Top 10 Education Charities in Pakistan

Top 10 Education Charities in Pakistan

Education Charities in Pakistan


If there is one lesson to be learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. There is a remarkable difference in the way countries with higher literacy rates responded to the viral challenge, as compared to most of the third world countries where literacy rates are shockingly low. The way Pakistanis went about things, education seems to be the only way to prepare us for coping with such challenges in a better manner in the future. Sadly, the government’s efforts in increasing the literacy rate in the country are just not enough. Education Charities in Pakistan are playing their role in ameliorating things. This discussion is orchestrated around the work of such education charities.

1- The Citizens Foundation

Building schools in the underprivileged areas of the country is one way of promoting educational culture in the rural areas of the country. The Citizens Foundation does that exactly. Since 1995, the foundation has been deemed as one of the best education charities in the country.

2- BEHBUD Association

Since 1967, BEHBUD association has waged war on many fronts, but illiteracy remains a top priority. There are many schools and vocational training centers that are run under the supervision of this noble association.


HOPE stands for Health-Oriented Preventive Education. This is one of the biggest health and education charities, offering basic amenities of this nature to those who belong to the underprivileged section of the community. The organization is based in Karachi.

4- ZINDAGI Trust

Have you ever seen I am paid to learn schools? If you have, then you should know that these educational facilities are run under a foundation known as ZINDAGI Trust. Apart from running these schools, ZINDAGI believes in promoting educational reforms in the country as well.

5-Development in literacy (DIL)

The main theme of education charities is to assist the students belonging to underprivileged sections of the community in their education. This is exactly what DIL does. The foundation runs more than 170 schools and the most amazing about these schools is that all of these are community-owned. Talk about engaging participation, eh?

6-Rural Education and Development Foundation

Guess what is the acronym? READ. Yes, that is right, the foundation envisions a Pakistan where everyone is literate and empowered with knowledge. READ is working in the field since 1994, and is perhaps, one of the biggest education charities in the country. Education for girls is one of the prime areas on which this foundation focuses.

7- The NOOR project

This is a Lahore based non-profitable education charities in Pakistan that believes in the elimination of poverty and hunger through the process of sustainability. And how does one becomes capable of earning regularly? Of course, by learning skills and empowering him or her with knowledge.


A majority of Pakistan’s population is comprised of youth. BARGAD believes that mentoring youth is one way of improving the literacy rate of the country. The standout feature of this society is that it was a student-led grass root organization that has transformed into such a motivating force for the youth of the country. BARGAD is operational since 1997.

9- SOS Children’s Villages of Pakistan

Yes, we do know that SOS is all about providing a home to the orphans. But have you checked out the educational and vocational opportunities SOS provides for the orphans? Top-notch is the right way of describing them.

10- Services for Community Development Foundation

This is a Karachi based education charities in Pakistan. The main area that this particular foundation focuses on is the problems faced by women in Pakistan. Among many other problems & challenges faced by girls in Pakistan, lack of education stands out. Through focusing on women’s education, the foundation aims to solve this particular problem faced by many girls in the country.


Well, we wish we could mention and talk about a few more education charities that are doing a fabulous job in the education sector, as we speak. Unfortunately, the limitations of time and space force us to conclude this discussion here. Hopefully, you learned something, if not everything, about the noble work of educational NGOs in the country. Feel free to donate to this particular cause, if you ever catch the giving bug.

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