization (WHO) Award

SKMCH&RC was presented the World Health Organization’s UAE Foundation Prize for ‘Outstanding work in health development that has already been accomplished and that has extended far beyond the call of normal duties’ in 2006.

Institutional Management Certification Programme (IMCP)

  • SKMCH&RC successfully participated in capacity building process for meeting the USAID Management Standards under the IMCP in 2006.
  • International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR) Membership
  • SKMCH&RC was granted Associate Membership of INCTR in 2005.
  • College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) Recognition
  • The Department of Internal medicine was recognized by the CPSP in 2004.
  • Pakistan Software Export Board Registration
  • SKMCH&RC is registered with Pakistan Software Export Board of the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of Pakistan, since 2003.
  • College of American Pathologists (CAP) Registration
  • SKMCH&RC is registered with the CAP for Proficiency Testing Survey since 2002.
  • College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) Recognition
  • The Department of Pathology was recognized by the CPSP in 2001.
  • College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) Recognition
  • The Department of Nuclear Medicine was recognized by the CPSP in 1999.
  • College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) Recognition
  • The Department of Radiology was recognized by CPSP in 1998.
  • College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) Recognition
  • The Department of Clinical and Radiation Oncology was recognized by the CPSP in 1996.
College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) Recognition
  • The Department of Medical Oncology was recognized by the CPSP in 1996.

9- Nursing Services

Professional nursing practice at SKMCH&RC is promoted through membership of the Pakistan Cancer Nursing Forum affiliated to the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care and through membership of the Asia Pacific Hospice Network.

Nursing at Shaukat Khanum offers much more than the traditional image of nursing. Nurses provide care to patients receiving complex treatment for their disease through surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and nuclear medicine processes. In addition to informing patients about their disease and its treatment, nurses provide emotional support.

A large part of what they do is patient education. Patients are advised on what to expect during their stay and after they are discharged. It also includes teaching them about what drugs they will be taking and the side effects of those drugs, blood transfusions, how to look for signs of infection and bleeding and dietary changes. Team Nursing and Nursing Documentation are seen as very important as they foster team spirit and improve the quality of care given to patients and their families.

The Nursing Division is ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Certified and working towards JCIA, therefore is continually striving to improve its practice and thereby its quality of care to patients and their relatives.

Professional Structure

The Nursing Division is headed by the Director of Nursing/Nursing Education. There are five grades of clinical nursing staff – Clinical Nurse Managers, Team Leaders, Senior Staff Nurses, Staff Nurses and Trainee Staff Nurses. A competitive salary package is available for all levels of Nursing Staff.

The Nursing Environment Includes:

Inpatient Departments that cover Adult and Pediatric Oncology, Peri-operative Nursing, Intensive Care Nursing, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Radiation Nursing, Nuclear Medicine Nursing and Palliative Care Nursing.

In the busy Outpatient Department, The Chemotherapy Day Suite and The Emergency Assessment Room nursing provide a comprehensive service to support adult and pediatric patients.

Specialist roles in nursing have being developed to support and advance nursing practice – roles in Infection Control, Nursing Risk Management/Evidence-Based Practice, Breast Care Nursing. These new roles aim to improve the quality of care to patients and their families.

Professional Development / Educational Pathway

All nurses must complete a series of workshops designed to enhance their practice, including Induction and Orientation Programme, Core Competencies in Cancer and Palliative Care Nursing, Basic Cardiac Life Support, Cytotoxic Drug Administration, Pharmacology and Drug Calculations, Health Assessment, Infection Control, Blood and Blood Products, Nursing Risk Management & The Diploma in Oncology / Cancer Nursing

Philosophy of Nursing

They believe :

  • Nursing is a universal need for all human beings and an essential service in health care.
  • Nursing recognizes the uniqueness of each human being and aims to provide care which is holistic and individualized and covers physical, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural needs.
  • Nursing is both an art and a science and works in collaboration with medicine and other health professionals.
  • Nursing should be non-judgmental providing equal, high quality care underpinned by research.
  • Nursing recognizes that patients with cancer and their families require on-going support and that nurses are in a unique position to provide encouragement, reassurance and hope through difficult times.
  • Nursing recognizes that through communication, understanding and empathy patient’s difficulties can be shared.
  • Nursing promotes the patient’s independence through education and ongoing support and discharge planning provides for the transition from hospital to community and home and is an integral part of the patient’s plan of care.
  • Nursing should act as the patient’s advocate in appropriate situations, whilst recognizing social, cultural and religious norms.
  • Nursing promotes the concept of life-long learning and nurses should continually strive to keep their knowledge base up-to-date and accept responsibility for their own actions and decision-making.
  • Nursing recognizes that nurses need support to provide this care and aim to provide a caring supportive working environment.


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