Top 5 Charity Organizations Providing Free Medical Care To People In Need

Top 5 Charity Organizations Providing Free Medical Care To People In Need

Top 5 Charity Organizations Providing Free Medical Care to People in Need

Denying healthcare to people in need is equivalent of denying a child his rights to grow up as a strong adult. Denying healthcare is equivalent of depriving a mother to have a safe pregnancy, and neglecting the right of an elderly to live a dignified life.Top 5 Charity Organizations Providing Free Medical Care To People In Need.

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Denying healthcare to a poor man is same as ignoring his physical and mental plight, who probably cannot go to work due to his illness and his family is forced to starve because there is no income source to ensure their living.

Charitable organizations working in the health industry believes that a different kind of healthcare system is possible in our world, where every patient could  benefit from advanced medical treatment regardless of their social standards or financial ability to pay.

Charitable organizations are working not only to treat diseases but to provide long term solutions to improve health. These organizations have brought about a revolutionary change by introducing medical crowdfunding platforms, to make sure that donors can reach out to the patients directly with their generous support.

At the same time, these organizations are also troubleshooting the trust issues, that usually occurred when people are willing to donate to help the poor but hesitate to take any action, because they are afraid if their donations would be used properly. This is because they were not updated about the successful outcomes of their contribution, through the traditional method of fundraising in the past.

Charitable organizations at present are more focused on building a personalized donor-recipient relationship, where the donors can choose the beneficiary they want to help and at the same time can check how their donations are  spent just by visiting the official websites of the organizations.

Charitable organizations are working solemnly to bring a positive healthcare transformation, which will be driven based on the values of humanity and not money. These organizations are dedicatedly working to establish a system where  no patients would  be refused for healthcare, because of their poor financial state. These organizations have dared to build a healthcare system, where human lives are respected and valued more than materialistic benefits.

Top 5 Charity Organizations Providing Free Medical Care To People In Need

1-Transparent Hands

2-International Medical Corps

3-Save The Children Australia

4-Canadian Diabetes Association

5-Children Cancer Foundation

1 – Transparent Hands:

Committed to Provide Free Surgeries to Those Who Cannot Afford:

“Transparent Hands” is in first position, in our List of Top 5 Charity Organization Providing Free Medical Care to People in Need. Transparent Hands is a non-profit organization, which is tackling this major healthcare issue of Pakistan with the help of fundraising through its unique Crowdfunding platform. Transparent Hands conducts the surgeries of deserving patients free of cost at private hospitals, with the help of donations and charity. Donors from all over the world can use our online Crowdfunding web portal if they wish to donate. You can select any patient, fund the surgery and receive regular feedback and updates, until the patient is recovered completely.

Our user friendly online fundraising work as follows:

  • Choose the patient whose surgery you want to fund.
  • Choose from a number of payment methods as per your convenience.
  • Donate to that particular patient and get tax exemption.
  • Get regular updates of that patient until he/she gets fully recovered.

What makes us unique is; our transparency level that means donors will be ensured that each penny we are giving will be spent on the needy patient. We do this by uploading all the hospital bills and other documents of our patient after his/her surgery are successfully conducted. The donor can see that the exact amount hospital has charged against the surgery of that particular patient.

Why Donate to Us?

  • You want to save the lives of people by donating for their surgical treatment.
  • You need complete transparency of where your donation/charity is going.

Donors can completely put their trust in us regarding their donations and charity. There are many people in Pakistan and all over the world, who wish to spend their money on trust organizations but we are unsure about to whom we should donate. In order to ensure complete transparency, Transparent Hands uploads all the documents with the patient’s success stories so the donors can see that their money is spent on a right cause.

Download our TransparentHands Andriod Application for Online Donation

Download our TransparentHands Andriod Application for Online Donation

2-International Medical Corps:

“International Medical Corps” is in second position, in our list of Top 5 Charity Organizations Providing Free Medical Care To People In Need.

About International Medical Corps:

International Medical Corps is a global, humanitarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and development programs. Established in 1984 by volunteer doctors and nurses, International Medical Corps is a private, voluntary, nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization.

Their Mission:

Their mission is to improve the quality of life through health interventions and related activities, that build local capacity in under served communities worldwide.

By offering training and health care to local populations and medical assistance to people at highest risk, and with the flexibility to respond rapidly to emergency situations, International Medical Corps rehabilitates devastated health care systems and helps bring them back to self-reliance. International Medical Corps Worldwide is a global humanitarian alliance that comprises the resources and capabilities of two independent affiliate organizations, International Medical Corps and International Medical Corps UK. Together, our mission is to save lives and relieve suffering through the provision of health care and training. With headquarters in the United States and the United Kingdom respectively, we collaborate to maximize resources for the delivery of appropriate relief and development activities.

3-Save the Children Australia:

“Save the Children Australia” is in third position ,in our list of Top 5 Charity Organizations Providing Free Medical Care to People In Need. It is an independent, not-for-profit and secular organisation.

Save the Children Australia is a member of the Save the Children Association (registered in Geneva, Switzerland), a group of 30 organisations sharing a global vision and strategy for improving the lives of children worldwide.


Save the Children was founded in England by Eglantyne Jebb, a teacher and sociologist, in 1919.

In 1951, the health and education of children in Australia became a priority for Save the Children branches across the country. Welfare centres and pre-schools for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Victoria were among the first of its Australian programs.

In 2004, the branches started a process of consolidation to create a single, national organisation called Save the Children Australia.

Humanitarian emergencies:

A large part of Save the Children Australia’s work is responding to emergencies in Australia and overseas, providing humanitarian aid , water, food, shelter, temporary learning spaces and emotional support for children.

International Programs:

In 2014, Save the Children Australia reached more than 12 million children and adults in 29 countries focusing on:

  • Fighting inequality
  • Helping children in emergencies
  • Protecting children from harm
  • Providing education
  • Providing healthcare
  • Tackling climate change
  • Standing up for child rights

Australian Programs:

In 2014, Save the Children Australia reached more than 34,000 Australian children and adults in more than 150 sites across the country, focusing on:

  • Helping children in emergencies
  • Helping children learn
  • Protecting children from harm


Their work tackles all the issues that affect children, including access to health and education, saving lives in a disaster, stopping climate change and protecting children from harm.

Where They Work:

They work around the world to protect children from abuse and neglect, provide access to healthcare and education and to assist children in times of emergency.

4-Canadian Diabetes Association:

“Canadian Diabetes Association” is in fourth position, in our List of Top 5 Charity Organizations Providing Free Medical Care to people in Need. The Canadian Diabetes Association became Diabetes Canada on February 13, 2017. Diabetes Canada is a registered national charity, whose mission includes serving the 11 million Canadians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Diabetes Canada programs include:

  • Its programs, education and services support people living with diabetes in their daily fight to live as well as possible with diabetes
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada
  • Investments of more than $125 million in diabetes research since 1975 
  • Advocacy efforts have led governments to develop policies that respect the rights of people living with diabetes and access treatments they need to live healthy lives.


  • D-Camps provide kids with type 1 diabetes with a unique experience to help them learn to manage their diabetes in a safe and fun environment.
  • Team Diabetes is Diabetes Canada’s national activity fundraising program that offers Canadians of all fitness levels the opportunity to walk, run or hike in events across Canada and around the world, while raising funds and awareness.
  • Clothesline is a program that collects gently used clothing, small household items and electronics. Proceeds from the program support Diabetes Canada.
  • CDA Expos are educational events in the community.
  • Diabetes Webinars are free webinars hosted by health-care professionals, diabetes educators and people living well with diabetes.

5-Child Cancer Foundation:

“Child Care Foundation” is in fifth position, in our List of Top 5 Charity Organizations Providing Free Medical Care to people in Need. The Child Cancer Foundation is a New Zealand-based charity that offers support to children with cancer and their families. It has a high profile through public fundraising events.

As of 2011, it had an income of NZ$ 4.8 million, of which NZ$1.9 million was fundraising income, with most of the rest being from donations and bequests.

How They Help:

Child Cancer Foundation provides strength and comfort to families, parents and children impacted by child cancer.

  • They give personalized support to each family through a one-to-one connection .
  • They help with the big things like emotional, social and practical support. But also the little things they have probably never even thought about.
  • They provide strength in times of doubt, comfort in times of sadness and celebrate times of joy.
  • Every family is different and so is the support they receive.

Family Support Coordinator:

Their Family Support Coordinators are there for families from the day of their child’s cancer diagnosis. We have 18 dedicated Family Support Coordinators nationwide, helping families across both islands and coasts. Many families will be supported by two coordinators – one at the treatment centre and one in their community – who work closely together to ensure the needs of the family are met no matter where they are based.

Essential Care Kit:

Their essential care kits includes little things that will have been forgotten in the rush to hospital and practical items to help during their stay and when they return home. Basics like toothbrushes and shampoo; a comforting blanket, pillow and books; details of the support Child Cancer Foundation provides, our Beads of Courage programme; along with hospital maps and fact-sheets, all packaged into a roller bag.

Travel Assistance:

Over 70% of the families Child Cancer Foundation supports have to travel outside their community to receive treatment. Even for families who live near to the hospital, the cost of petrol and parking from hundreds of trips quickly adds up! They assist with travel costs and help keep families together.

Child Cancer Research:

The Child Cancer Foundation Challenge Research fund has been supporting local child cancer research since 1999. Child Cancer Foundation also provides grants to Health Professionals to attend relevant medical conferences, receive training and further their medical education.

Download our TransparentHands iPhone Application for Online Donation:Download-our-TransparentHands-iPhone-Application-for-Online-Donation


Charitable organizations have made healthcare accessible to poor patients at a certain level through innovative thinking and advanced technology. Online fundraising method for medical needs now has become a key trend over the internet saving millions of lives every day.

Charitable organizations have aligned the necessary technologies for this change, to raise money quickly to pay for the treatment of poor patients registered with them. The online fundraising platforms have introduced the most convenient way to access medical information, both for the recipient and the donor and provide health education for patients.

According to the WHO reports around 400 million people across the world are deprived of basic healthcare facilities and among them, 13 million are only children. This clearly indicates how much help is required to save lives around the world. If the health issues are ignored and left unaddressed, the global health situation will only deteriorate further causing millions of tragic deaths which could otherwise have been saved.

Charitable organizations are dedicated to helping people in need, not only to get better healthcare but to get dignified lives. They are working against all the societal norms and prejudices to provide a worth living life for the poor and needy population.

It is now our responsibility to come forward and extend our hands to the vulnerable ones to give them a new ray of hope for a new life.

Our generous donations can help poor patients to overcome their difficulties and get permanent relief from living a painful life.

Human lives are more important than wealth and other materialistic possessions.

Let us unite to save human lives. 

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