The Critical Role of Zakat in a Society

The Critical Role of Zakat in a Society

Critical Role of Zakat in a Society


As a fundamental pillar of Islam, a lot has been written and spoken about zakat. Muslims all around the world pay 2.5 percent of their assets and wealth as zakat. That’s the gist of this financial event and everyone seems to be happy with this version of narration. Unfortunately, only a few can realize, the critical role zakat in a society. Yes, money exchanges hands but what is the impact of this exchange? In this discussion, we will try to highlight the critical role of zakat by putting all the key elements under the microscope. We can promise you that this discussion will open new avenues of insight and thought for those who make it to the very end of this article!

Spiritual satisfaction for the donor

When someone pays zakat, they don’t lose much but gain a lot. This statement surprises some but it is a fact that is validated by mere common observation. It is just 2.5 percent of your assets but the rewards outweigh the percentage that you have to pay. Not only do you get one step closer to Allah’s mercy and forgiveness, but you also purify your wealth by paying this small amount. For better understanding, you can consider zakat as a purifier, a system that keeps your wealth spiritually clean!

Financial assistance of the needy

The critical role of zakat becomes significantly highlighted when we look at how it helps the recipients. The zakat system ensures that the integrity and self-esteem of the zakat recipient remain intact while he or she is being helped in a most commendable manner. Underprivileged members of society have yet another chance at life, which wouldn’t have been possible, had it not been for zakat. Through this money, the poor and the needy can afford some amenities, if not all, of life that they dream about!

Circulation of wealth

This is perhaps the most important aspect of zakat. One of the biggest reasons behind the economic plight that is becoming so visible all across the world these days is financial stagnancy. What does that mean? When wealth remains locked up in the safe houses of a few rich people, it doesn’t do a lot of good to the cause of the poor. The money doesn’t change hands, an event that is critical for the sake of economic activities. The financial activity can happen in a balanced way only if everyone has a fair, if not equal, opportunity in the market.

Zakat decreases the social gap

Linked to the previous point, zakat can be used as an effective tool to minimize the gap that exists between the rich and the poor class of society. In the current times, perhaps it is too much to expect that the class gap will disappear will vanish completely through zakat but a remarkable decline in social disparity can be expected.

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Conclusion – The Critical Role of Zakat in a Society

You can guess from our tone that these are going to be the concluding lines, can’t you? But we are perfectly confident that this article was just the thing you needed to read before you paid this year’s zakat. Performing a ritual without understanding the logic behind it isn’t the same as performing it with complete understanding, is it? The impact of zakat needs to be discussed more often and in a louder manner so that Muslims who

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